About Affirmations & FAQ

            Before we get started with the FAQ’s I wanted to go over a few things
             For anyone that does not know exactly what an Affirmation is  . . . .  
Affirmations And FAQ
Just what is an Affirmation, you may ask? An Affirmation is a positive sentence (statement) stating exactly what you desire. To affirm is to state that it is so and maintaining this attitude regardless of what is happening all around you–and the answer comes. To affirm is to make firm and simply put, the basis of all Affirmations is positive thinking!
Know that any idea that is accepted by your brain (subconscious mind) is automatically transferred into an action of some kind. It may take seconds, minutes, or longer, but ideas always produce a re-action of some kind. Say to your subconscious mind, “Hey wonderful mind you know how to assist me in becoming radiantly healthy and I now ask for your help, for which I give thanks.” Then do a Master Affirmation as set out below.
Sample Master Affirmation (Your Order to the Universe) – Personal Contract Affirmation Method
“I, (your name) deserve and now have and enjoy radiant health. It is easy for me to eat the right, nourishing food, drink 8-10 glasses of pure water; exercise and get the correct amount of sleep for me. I am becoming moderate in all things and free of negative worry and stress. I enjoy living every day in the present. I am happy, radiantly healthy, balanced and peaceful to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
I fully accept
Signed ___________________________                                                  Dated _____________________________
Address _______________________________________
When you date and sign this Master Affirmation you have made a firm and binding  contract with your Higher Self; God/Creator, Universal Mind or whomever you believe in.
Short Form Affirmation
This consists of several key words taken from your Master Affirmation and joting these words down several times daily and saying them out loud as many times as you wish during the day. This simple process this keeps your Affirmation on the front burner of your mind.Say . . . “I am happy, radiantly healthy, balanced and peaceful.” Or “Happy, radiantly healthy, balanced and peaceful ME NOW!”
The power of creation is always present in the now and you are always creating and re-creating. If you have a problem, you created it and you have the power to uncreate it at will.
When you add your address to your Master Affirmation you make it more real. (Similar to when you are creating a contract to purchase a home, car, etc.)
Always affirm in the present time. Saying and decreeing, “I deserve and now have or am” makes it present tense. If you say, “I deserve and will have,” you are putting the manifestation off into the future-perhaps some future lifetime. Your subconscious mind will honor the postponement inherent in this statement. You cannot live in the past, present, and future ALL at the same time. This is humanly impossible to attempt to live in all three time zones. If you do you just set yourself up for a fall.
Avoid Using Negative Terms
When structuring your Master Affirmations, refrain from using the word not.
For example if you say – – –
“I, (your name), deserve and I am not depressed. Your subconscious mind could cancel out the negative word not and your Affirmation would then read “I, (your name), deserve and I am depressed,” which, of course, would be reinforcing the fact that you are depressed. Instead, say, “I deserve and now am . . . . completely healthy and balanced.
Affirmations Are for Everyone!                                                                                             
Let’s Talk More About Affirmations . . .
 Affirmations are Statements, Decrees and/or Commands
To produce the desired results, Affirmations must be done repeatedly, with commitment, faith, expectancy, and enthusiasm. This exerts a powerful impact on your belief system.
An Affirmation is similar to a prayer, wish, or goal-only it is more structured, focused, and specific. It is also an order for change, a decree, or statement. Affirmations are based on positive thinking, belief, and faith. And as I previously stated, ‘To affirm is to make firm. The proper use of the Personal Contract Affirmation Method allows you to take control of your life, using the 5 Building Blocks upon which it is built.
Also if you ever had a birthday cake with candles, blown out the candles and made a wish you have done an Affirmation. It is as simple as that!
Here is what Dr. Lee Pulos, PhD, has to say about this process and how it works!
Dr. Pulos wrote the forward in my Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness Book as follows: –
“Since the beginning of recorded history, the power of the word has been acknowledged by mystics and shamans as a pathway to personal transformation. King Solomon acknowledged this by saying, ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’, and 2,500 years ago, the Buddha said, ‘All that we are is the result of what we have thought’.
“In modern times we call the power of the word affirmations. These are bursts of electrical energy consciously directed into our brains to create a positive declaration of what we want to become or achieve. Every minute of our walking life we are creating affirmations through our self-talk, at the rate of 150-300 words per minute, or between 45,000 and 51,000 thoughts per day.
Positive self-talk has been referred to as nutrition for the mind, like planting flowers in the garden of our subconscious, whereas a negative inner dialogue is analogous to planting weeds. Thus affirmations constitute positive, controlled and directed self-talk which gives focus and impact to one’s plans and goals for personal growth and fulfillment.”
There are two ways of creating our reality-by consciously programming what we want out of life or by simply accepting what comes our way.
Both work, but only the former will ensure that you get what you want in life. This book helps put you in charge of your programming and, consequently, firmly in control of your life! As you use Affirmations daily and consistently, you will be breathing life into the future of your dreams. Lee Pulos Author of The Power of Visualization and Mentally Fit Forever and numeerous books, e-books CD’s etc.
                         Personal Contract Affirmation Method
Affirmations-a New Way of Life!
Are you at the point in your life where you are wondering why you are here, what your purpose is, and what more there could be to life? If so, this information is written  j u s t  for you! You will be given tools and simple, effective exercises to enable you to take control of your life and make positive changes.
You are here to learn, evolve, and grow. You are a co-creator with God, with absolute control over your thoughts and, therefore, over your life. No one can think your thoughts for you, nor can you think thoughts for another person. Using the tremendous power of your mind, you can become a magnificent creator and a magnet for all that you desire.
The Personal Contract Affirmation Method is built on 5 Building Blocks
1ST BUILDING BLOCK                                                                                                                       
Forgiveness and Releasing – Heals even the deepest of wounds. Say often during the day, “I, (your name) now forgive everyone and everyting that has EVER hurt me. I now forgive myself and am forgiven.” When you say EVER this goes right back to creation when your were in your mother’s womb.                                                                                                                 
2ND BUILDING BLOCK                                                                                                                           
Thoughts Become Things.  What you think about you bring about.
3RD BUILDING BLOCK                                                                                                            
Mind-Power  Your mind does not know the difference between a real or  an imagined event and stores it for all time.
4TH BUILDING BLOCK                                                                                                                                   
Properly Created Affirmations. Dating and Signing Your Personal Contract Affirmation Method.
5TH BUILDING BLOCK                                                                                                                                    
Creative Visualization Thinking in mind pictures. Creating  your reality through specific pictures and images.
            The Two Types of Affirmations–Master Affirmations and Short Form Affirmations
This is your order to the Universe. It should be very specific saying exactly what you wish or desire. If you ordered from the catalogue department, and just said, “Dear Sirs, please send me a shirt or dress,” they would contact you and say, “Please be more specific, tell us the catalogue number, size, price quantity, item number, etc. so we can process your order.”
Short Form Affirmation
This consists of several key words taken from your Master Affirmation which are jotted down on a piece of paper several times and/or repeated as many times as you wish during the day.This process keeps your Affirmations on the front burner of your mind!
To learn more about the 5 Building Blocks, please purchase my book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness now in its 8th edition! Now available at www.amazon.com
I have created an e-book called Affirmation Toolbox. In this e-book I have written about approximately 150 different Affirmation Tools all in ONE book.
One of the Affirmation Tools that I teach is the ‘Clear, Search and Retrieve.’ This tool is especially helpful when you wish to remember something or you are writing an examination.
Here is what one reader says about this Affirmation Tool.
Dear Dr. Anne Marie – Peggy Passed her Exam!
Thank you so much, words are never enough! When I contacted you I was very nervous and somewhat discouraged as my instructor told me there was a high percentage of people that did not pass this particular Exam. After speaking with you, I decided to put my hopes on the information you shared with me and on myself that I could muster up the courage to write the exam and pass with good marks. I followed your suggestions exactly as you taught me in our counseling sessions. I used the Affirmation Tool – CLEAR, SEARCH & RETRIEVE that you taught me. First of all I completely and totally relaxed taking several deep breaths, breathing OUT my fear and worry and breathing IN peace, joy and knowingness.
When I felt that  part was complete, I started with the first question and the first part of the process.  I said to myself,  “Clear,” and then I visualized completely clearing my mind of all worry and chatter. Then I said, “Search.” After that I visualized my mind going into the filing cabinet of my mind and locating the file that said, ‘Answers to the Pre-Test for Janet, June 1st, 2011.” When I felt my mind had located the correct file with all the answers, I said, ‘Retrieve.’ Then I visualized the correct answers being transported from the files of my mind into my present memory and being there for me to locate and use.
I did this with every question. Somehow because I had this Affirmation Tool and knew you were also affirming with me, I was not the least bit nervous. I took the Test with 100 questions and I only missed 5 questions. I passed with the high marks I had affirmed.. Again I cannot Thank you enough. I am now a  true believer. Such is the power of focused, concentrated thought, Affirmation and Visualization. A true believer!
Note   You could also say, “Clear, Search and Download.”
                                  The Magic Magnetic Circle Exercise
Happiness is a good habit to have. Happiness does not come from without, it is an ‘inside job.’ Make a habit of getting up in the morning and doing your Magic Magnetic Circle Exercise as follows –
Simply stand in front of the window with your arms outstretched from your sides, and turn slowly from left to right (clockwise) and say, “I, (your name), now magnetize into my Magic Magnetic Circle from the sun, moon, stars and the entire solar system–health, peace, joy, love, prosperity and happiness to myself, which extends to everyone I meet. Then finish the exercise by saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
This is a sure way of starting your day on a positive, happy note. You will be glad you did.
Author Experience
One morning I got up and neglected to do my Magic Magnetic Circle Exercise and I spilled some coffee, my husband spoke to me harshly, a driver cut me off and a clerk in the store was rude to me. I thought to myself, what have I done different today than I do every day? And then it hit me–I did not do my Magic Magnetic Circle Exercise. So do you know what I did? I went home, jumped into bed and got up and did my Magic Magnetic Circle and everything went beautifully for the balance of the day. So now I have learned that taking a few minutes in the morning makes a huge difference on my outlook and my whole life. I heartily recommend it to anyone who is in search of a simple, proven, effective exercise that will change his or her life for the better.
Remember — Happiness is an Inside Job
Unconditional love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It has the power to transform our deepest fears and phobias and to heal emotional wounds. When you forgive, you activate your love centre.
I remember one day parking my car on the street with its back end protruding over a portion of a homeowner’s driveway. There was still sufficient room for the homeowner to get out of his/her driveway, but it would take some effort and maneuvering. When I came back to my vehicle a few hours later, there was a note on my windshield that said, “Dear driver —  The way you parked is very selfish and unfeeling. If you do this again, I will call the police and have you towed away without further notice.” It was signed, “Love, Angelina.”
I read and re-read the note; the word that stood out and seemed to vibrate was the single, one-syllable word Love. This single word motivated me to take action and apologize for my thoughtlessness. I knocked on Angelina’s door and apologized with a bouquet of flowers. Never underestimate the power of love! To be truly happy you need to have God’s Love, healthy self -love and love of special partner, family, friends and career. You also need to have a healthy love and respect for money.
All you ever need to know about affirmations– It is all     —-    H  E  R  E  !!
This information is found on www.annemarieevers.com
No searching through piles of paper
  • Internet sites
  • libraries
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  • books, etc.
Dr. Anne Marie Evers, (the ‘Affirmations Doctor’), author of many physical books and e-books on the power of Affirmations, Creator/author of The Cards of Life; Numerous physical and e-books, 2 anti-violence Childrens’ programs—The Affirm and Learn Enhancement Program and The Kids’ Affirmations Program (KAP) and more! All products available on www.amazon.com
Questions I get Asked Frequently
  • Can I Do Affirmations for Others?
You can do Support Master Affirmations for others, but only if they desire exactly what you are affirming. Every person has been given free choice. It is up to each individual to create and do their own Master Affirmation and the Affirmation Process. No one appointed you or me to write another’s lessons in life. We help show others how to do properly done Affirmations.
  • What is an Affirmation?
An Affirmation is similar to a prayer, wish, or goal—only it is more structured, focused, and specific. It is also an order for change, a decree, or statement. Affirmations are based on positive thinking, belief, and faith. To affirm is to make firm. Simply put, the basis of all Affirmations is positive thinking. The proper use of AMCAM will allow you to take control of your life.
  • Where Can I Do My Affirmations?
You can do Affirmations anywhere, any time. You can do them in the privacy of your own home, vehicle, while waiting at traffic lights, in a doctor’s office, bathing, or while exercising.
  • When Should I Do Them?
You can do Affirmations any time, whether you feel anxious and discouraged or happy and fulfilled. It is very important to put yourself into a positive, receiving and open mood to accept the manifestation of your Affirmations as affirmed. When you are happy, do Affirmations for continued happiness. If you are discouraged or feeling negative, do the appropriate Affirmation to lift your spirit.The best time to do the Personal Contract Affirmation Method is first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. You can do Affirmations any time you think of them and as many times as you wish. Say them over and over in your mind. You cannot overuse this incredible power. The more you use it, the more there is available for you to use. After all it is the ceative power working with you!
  • Who Can Do Affirmations?
Everyone and anyone, from a very young child to a senior citizen, can do Affirmations. I know a young child and a great-grandmother who are doing Affirmations. The great-grandmother changes her Affirmations weekly and most of them now are for her continued health and that of her loved ones.
  • Why is it Important to Do Affirmations?
Affirmations can reveal any negative blockages. You can then recognize, overcome, release, and forgive them. In their place, put loving kindness, peace, joy, and happiness. Now you are free to live the life you choose. Do Affirmations to make your fondest dreams come true. Affirmations–Your Magic Wand or Trigger Tool to manifest your dreams.
Q.    Are there any rules to follow when doing the Affirmation Process?
A.    Yes there are. This information is so powerful that it comes with a warning–
  • You must never ever word a Master Affirmation to hurt or take from anyone;
  • Your affirmations must be worded to the good of all parties concerned, and this includes you.;
  • There must be at least a 51% believability factor that this affirmation can manifest as affirmed; (having said that I have had affirmations manifest immediately as if by magic. This depends on several things, the right time, not being overly attached to the outcome of the affirmation and your belief system. Mine was at an all-time high when my Affirmation manifested immediately.)
  • It must contain the 3 P’s–Personal, Positive and Present Tense
  • Say Thank you, thank you, thank you and remain in an attitude of gratitude for the blessing you have received; the ones you are receiving and ones you are a about to receive.
  • Make your Master Affirmations colorful as color wakes up and excites the subconscious mind.
  • Have fun!
Q.    What does ‘to the good of all parties concerned’ mean?
A.  To the Good of All Parties Concerned is one of the most important clauses in AMCAM. You must use this clause in every Master Affirmation, because it is your safety net. When you say, “to the good of all parties concerned,” you eliminate the possibility of negative interference. Also, when you use this phrase, your Affirmations will not manifest unless they are to the good of everyone involved and this, of course, includes you!  Your wondrous subconscious mind, your humble servant always wishing to please you will find another way to manifest your desire which is to the good of all parties concerned including you!
Q.    Just how does it work? Do I need to worry about how my affirmation will manifest?
A.    Affirmations work through The Law of Attraction, which is always turned on. In fact you cannot turn if off! When doing Affirmations, never worry or concern yourself about the modus operandi, (the way it happens). You know the WHAT and God, Universal Mind, or whomever you believe in knows the HOW. Get out of the way and trust the Laws of Mind and Creation to take care of the manifestation as affirmed!
Q.    Why is it important to say thank you three times after every Master Affirmation? 
A.   It is important to be thankful. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. It is easy to give thanks after you have received your blessings. Give thanks before. Write “Thank you” three times after every Master Affirmation. When you say Thank you, you obligate the planet to bring you more. Have and maintain an attitude of gratitude and watch miracles happen in your life. Writing Thank you three times after your Master Affirmation, you are invoking the number 3, which signifies health, wealth and happiness. Gratitude is the willingness to be thankful for what you have and a celebration of lessons learned from life’s experiences. Concentrate and focus on the things you have, rather than on the things you are lacking.
Q.  Why do you say at the end of each chapter in your books and writing the safety clause to the good of all parties concerned?”Affirmations When Properly Done Always work? (Sometimes not in your time frame or as you think they should and someting even better happens.)
A. By repeating this statement it sinks deep into your subconscious mind where it remains for all time. Also this is a very important part of the Affirmation Program and it bears repeating.
Q.   Can I do Long-Term Affirmations?
A.   Yes you can! You may wish to do some long-term Affirmations for projects or goals you wish to realize in six months, one year, or five years from now. As an example, you may wish to affirm that, in five years, after you retire, you live in a beautiful home on the beach. This may not be possible at this time due to career demands in your life, but will be later, when you retire. Be prepared, however, to change and update your Affirmations as you change.
Another example of a long-term goal would be that of a student affirming his or her successful career as a doctor, after finishing professional training. He or she could affirm a particular location to set up practice and so forth. You can affirm anything you desire, as long as you add the safety clause, “To the good of all parties concerned.”
Many people do long-term goals or Affirmations for careers and other things, then put them away in a drawer and take them out years later. It proves very interesting to see how many of them have materialized. I wrote out some long-term goals five years ago. When I took them out recently and read them, I was truly amazed. All but two had manifested! And I am happy to add that I believe I see signs of them manifesting very shortly.
Q.  Can I type up my affirmations instead of writing them?
A.   Yes, you can use your computer and I have many reports of great success using the computer/typewriter. Personally, I like to write them out in long hand because I experience more power doing it that way. At times I can actually feel the emotion and energy going from my body through my fingrs to the pen and then to the paper that I am writing on. You can use either way that you feel works for you.
Q.   Why is it so important to use colour when doing my Master Affirmations?
A.   Because color wakes up and excites the subconscious mind it is important to put color in and around your affirmations on the page. Look at two pictures—one black and white and the other in full color. Which ones does your eye gravitate to? It is important to make your Master Affirmation so colorful and interesting so thatyou just can;t wait to take it out and read it over every morning and evening. Then step ahead, inour mind, several days, weeks, months and bring in your 5 physical senses:
SEE – What you are affiming as already happened and Act As If it has manifested; HEAR – People congratulating your on your success; SMELL-Your favorite fragrance or flower sccent;FEEL – How fantastic you feel; TASTE – Take a drink of fresh, sparkling water or visualize biting into a juicy apple to complete your 5 senses.
Then put your Master Affirmation away and go on about your day confident that your Affirmation is manifesting as affirmed! Just like the tiny seed that is planted deep into the soil is not seen even though it is growing, the same is  true with regard to your Master Affirmation. Just because you cannot see visible signs of it manifesting know it is growing, evolving and manifesting in the rich, fertile soil of your subconscious mind.
Q. Is there any special type of paper I need to use when doing my Master Affirmation?
A.   No, you can use any type of paper you wish. I personally like to use shiny paper, decorate it and put color everywhere. This then becomes pleasing and interesting for look at and encourages me to do my affirmations every morning and every night.
Q.  When ordering up that special man for me, can I put the kind of car that he drives, the kind of clothes he wears, etc.?
A.   Yes, you can do this.  One of my readers, when doing her Master Affirmation for her perfect mate for her, put the kind of car he would drive, the kind of clothes right down to his shoes. It was very explicit and it worked. She brought him to meet me at a restaurant and I kept looking at his feet to compare the shoes he was actually wearing to the ones she put in her Master Affirmation. When I went to the washroom he told Sandy, That Anne Marie seems like such a nice lady, but does she have a foot fetish?Sandy Laughed and told him the story. He was very intrigued and kept asking more and more questions, urging Sandy to share her Master Affirmation with him.
Q.   How long do I need to keep doing my affirmations?
A.   Until they manifest as affirmed. Then place a huge check mark over your Master Affirmation and write in the date it took place. Keep these completed Master Affirmations in a loose leaf binder to refer to and to act as a faith builder.
Q.   Can I do affirmations for others?
A.   Yes, but only if that other person wants exactly what you are affirming for them, or you are doing a Support Master Affirmation to assist them. We do not have the right to affirm (or order up) that another person does what you want them to do. You cannot change another person. The only person you can change is yourself. However you can change your view of that other person and in most cases they sense the change in you and they change accordingly. Encourage him or her to create and do their own Master Affirmations and Affirmation Program. Words that come from deep within that person are themost powerful and manifest more quickly than words of others.
Q.   How can such simple Affirmations and Affirmation Tools help me and manifest happiness in my life?
A. Don’t let the simplicity of some of these Exercises, tools, affirmations, methods, etc. fool you. Do them and you will be very pleasantly surprised. This is why is it so powerful because it is so simple, just like it should be.
Q.   Why do I need to have a money consciousness to receive the amount of monies I need or want?
A.  You need to dissolve and get rid of negative, hindering thoughts, ideas and beliefs so that you can start immediately planting your seeds of prosperity to bring about the manifestation of your desire.
Q.  What Affirmation Tool do you suggest?
A.  There are numerous Affirmation Tools. I would suggst that you purchase one of my brand new books ‘Affirmation Toolbox’ where I have set out over 150 different, simple yet very powerful Affirmation Tools. This way you have all these tools in one book. No searching the Internet for hours or waiting for a product or book to arrive in the mail. Just go to the Table of Contents and see where the particular Affirmation Tool that you need at the moment and go to that page!
Q.  What does having the money consciousness do for me?
A.  Doing these Affirmation Tools, exercise and Affirmation help you make deep groves in your subconscious mind and encourage your belief system to kick in to materialize the money you desire.
A.  You create excitement and enthusiasm in your life when you making doing the Magic Magnetic Circle, (Treasure Map) your daily morning exercises.
Q. I heard you speak at one of your workshops about Magic Magnetic Map. What exactly is that?
A.  You will benefit greatly by writing out your Magic Magnetic Map as you can see at a glance – your wishes and how they will manifest for you. It can also be referred to as Treasure Map.
Q.  How do I get rid of negative thoughts?
A.   By going within and uncovering and discovering these negative thoughts, ideas, concepts and beliefs and replacing them with positive ones.
Q.   I read in your Affirmations Your Passport to Prosperity/Money about the Multi-Millionaire Oath. Why is this important?
A.   This is a way of ensuring that you give part of your money to charity when you become wealthy. It also protects you from losing your money and from being afraid to have it in the first place.You cannot out give God!
Q.   What do I do if I feel that Affirmations are not working for me?
A.   You may need to alter your Master Affirmations. Make sure they are created properly using the trigger words etc. Also check your rigid attachment to the outcome and when all is in place keep on doing them until they manifest right before your eyes.
Q.   Are Affirmations the same as thoughts?
A.   I believe that thoughts really are the words in your Affirmations that you have formed into a request and/Affirmation.
Q.   Should I try to get my sister to do Affirmations?
A.   We cannot make others do Affirmations. It must be their choice as every person has been given free will to make their own choices. When asked for your opinion or help you could gently suggest that she create a Master Affirmation and following the Affirmation Process as outlined here.
Q.   Why do your teach the importance of using the 5 Building Blocks?
A.   Because the combination of these 5 Building Blocks set the solid foundation on which to build your Affirmation Process. You now ‘a firm foundation!’
Q.   Why is forgiveness so important in the Affirmation Program?
A.   Forgiveness is the first and foremost Building Block of the Affirmation Program. If you are full of unforgiveness, anger, hurt, etc. the Affirmation Program cannot work at its highest potential.
Q.   Do Affirmations work even when you do not believe?
A.   Yes, they have for me. I do teach we need to have at least a 51% believability factor that what you are affirming for manifests as affirmed. Sometimes it happens immediately. My personal experience was that I was having coffee with a friend of mine in my summer home in Paradise. I said to her, “I wish I had a dresser in the smaller bedroom!’ And I showed her where I would put it. About 3 minutes later there was a knock at my door and there stood one of my neighbors who had just sold their summer home. She said, “Anne Marie I can’t get all the furniture on the truck so I am wondering if you your like a dresser (clothes cupboard)?” Both my friend and I sort of gasped and I said, “Yes I would love it, thank you so much.” She also gave me a beautiful lamp and picture that fit right in with my decor. This was an immediate response to my Affirmation (in this case I even called it a wish). Always be prepared for miracles and the unexpected positive situations in your life.
Q.   How can I justify doing Affirmations to create money for me when I know others are starving?
A. I use the Serenity Prayer that goes like this—Lord help me to change the things I can; Not the things I cannot And grant me the wisdom to know the difference. Also we need to do our part in a manner which is right for us. We cannot change the whole world, but we can help in our own way with one new positive thought at a time, one sentence at a time, one action at a time. In other words we can brighten the corner where we are!
Q.   Can I make my husband believe and do Affirmations?
A.   No certainly not! As I said the process of doing Affirmations is very personal and one has to have the desire to create Affirmations and then do them daily to achieve the desired results. I do not believe in attempting to make a person do anything. They have been given free choice just like you and I and every person on the planet.
Q.   Can I do an Affirmation that my wife will quit smoking and nagging me?
A.   No, that is her choice and her choice alone. However you can send her happy, peaceful thoughts, loving kindness and postive energy and love. When you change and do this, in many cases the other person senses the change in you and they change accordingly. Remember we cannot control another person, nor should we even try to. The only person we can and do control is ourselves.
Q.   Could you please share a positive Affirmation Story on Relationships?
A.   There are so many positive Affirmation stories about Relationship and every other subject.  To find out more about Affirmations and Relationships I would encourage purchasing a copy of my Book, Affirmations Your Passport to Lasting, Loving Relationships. Several of my readers have affirmed (ordered up) their spouses using the simple Affirmation process that I teach. This book and numerous other books and e-books are all available at www.amazon.com
Q.   Why is it important to teach kids at a young age the Affirmations Process?
A.   I feel it is the very best gift we can give any child—to teach them how to do properly worded, positive Affirmations and to incorporate positive statements (Affirmations) in their self-talk and lives. This gives them an Affirmation Tool to use for a lifetime. Also it is so important to teach our children to love, respect and approve of self and respect others.
When I was teaching the forgiveness exrcise and how to love, respect and approve of self, one of my 3rd grade students came up to be after class and said, “Dr. Evers I can’t do that forgiving thing.” I said, “Why Joey?” We were standing outside on the playground and he sort of kicked the dirt, looked down and said in a low voice, “Cause I don’t love myself.” I wanted to hug him but I know the rules about getting too familar with the students so I just said, “Joey promise you will do the Forgiveness Exercise of looking at yourself in the mirror every morning and saying, “Hey Joey you are a great guy! I now forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt me. I now forgive myself. I love, respect and approve of myself just the way I am. Then when I come back to visit in 2 weeks let’s talk about what happened.” He quickly agreed.
I want to mention that I have the full approval of his parents to teach this exercise. Life 101 happened and it did not get back to that school in Kendall, WA for about 3 weeks. I was just coming into the school when Joey spied me. He broke away from his class, came running up to me and said, “Dr. Evers I did what you told me to do!” Many things had happened since I had the previous conversation with him so I said, “What did you do Joey?” His eyes sparkled and he said in a very firm voice, “You know that looking into the mirror and talking nice to yourself!” So it clicked in he was talking about the Forgiveness Exercise. Then he said with great excitement, “And you know I now really love myself ,”and he quickly added, “and I respect others too!” WOW the power of a simple exercise of looking at himself and saying some words! Never under estimate these simple, yet powerful teachings!
Q.   What is your interpretation of an Affirmation Tool?
A.   I believe an Affirmation Tool is simply a way or method to use the process of Affirmations very simply, easily and powerfully. This can be used to live a happier, more productive life. I also stress the importance of using the Safety Clause, ‘to the good of all parties concerned’ in all Master Affirmations and in whatever we do.
Q.   What do I do when my Affirmations are not working quickly enough?
A.   There is always certain about of time from the time you start your Affirmation and the manifestation thereof. It could be one second, one minute, hours, day, months and sometimes even years. I would suggest that  you check the wording of your Affirmton. The wording is most important. One lady did an Affirmation to meet a man and she did. She ran right into her mail man and complained that her Affirmation was not working. I explained to her she need to be specific when doing any Master Affirmation and that her Affirmation did in fact manifest in exactly in agreement with her words. All she put in her affirmation was that she would ‘meet a man,’ and she did!
Q.   Can I do too many Affirmations?
A.   No I don’t believe you can. However it is always important when doing any type of program to include balance.
Q.   Does it really help to focus on one Affirmation at a time?
A.   Yes, it does. For example when the sun is shinning very brightly, take a magnifying glass and a newspaper outside. Hold the magnifying glass steadily over the newspaper with the sun shinning on it. And it will create fire—burn. However, if you only change ONE thing and that is if you take the magnifying glass and move it from side to side, nothing will happen as the power is scattered and it will not burn. When you truly focus and concentrate your energy on one Affirmation, it manifest that which you affirmed.
Q.   Why do Affirmations work only for the person doing them?
A.   As I said before the process of doing Affirmations is very personal. It is always important to remember to affirm for (order up) what YOU want, not what your parents, spouse, friends, etc. want for you.
Q.   How can I make my Affirmations work better?
A.   By learning exactly what an Affirmation is and then create properly worded Affirmations and do the process. It is very scientific and works with the laws of the great universe.
Q.   Why is repetition important when doing the Affirmation Program?
A.   Mantras are like repetitions. When you repeat something over and over it digs deep groves in your subconscious mind and then manifests that which you are repeating. Repetition is used in many cultures.
Q.   Can doing Affirmations be dangerous?
A.   No, I believe not that is if you use the safety clause, ‘to the good of all parties concerned’  in every Master Affirmation you do. The safety clause is the clause that says, ‘to the good of all parties concerned.” And this of course includes you, the Maker. It takes the fear out of creating and doing your Master Affirmation for many people who are not entirely certain what they should be affirming.
Q.   Can I become obsessed by doing too many Affirmations too often during the day?
A.   Always exercise down-to-earth common sense. Any person can become obsessed by anything. It is important to practise balance in all that you do. Follow the ‘good book’ and be moderate in all things.
Q.   Is it dangerous to think positive all the time?
A.   I believe we have negative and positive thoughts. Everything is built on duality, up and down, black and white, male and female, hot and cold, etc. etc.  When we experience a health challenge it is very important to make an appointment and see your Doctor or Medical Professional  AND do your Affirmations for good health as an additive to what your Doctor prescribes.
One lady felt so good after doing her Affirmations that she wanted to stop taking her medication. I told her by no means to stop, unless she had those instructions from her doctor. Positive Affirmations, properly done are a superb tool in receiving and having good health.
Q.   How do I handle negative people?
A.   If at all possible stay away from them. If you are in a situation where you absolutely have to be in their presence, surround yourself with a White Light (Dome of Protection) from the roots of your hair to the tips of your toes, all day today and everyday; all night tonight and every night and everyone and everything around you.
Another ways is to cross you ankles and place your hands touching. This way you are keeping another’s negative energy from entering your aura and body.
Q.   Should I share my Affirmations at the beginning or when I start on them?
A.   Keep your Affirmations a secret ‘in the beginning.’ The reason for this is that when you share them with others, they may become jealous or not want you to succeed. You have heard of dream stealers. There are many of them around. Then After you start seeing results and your Affirmations are working for you —SHARE THEM WITH EVERYONE!
Q.   How do I get rid of negative thoughts?
A.   Simple. Replacing them with positive thoughts. Also do some ‘thought watching’ and see just where your thoughts have taken up residency. If you don’t like what you find out, you’re can change it. You created those thoughts in the first place and you and you alone have the power to uncreate them!
Q.   What if Affirmations are not working for me?
A.   Find out the reason. Are you holding a grudge about someone? Do you have negative blockages that need to be removed? If so, start the process of removing them today and replacing them with positive, happy and uplifting ones.
Q.   How do Affirmations really work?
A.   I truly believe that Affirmations work through the Law of Attraction that says:  Like attracts like: more gathers more: what you think about you bring about; what you are seeking is seeking you and many more.
Q.   Should I do my Affirmation just before going to sleep?
A.   A unique exercise is to start seeds of prosperity and sprinkle them in your dreams. I also teach the very best Affirmation Process is to read over your Master Affirmation every morning and evening. Then simply step ahead in your mind, several days, weeks, months, etc. and bring in your 5 physical senses.
SEE–Your Affirmation manifesting before your eyes; HEAR–People commenting on how lucky you are, etc.  FEEL–How happy and fulfilled you feel; SMELL–Your favorite flower scent or perfume/cologne; TASTE— Either take a drink of fresh, sparkling water or visualize biting into a juicy apple or grape.
Q.   How does the Tiny Speck program work?
A.   This method gives you a lesson in creation, moving from step to step in the manifestation of your Affirmations. You actually watch the creation process. It is described in detail in my new book, Affirmation Toolbox available on www.amazon.com
Q.   Why does releasing negativity work?
A.   This exercise allows you to clear your mind of all forms of negativity. This gives your consciousness a boost into the direction of having and enjoying that prosperity that you so desperately want and what you are affirming for.
Q.   Is it good to tithe and exactly what is tithing?
A.   This is a belief where  ‘what comes around goes around’ and by tithing to places in great need without expectation of return, far greater amounts of money come back to you. It is the concept that you cannot out give God/Creator, Universal Mind or whomever you believe in.
Q.    Why does the Money Tree Exercise work?
A.   In this simple proven exercise you experience a visualization to manifest a healthy relationship with money and provide a unique vision on how to pay back money that you owe. A powerful Creative Visualization Technique. Purchase or make out of cardboard a small tree. Place real money or monopoly money or pieces of paper with the amount of money written on it. Then place these pieces of paper on the branches of the Money Tree, using a paper clip or clothespin. This is a great visual. I have a money tree and when I need to I borrow from it. Then I replace what I borrowed together with an amount for interest. It is fun to do! (I would suggest you place the Money Tree somewhere out of sight from public view).
Q.   What about the Time Frame Circles?
A.   On a piece of paper draw 5 circles the same size. Under them write on the 1st circle the word immediately, the 2nd one 3 months; 3rd one 6 months; 4th one 1 year and the 5th one Other. You may wish to memorize these circles so you can see them clearly in your mind’s eye.
Process:  Ask the question about how long it will take to have your Affirmation manifest as affirmed. Close your eyes and ask your subconscious mind to focus on and reveal the correct circle. Do not make it happen just watch your mind focusing on the correct answer. This is a very beneficial method to use when you are ascertaining how long your Affirmation will take to manifest as affirmed. It is also a very powerful Creative Visualization using your physical senses.
Q.    Can you speak about the Magic Magnetic Circle Exercise? This is explained at the beginning of this article. (To recap)
A.   You create excitement and enthusiasm in your life when you make doing the Magic Magnetic Circle your daily morning exercise. Do it and see what takes place for you! The process is very simple.
When you get up in the morning, stand in front of the window with your arms outstretched from your sides and turn slowly around from left to right.  As you are turning say the following words, “I, (your name) now magnetize from the sun, moon, stars and the entire solar system, peace, joy, love, happiness, health and prosperity into my Magic Magnetic Circle (my aura), which extend to everyone I meet.” Then say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and go about your day.
Q.   I read somewhere that you plant a tiny Angel Pin in your garden or property when you have your house (property) for sale and it works.  How?
A.   By connecting with the Angels you create the intention and plant the seed to sell your house. When fertilized and nurtured by your positive thoughts of selling your property to the good of all parties concerned, it materializes, sometimes as if by magic!
Q.   Please explain the Sleep Affirmation for Great Wealth.
A.   This is where you allow your subconscious mind to go to work and assemble all the materials necessary to create and manifest your Affirmation as you affirmed. Ask yourself just what great wealth means to you. Is it having a loving, harmonious family life? Is it being rich with good friends? Blessed with a wonderful spouse, great career, radiant health? Then just before dropping off into sleep land instruct your subconscious mind just exactly what you desire.
Q.   Okay what about Money on the Ceiling Exercise? How in the world does that work? It is hard to believe that such an exercise could be successful.
A.   This is a powerful Creative Visualization. When you place paper money on the ceiling in your bedroom, the first thing you see in the morning is that money.  Or when you place visuals of money and wealth around your home you bring in the powerful sense of vision and total faith.
Q.   What about Affirmations of Denial? Doesn’t that sound rather negative?
A.   No it is not really negative it is a process of discovering and uncovering hidden blockages so you can become aware of them, and then release them to make way for your great successes that are already just waiting to take place in your life. I believe there are no failures, just miss-steps. Also I use my ‘co-called’ failures and extraordinary fertilizer for my many successes! Read more about this Uncover and Discover Exercise in my new book, Affirmation Toolbox available on www.amazon.com
Q.   Why are Master Affirmations successful?
A.   This is a sample vision of creation (your creation). This is your order to the Universe saying exactly what you desire. When done properly, this is a scientific, proven process that works every time! Remember your Master Affirmation is created only ONCE! You can change, delete, add to or discard it completely and start crating a brand new one. As you change, your Affirmations change.
Q.   What is the Blackboard Forgiveness Exercise?
A.   Sit down and think about what and who you need to forgive. Create these images in your mind. Now take them out of the unreal and place them into the real by writing them on the blackboard. Write out all your hurts, disappointments , anger, negativity (here you are operating and taking out the emotional cancer). Then take a giant green eraser and erase them one by one and create the feeling of increasing peace saturating every cell, tissue and every part of your body.You are free!
Q.   My son loved the Exercise of the Fear Zoo. Why do you think it works?
A.   By visualizing certain animals to describe your fears, placing them in a safe place and speaking with them you find out what caused the fear in the first place, where it came from and then you can easily and surely release those fears one-by-one.
Q.   I am interested in the Letter Method you talk about in your Affirmation Books and writings.
A.   This exercise teaches the power of the written word. You learn how to access old negative memories, hurts and negative from the past and present and then release them. Write a letter of forgiveness to the person that hurt you. Very Important  Never, ever mail it or give it to him or her. the object here is not to hurt anyone in the process. The exercise of writing it on paper is like operating and taking out an emotional cancer.
Q.   How long does it take before my Master Affirmation manifests?
A.   We did talk about this earlier in this article. The answer is it depends on several conditions as follows. If your thought, desire, or Affirmation arises at the instant when there are no conflicting thoughts present to nullify this power, the mind throws its great force behind that one desire or Affirmation. The power of the mind is not divided among other thoughts, so that particular Affirmation manifests immediately, as if by some form of magic.
Q.   What process is used when doing Affirmations?
 A.   Doing affirmations is similar to the planting of a garden. There is a step process –
Step One— Select, decide what seed to use—(your desire). Prepare the soil or your subconscious mind by forgiving everyone and everything that has ever hurt you. Forgive yourself. Then love, respect and approve of yourself just the way you are.
Step Two—Plant the seed—this is done by creating your Master Affirmation;
Step Three—Water and fertilize the new, fragile seed, giving it tender care—this is reading your Master Affirmation twice daily—once in the morning and then again in the evening.
Step Four—Anticipate the Harvest— Just know that little seed has taken root and is growing in the rich, fertile soil of your subconscious mind. Step ahead 3-4 weeks or months in your mind and bring in the 5 physical senses.  SEE in your mind’s eye what ever you are affirming as happening and Act As If it already has manifested; HEAR people saying how great you look; FEEL how wonderful you feel; SMELL your favourite perfume or cologne or flower scent and for TASTE visualize biting in to a juicy apple or take a drink of fresh, sparkling water to complete the five physical senses.
Q.   How do I know my affirmations are working?
A.    When you start the Affirmation Process, visualize and know the end result. You will feel the affirmation churning or working within you. You may feel excited and not be able to say why you feel like that like something wonderful is about to happen, but you can’t put your finger on it. Put faith and expectancy into the doing of affirmations and your body will help you manifest the physical symptoms to encourage you to your goal.
Q.  Why do I need to repeat affirmations over and over?
A.   Repetition is a very important part of the Affirmation process. Repetition accelerates the energy and vibration already present to make your Affirmations manifest more quickly. We all know repetition is the mother of learning. When you repeat Affirmations, thought patterns are impressed on your subconscious mind. You are transforming your previously held beliefs, opinions, ideas, and concepts about that statement. When you say Affirmations over and over, the words become a living presence in your awareness. Later, you become the words in the Affirmations. It is important to then turn it over to a higher power—God—for materialization. Repetition reinforces the belief system and convinces the mind that it is true. The Laws of the great Universe take care of the rest.
Repetition is accepted in most cultures. Some forms of prayer are repeated many times. When people chant in rhythm, it helps them achieve a reflective state. In some types of meditation, the mantra is chanted. The process of doing Affirmations is not a one time procedure or event. It requires constant repetition. To make an Affirmation concrete, think, write, feel, and say it out loud with great feeling. Convince yourself of its truth and reality. There is no quick fix or spiritual fast-food method of doing Affirmations. It takes work, effort, and concentration. The results are well worth the effort.
Q.   Where does the power come from?
A.    The power comes from within us which is placed in us when we are born.
Q.    What Law of the Universe are we working with when we do affirmations?
A.  The Law of Attraction and The Law of Creation.
Q.   Can others tell that I have a secret?
A.   Yes, they will notice that there is something different about you. You are using your power of intention, creation and fulfillment.
Q.   Should I tell others what I am doing?
A.  In the beginning I would not tell too many others what you are doing, unless you are doing it in a group or they are in tune with the power of creation. The reason for this is that they may discourage you by saying, something like, “Tthat won’t work, that is daydreaming,” or other remarks and this could distract your power of intention, focus and creativity, hindering the manifestation of your Affirmation.
Q.   What do I do when one of my Affirmations manifests?
A.  Say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and live in an attitude of gratitude. I have a huge binder marked, Completed Affirmations.’ When one of my affirmations manifest, I place a huge check mark over that affirmation and write the date that it took place. This way when I start doing a new affirmation, to encourage my faith, all I need do is look back at all the completed affirmations and it gives me extra faith to embark on a brand, new one.
Q.   Can I persuade others to do affirmations?
A.  You can’t and I suggest that you don’t even try. When you affirmations manifest and people begin noticing and they ask you what you are doing—then tell them. You can encourage others to do affirmations, but please do not try to persuade and beg them to do them. This is not to the good of all parties concerned and could backfire on all people involved.
Q.   What Law of the Universe is all life based upon?
A.   It is based on The Law of Cause and Effect. All life is based on the Law of Cause and Effect and there is no such thing as a cause without an effect. What you think and do is the cause; the result of that thought or action is the effect. For every action there is a reaction; something happens as a result of everything you do. If you can recognize and accept the Law of Cause and Effect and work with it, you will have far greater control over your life. If you change the cause (your thoughts, actions, and beliefs), you will experience a different effect or result.
This law can also be powerfully applied to ideas, which are simply thoughts arranged in a particular order. Ideas are the seeds of success and a key ingredient in your imagination. Being open to new, exciting, fresh ideas, while sifting and discarding the old ones, enhances your ability to bring positive and happy situations, things and people into your life
Q.   Is this a scientific process?
A.   Yes, it is likened to the Gardening Process I speak about in this book. I just spoke about the Affirmation Garden Process earlier. There are 4 steps that need to be followed.
Q.   Why does it work?
A.   It has to work. Affirmations work within the Law of Attraction, (what you are seeking is seeking your, more gathers more, what you think about you bring about) —- Just as The Law of Gravity works—you drop something, it falls (unless you are on the moon). This law always works and it works the same for every individual—a priest, teacher, murderer, and any person.
Q.   Am I just daydreaming or wishing my life away? Is this called using my imagination?
A.   Imagination is a form of creative thought. It is the ability to create an idea or mental picture in your mind, but just what it is and where it comes from no one seems to really know. No brain surgeon has ever been able to locate a picture, imagination centre, thought, or idea during surgery. When you practise the art of imagination, you experience the scene from the inside. This gives you the feeling and experience of it happening at the present time. There are two types of imagination—spontaneous imagination that comes from the subconscious mind and willed or guided imagination that comes from the conscious mind.
Daydreaming is casual and random. It is the act of involving yourself in fantasy while you are wide-awake. It is closely linked to imagination. Children often spend time daydreaming and visualizing what they will be and whom they will marry when they grow up. They also use this process when they play with imaginary playmates. Daydreaming is a process that takes you away from the present and it can be a time of fantastic, creative accomplishment. When you are doing specific, properly done affirmations—you are creating your life—one Affirmation at a time!
Q.   Why is it so important to be specific?
A.    To receive what you desire. You know the WHAT and Universal Mind, God or whomever you believe in knows the HOWIt is very important to be specific, saying exactly what you want so Universal Mind can deliver it to you as affirmed.
Q.   How many affirmations can I read (do the Affiming Process) at a time?
A.   After you have created your Master Affirmation, you can do the Affirming Process with 15 or more Affirmations. The Affirming Process -For example first take out your Master Affirmation for Wealth—read it over, step ahead and visualize the end result, then take out your next Master Affirmation for the Perfect, Lasting Career for you, visualize the end result and step ahead and visualize the end result—Do the next one and so on until you have completed your set of Affirmations. Do each one separately.
Q.  Can I place them all on one page?
A.   NO please don’t!  Never place all your Master Affirmations on one page because if you give Universal Mind, God or whomever you believe in a confused order, you may receive a confused answer.
Q.  What is the success rate?
A.   Absolutely fantastic. I have many huge binders of completed affirmations and I have thousands of letters from readers who have experienced wonderful results doing affirmations in the manner outlined in my many Affirmation books and writings.
Q.   Can my affirmations manifest immediately?  Is there always a certain time frame?
A.   I believe I covered this earlier. Yes there is always a certain time frame for your Affirmations to manifest. It would be one second; one minute; one hour; one day; one week; one month; one year or longer. A delay in manifestation could also be a sign or warning that you may be overly attached to the outcome of your desire. If this is the case, you could be hindering its manifestation. It is a good idea to detach yourself from being too overly attached to the outcome. Even though you may not realize it, your Affirmations are working for you through the precise Laws of the Universe. It is very important at this time to keep on affirming.
Q.   Is the Master Affirmation created more than once?
A.   No, you do it once, like preparing your Last Will and Testament. You can change it, modify it and rewrite it whenever you wish. As you change, your Affirmations change. Or you can cancel your Master Affirmation and start all over again making a brand, new one.
Q.   How often should I do my affirmations?
A.    After you have created your Master Affirmation (as I said before this is only done once–like writing your Last Will and Testament, it is important to take out your Master Affirmation and read it over every morning and evening, stepping ahead in your mind and bringing in your 5 physical senses. This puts it and keeps it on the front burner of your mind.
Q.   Who are we ordering up from?—What is the source?
A.   The source is Universal Mind, God/Creator, Higher Self or whomever you believe in. I believe the power is within each and every one of us.
Q.   Where does the power to make the affirmations come true come from?
A.   It comes from within us. We only need to become aware of it, call upon it and use it to our highest good.
Q.   Can anyone access it?
A.  Yes, absolutely anyone who desires. This power is available to each and every one of us. The Laws of the Universe are no respecter of person. They work the same for every individual without fail.
Q.   How?
A.   You access the power by your thoughts, words Affirmations and actions. Think what you desire and then write it out in a Master Affirmation. being very specific, saying exactly what you wish to take place. If you are vague and uncertain your Order to the Universe (Master Affirmation) could be delayed or hindered all together.
Q.   Should I wait for Spirit to send me what I desire?
A.   You can if you wish. This is totally up to you. You can wait until Spirit gives you your desires, or you can make them known and order them up by doing affirmations.
Q.   What do you mean when you say ‘order it up’?
A.   I mean affirm—It is sort of like ordering from the catalogue. Say exactly what you desire being very specific for that God/Creator, Universal Mind or whomever you believe in has all the information required to manifest your desire as affirmed.
Q.   Can I do an affirmation to make my lover commit to me?
A.   No, I would never do this. This could backfire on you. Every person has been given free choice. The person you think may be the perfect person for you may not be right for you after all.
Q.   Can I do an affirmation to make my lover marry me?
A.   No, again this is directly against what I teach and directly against to the good of al parties concerned. All affirmations must be done to the highest good of all parties involved.
Q.   Are there actually improper affirmations?
A.   Yes, there are many improper affirmations–these are the negative thoughts and statements that we make about ourselves and others every day. We need to be aware of our thinking; the words we use and our actions. An example of an Improper Affirmation could be where you are affirming for a person that is already married or in a committed relationship. Be careful as it could backfire one you.
Q.   How is our life created?
A.   By our thoughts, words, Affirmations and actions.
Q.  Are my thoughts all that important? If I change my thoughts, will I change my life?
A.   Yes, Your thoughts are of prime importance. Change your thoughts and you change your life.
Q.   Why is it important to write affirmations out?  Why can’t I just say them in my head?
A.  Yes, you can say them in your head and this is the process you use when your do your Short Form Affirmations, which are several key words taken from your Master Affirmation.
When you write your Affirmation on paper, you are taking them from the unreal and placing them in the real—from the unknown into the known. Writing leaves an image that lasts for all time.
Q.   Do I really need to feel that I deserve what I am affirming?
A.   Yes, you must feel that you deserve what you are affirming or the Affirmation may be hindered or not manifest. After you affirm you need to go to the next step and that is ‘blow breath’ into your Affirmation by taking the appropriate action. Get the feeling of self-worthiness and love, respect and approve of yourself.
Q.   Why is it so important to do affirmations in the present tense (NOW)?  What would happen if I said, “I, deserve and now will have…………………?” Would that delay the manifestation?
A.  Yes, it is very important to affirm in the now. When you say ‘will have’ you are putting it off into the future, perhaps some future lifetime. The only time is now.
Q.   How old is the practice of doing affirmations?
A.   It is thousands of years old.The Bible refers to Affirmations often.
Q.   Is there a Bible reference to doing affirmations? If so—please quote a couple of verses from the Bible.
A.   Yes Jesus taught us powerful affirmations – He said, “Ask and ye shall receive; knock and the door shall be opened; seek and ye shall find.” He also said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself; It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom,” and many more.
Q.   When my affirmation is not happening as I think it should what can I do?
A.   Keep on doing your Affirmations even when you are discouraged or depressed. One of my readers told me that, since he started doing affirmations he has not had any of his usual feelings of depression or discouragement. The program itself created and caused an uplifting experience even before any of his Affirmations manifested. Recently he had at least three Affirmations manifest in one month.
Q.   When can I expect results from doing my Affirmation Program?
A.   I believe I have answered this question before. Affirmationa can manifest immediately or in some cases take time. They can happen immediately. When you write the safety clause  ‘to the good of all parties concerned, it happens when it is right for you and everyone else connected therewith.
Q.  Why are Affirmation Tools sometimes called Mind-Shift Tools and Exercises?
A.   Because these mind shift exercise (tools) are the key to finding new ways of looking at problems, helping you to see what is in your way, and then releasing old  stubborn energy. Get rid of negative blockages that could be hindering or delaying  the manifestation of your Affirmations. Repalce them with concrete, specific postive Master Affirmations saying exaclty what you desire.
Q.   Do Affirmations work to their full potential if I don’t believe?
A.   No they cannot work to their full potential and as quickly as you would like if there are negative, unhappy blocks keep them from manifesting.
Q.   Can I do certain Affirmations for a particular problem?
A.   Certainly I often prescribe combinations of these exercises, Affirmation Tools etc. depending on your problem and/or particular need. My Affirmation books and writings provide simple, yet powerful sample Affirmations and/or exercises to do based on your particular challenge.
Please remember that ‘Affirmations  When Properly Done Always  Work!  (Sometimes not in our time frame or as we think they should, but they always work!) 
Three Important Aspects of Love
The first and most important aspect of love is that of being lovable. There must be love from self to self before it can be extended to others. You cannot give from an empty cup. Fill your cup of Divine self-love to overflowing. You are lovable in spite of any shortcomings and faults. Learn to love your individuality and your connection with God.
The second aspect of love is that of loving, whereby you give and express love to others and self. Loving others comes naturally and easily when you fully love yourself.
The third aspect of love is that of being loved. You need to allow yourself to be loved and to fully receive love from others.
If you strive daily to achieve these three states, you will come to understand the true meaning of unconditional love. To achieve unconditional love in your life, all three of these aspects must be happening simultaneously.
Everyone needs love — no matter how independent, wealthy, or successful a person may be. Without love, there is no self-actualization. Love is an element as essential to our well-being as air or water.
Unselfish, healthy love is healing and self-assuring. All love begins with healthy self-love. Loving self as you are gives you the permission and the ability to change. Acceptance is the highest form of love. Practicing acceptance in your daily life enables you and others to be themselves. On the other hand, envying others or comparing yourself to them inhibits self-love and acceptance.
Say, “I, (your name), deserve and now love, respect, and approve of myself, just the way I am.” Some people find it very effective and powerful to say this Affirmation while looking at themselves in the mirror. An unselfish, divine love of self gives you a mystical power. This unconditional love represents total acceptance without any expectation of return. When you give, the love within expands and you simultaneously receive. You experience inner glorious peace when you are focused on unconditional love and giving to others. Love imparts vitality and fertilizes positive, loving thoughts.
Compassion is love in action. Being compassionate with yourself means giving your body nourishing food, exercise, rest, and relaxation. It also involves listening to your own feelings and feeding your body spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
Happiness is not a destination. It is a journey with stops of interest along the way. Make your journey exciting and happy and enjoy every single part of it, no matter how small it is. When you plan to go on a holiday, part of the excitement and fun is in the preparation, planning and excitement of getting ready. What are you going to take with you on your journey?
Visualize yourself enjoying the trip and see yourself arriving at your destination. Ask yourself what gifts you wish to take with you on your journey of life. It is a state of consciousness or awareness that is not dependent on outside people, places, circumstances, or events. Happiness comes from within you. If you are unhappy and good things happen to you, you may be viewing these blessings through murky, dirty, negative glasses. You may therefore not recognize them and miss out on wonderful blessings.
People Facing Retirement
You have given many prime years of your life to your family, career, and making money to live. Now it is time for you to pursue your interests and fondest, wildest dreams. Instead of viewing retirement as the golden handshake or the end of your life, look at it as the exciting, fun-filled opportunity for you to do what you desire. Retirement does not mean giving up or the end of life. It heralds a whole new beginning.
It is time to enjoy the rewards of your life’s work and harvest the seeds you have sown. Make the latter part of your life exciting and wonderful so that you look forward to every day with enthusiasm, joy, and anticipation.Raise your consciousness and you attract good things to you. Be conscious of your blessings and concentrate on the good things in your life. It is your birthright to be healthy, happy, loving and prosperous.
Happiness is surrendering to what is and living in the now-the only moment you have. When you aretruly happy your are content with the things you are doing, your connection with the Spiritual Realm, the people and things in your life and just everything! It is not dependent on other people, a new home, new car, etc. Make happiness your daily habit. Look on the bright side, live your faith, and involve yourself in harmonious actions and interactions with self and others. I also believe that when true happiness is present you are happy with who you are; happy with what you are doing; and happy with who you are doing it with!
When the mind is at peace and ceases its search and true happiness appears. True happiness must come from within.Certainly, outer conditions and people can contribute to your happiness, but the mere possession of wealth, luxuries or having a wonderful spouse does not ensurehappiness. Many unhappy people are rich in material things and many less fortunate people are extremely happy.
Happiness comes from forgiving, releasing negativity, accepting, and approving of and loving self. Try smiling at everyone you meet and make a note of how many people smile back at you. Make a habit of spreading sunshine wherever you go. Practice Random Acts of Kindness on a regular basis. A happy person is one who acts purposefully and makes things happen. They look forward to each new day with excited, happy anticipation. Get the happiness consciousness now!
Don’t Get Caught up in the “When’ Syndrome
Refrain from thinking you will be happy when a certain event, job, or relationship materializes. You may end up wishing your life away. Isn’t it time to take your life off ‘Lay-Away?’ Think, plan, and be constructive and specific about your goals and what you desire in this life. Do your Affirmations daily and faithfully. Very often, unhappiness is just a bad habit, one which you can break and then start a brand new habit of being happy! When you are happy, you do not think about it, but when you are unhappy, you cannot seem to stop thinking about it. Break this negative habit by doing your Affirmations regularly.
                        Sample Master Affirmation For Generating Happiness
“I, (your name), deserve to be and now am happy. I freely and lovingly share my happiness with others. I radiate happiness! I now choose to be happy. My path in life leads onward and upward. I master all conditions and situations in my life instead of being mastered by them. It gives me happiness to help others and make them happy. I know true happiness comes from within. I am blessed, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
I fully accept
Signed ____________________________          Dated ____________________________
Address  _________________________________________________________________
When you date, write  your address and sign your Master Affirmation, you have made a firm and binding contract with your Higher Self, God/Creator, Universal Mind or whomever you believe in.
(Even a check is worthless unless it is dated and signed).
Short-Form Affirmation   Total happiness, peace, and joy. (Your Short Form Affirmation consists of several key words taken from your Master Affirmation)
Master Affirmation For Enhancing Your Enjoyment of Life
“I, (your name), deserve to experience and now experience and enjoy life to the fullest. I find joy and happiness in everything and everyone. Happiness is my constant companion. I enjoy spreading happiness to everyone I meet. I am happy for my fulfilled life, my wonderful partner, children, my work, my home, my vehicle. If you are single say “I am happy for my life as a single person,” etc. I freely and completely forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt me. I now forgive myself. I love, respect, accept, and approve of myself just the way I am.  I love performing Random Acts of Kindness. I am happy, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
I fully accept
Signed __________________________         Dated ___________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________
Short-Form Affirmation Full of happiness
Meditation/Contemplation and Peace
Meditation is a part of the happiness package. It is important to go into the silence to get in touch with yourself and create a space for happiness. Meditation is an effort made on the part of the conscious mind to close the gap between itself and the subconscious mind. Meditation is simply a quiet state of mind, a silence of thought. The growth of living things and the movement of the heavens are silent. The dictionary defines meditation thus: “to ponder or to engage in continuous and contemplative thought.”
It could also be described as thinking about doing something or planning to do it. Meditation is not daydreaming; it is surrendering, letting go, and sinking deep into relaxation. It is the attuning of the mental body and the spiritual body to its principal source-God. When you meditate, you empty yourself of everything that hinders your creative energies. Meditation sets the foundation for peace of mind and tranquility.
In meditation, you learn to listen to your thoughts and create a space to hear your own voice. Pay close attention to what your mind is saying. Have a pen and paper close by so you can jot down any thoughts or insights that come to you when you still your mind. It is helpful to use vivid colors when meditating, because color expresses the way you think and reflects back to you from your surroundings. Each color has a different vibration and can either raise or lower your spiritual level and energy. Take 15 to 20 minutes from your busy day in the morning and late afternoon or evening to meditate.
  • Find a quiet spot;
  • Sit or lie down;
  • Relax and clear your mind.
Some people can relax by playing music. Do whatever works for you. Tell yourself you will return in 20 minutes, refreshed and full of radiant energy. Take several deep breaths, breathing out all negative thoughts, worries, and cares. Then breathe in peace, joy, love, and happiness.
Concentrate on one two-syllable word to help you focus. If you desire peace, concentrate on the word peaceful. If you desire love, concentrate on the wordloving. Keep repeating this one word over and over, to the exclusion of all other thoughts, ideas, and words. Feel yourself going deeper and deeper into relaxation. Find that quiet space within where the real you resides. Let yourself go completely.
There are many excellent books, tapes, and lectures on all types of meditation. As you practice day after day, it will become easier because thoughts will not disturb you as often. Be persistent. Select the time that best suits your busy schedule.
At the beginning of the meditation period, tell yourself you will awake completely refreshed and rested in 20 minutes. Setting your own time limit is important; your subconscious will ensure that you observe it.
Developing Peace of Mind
Peace of mind is a state of mind. Peace of Mind is also an important ingredient of happiness. Peace of Mind is not something you acquire, but something you express. It does not come from what you get but how you use what you have. Peace is the condition of mind and body that you reach when you are satisfied with the thoughts you are thinking, the life you are living, and the things you are doing. Peace is the state of your mind and thoughts being still. It is completeness, totality, awareness, and spiritual growth.
True peace is acceptance of self. Peace of mind is being glad you have the gift of life. Choose peace instead of conflict and love instead of hate. There can be no spiritual growth without the higher, divine love of self. One cannot attain spiritual growth without practicing and living forgiveness for others and self.
Master Affirmation for Self-Love and Happiness
“I, (your name), deserve and now love, respect, and approve of myself, just the way I am. I believe in myself. I know thoughts have a powerful effect on my life. I say “No’ easily, when necessary. I enjoy healthy self-respect, self-esteem, and self-love. I count! I respect others and expect respect in return. I am happy, capable, efficient, and fulfilled. I know it is not selfish to love myself. I have confidence in myself and my decisions.
I choose happiness, health, and wealth. I easily move out of my comfort zone. I make friends with time and I have all the time there is. Time stands still for me. I visit the past, on occasion, but do not linger too long. I am a magnetic, loving person and attract good, faithful friends. I am a faithful, committed friend. I easily eject negative tapes and play powerful, positive new ones. I am happy, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
I fully accept
Signed _____________________                   Dated ______________________
Address _________________________________________________________
Short-Form Affirmation–Full of confidence, self-esteem, & self-respect. Loves believes in self.
Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!  (As I say on my radio shows, books, and writings–‘Sometimes not in our time-frame or as we think they should work!’)
                          My Prescription for Happiness from the Affirmations Doctor
This is your full day of forgiveness. Focus on forgiving and also focus on who and what needs your forgiveness. Do you need to forgive self?
Say, “Today I begin my week with forgiveness. I now forgive everyone and everything that has EVER hurt me. I forgive myself and am forgiven. I now love, respect and approve of myself just the way I am.” Remember that when you use the word EVER, this goes right back to creation (when you were in your mother’s womb,) so if too many hurtful, negative memories surface at the same time, just say firmly and with authority, “One at time please!” This way you can deal with that one completely before going on to the next one.
Have you ever thought about what you think about? Get a small notebook and put four columns-1. Same as yesterday; 2. Negative; 3. Positive 4. New and Exciting
For one day (or longer if you feel the need) jot a check mark down under the appropriate column when you are aware of having a thought. Ask yourself “Is this thought the same as the thought I was thinking yesterday? Is this thought negative and making me feel sad and depressed? Is this thought positive and uplifting and making me feel happy?” You will soon discover with great accuracy just where your thoughts have taken up residency.
If you feel you have too many negative thoughts then you have the power to change them. You created those thoughts in the first plact and you and YOU alone have the power to uncreate them. When I did this exercise of Uncovering and Discovering, I was totally surprised at the result. I was amazed at how many negative thoughts that I was entertaining and harboring  . . . and I thought I was such a positive person! Train yourself to think positive, happy and uplifting thoughts, such as, “I am filled with joy and gratitude; I am happy; I am getting healthier and healthier every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful day,” etc. Select the positive thoughts that resonate with your very being. Your own thoughts are the most powerful in making your Affirmations manifest as affirmed!
What are you saying to yourself about yourself? Are you being critical or kind and loving? Self-talk, whether ‘negative or positive is a form of creating and saying Affirmations. You are stating to yourself something that you believe to be the truth. Look into the mirror and say, “Hey self you are wonderful; you are beautiful or handsome; I love you,” and then say, “I, (your name)  now let go of all my negativity and my negative thoughts of lack and depression. They are gone forever, starting right here and right now.”
Remember you create with every word you speak! Talk to yourself with loving words, sentences and tones. Say, “Self, I love you. You are totally wonderful. There is no one else in the world exactly like you. You are unique, lovable, loving and loved.”
Refrain from careless self-talk such as, “I can’t afford that; I am not smart enough; I don’t have the self-confidence to apply for that position,” and on and on it goes. Change that negative, self-defeating self-talk to statements like–“Money flows to me in avenues of Divine abundance; I am smart and I catch on quickly; I am full of healthy self-confidence and I know I can do that job.” etc.
Your Mind
What are you filling your wondrous mind with? You may wish to do the following exercise. Take a pail with some very dirty water in it. Place it in the sink (a place where the water can overflow safely). Now turn on the tap so that a light but steady stream of water is going into the pail. After a while you will notice that (as the water overflows and goes down the drain) the water in the pail has become clean and clear. This can be likened to the mind. When we steadily feed it with positive, happy, uplifting thoughts slowly but surely those negative thoughts disappear.Say, “I seize today with enthusiasm and excitement knowing that miracles are happening for me now.”
Think about and count your many blessings, name them one by one. Create a column saying ‘My Blessings.’ Write them out and focus on them. Under the column My Blessings you could write. “Thank you for this day. Thank you for my radiant health; Thank you for my wonderful spouse and family; Thank you for my prosperous career and/or home based business,” etc.
Ask these blessings to multiply for you. Also give back to the Universe by performing Random Acts of Kindness on a daily basis.
Today do your Affirmation Process by visualizing in vivid color just exactly what you wish to take place in your life.  Say, “I see clearly now.” Should you have a negative challenge at your work place, do the following– (a) See the situation as it is in the present moment; Now visualize exactly how you wish it to be (in a perfect world?) (b) What changed? (c) Were or are you somewhat to blame? (d) Check your thinking and attitude. Is it negative or positive? Could it be that you need an attitude adjustment?  Be sure and check any negativity and/or baggage at the door. Attend to detail. To attract that perfect, lasting, successful career for you, with your mind’s eye camera, click a picture of the way you wish it to be and file it in your mind files, under, ‘My Perfect, Lasting, Successful, Harmonious Career.’
Now you will be able to access that sharp, clear, positive, happy picture whenever you wish using the Borrow Back Technique. See yourself deleting the original challenging picture (as it is) and immediately filling that vacant space with the picture of the way you desire it to be. Be sure to always fill that space that you have deleted with a positive statement. Nature abhors a vacuum and may rush into fill it and it could be with more negativity.
 This is your ‘Do something Day.’ What have you been putting off and what have you filed in your circulat or ‘Get around to it’ file? You know that Master Affirmation you were going to do to make your life happier and easier? It is time to take action—do something no matter how small and insignificant you think that action is. Say, “I get things done. Any form of procrastination now leaves my body as I successfully get things done on task at a time; it is such a relief to have that job that job that I was worrying about, all done and completed. And once I got started I discovered it was not half as hard as I was anticipating.
Putting It Altogether – YOUR DAY!
Now it is time to take that well deserved rest. Do something great for yourself, Take that leisurely bath; purchase that book you have been longing to read and then read it; buy that special dress, skirt, blouse, shirt or pants you have always wanted; Get your hair done and have a facial or whatever it takes to relax you or whatever relaxation is for you. It could be a walk in the forest or meeting with a friend.
You may wish to take this day to Meditate and to ponder on the past week and give yourself a pat on the back for all your wonderful and glowing accomplishments. You deserve a medal.Take this day to rest, relax energize and rejuvenate your body. It is time to enjoy all of God’s Creation.
Reap and enjoy the beneifts of this Happy Week Process!
                       Read What Donald has to say about The ‘Happy’ Week Process!
Donald explained that he had a little difficulty with Monday’s Forgiveness Affirmation, but he persisted and by the end of the day he felt he has made great progress in the forgiveness area. When he completed Tuesday and Wednesday he was full of gratitude and excitement. When he believed that miracles were happening in his life, he was very grateful and found it very easy to perform random acts of kindness. Thursday he jotted down all the things he was thankful for. He says that he was totally blown away by all the blessings he had received. He again was eager to perform random acts of kindness.
He helped a senior citizen cross the street when she was having difficulty controlling her wheelchair. He also secretly paid for a young mother and her son’s lunch. Then on Friday he spent time counting all the things he was thankful for this glorious day; his loving wife, two beautiful children; nice home; great career; dependable car, etc. Saturday he did tasks that he had been putting off for days, weeks and/or months and this gave him a real sense of accomplishment and increased self-worth. He began looking forward to Sunday when he took a well earned rest. He took the family to the park and they had a picnic. He said it had been years since they had that much fun.
They discovered different trees, flowers, rocks, etc. This gave the family a real sense of bonding. He reported back that not only did he feel better about himself, family, job and everything but people came up to him and asked him what medication he was on! He just smiled and handed them a copy of the The ‘Happy’ Week Affirmation Process from Monday to Sunday and said, “See for yourself.” Even his wife called and remarked how happy and enthusiastic Donald had been lately and she is now doing The “Happy’ Week Affirmation Process as well and expecting miracles in her life!
As Donald explained to me, at first he thought it was too much work or rather silly and that it would not work, but as he had heard and read about the power of the spoken word, Affirmations, he was willing to give it a whirl. After all, he said with a grin,” What did I have to lose?” Well I found out–I lost my anger, frustration, low self-esteem and gained a whole new respect from everyone –myself included. And, “Oh yes,” he continued “and just yesterday a miracle did happen. I got a raise! What is especially interesting is that I got the raise at a time when no one else did and the company was in fact cutting back!
 Why It worked for Donald
This process can and does work for every single one of us, when we understand it, focus upon it and use it. Affirmations work within the Law of Attraction which states–“More gathers more; like attracts like; what you think about you bring about; what you are seeking is seeking you, and more. This law like all other natural laws of the great Universe is no respecter of person and reacts to every person the same. You become what you predominately think about! This law is always turned on; in fact you cannot turn it off. Donald used all of the 5 Building Blocks of the Affirmation Process that I teach in my Affirmation books, writings, columns, etc.  which made it particularly powerful for him.
Written by Peter Kimber  . . . Today is Saturday, July 14th, 2007 and I am enjoying a Bar-B-Que with my family. Why is this so unusual and important to me? Well just 129 days ago I was sitting in a prison in Mexico, accused of a crime that I did not commit. I was in jail with absolutely no hope of ever being released and seeing my family again.
Back to the beginning of my story. One day in October 2006 my daughter Jessica called me on the phone in prison (the one that they have for prisoners) and said, “Dad I spoke to a psychic lady today and she is going to get you out of jail. She is a friend of Bobby’s and she knows John Kennedy and she is going to get help from him. Now where I was sitting in jail and all sorts of strange thoughts ran through my mind. “Oh no,” I thought —Now I am going to be released by a dead man, thinking she was speaking about the late President Kennedy!
Also my best buddy Bobby has been known to be a trickster for years so I thought he was pulling yet another trick on me. So you can imagine how I felt, trying to believe but then again thinking how utterly impossible this situation was. Then when I spoke with you on the phone, Dr. Evers and found out that you were not a psychic, but a kind, loving, intuitive and caring Minister and Doctor of Divinity, I started to really believe that this was for real. Then I spoke to you and John Kennedy on many three-way phone calls from the prison.
As you know after being in prison for three and one half years, I was just released only 129 days after your meeting with my daughters Julie and Jessica. Often I think what would have happened to me if my daughters had not met you at that Women’s Show in Abbotsford, BC and told you that their wish was that I came home from prison. I know that if you had not taken responsibility, and moved out of your comfort zone and also asked your Prayer/Affirmation Partners worldwide to join in with you and affirm for me — “Protection, healing and immediate release” for me, I would still be rotting in that prison in Mexico without any hope of ever being released. And I am also grateful to John Kennedy who also worked very diligently on my behalf.
When people question, “Do Affirmations Really  work??? I say, “You bet they do and they certainly and miraculously worked for me! I am here today with my family and friends and I am forever grateful. After receiving the copy of your book Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness that you mailed me in prison, I did as you suggested and started with a small Affirmation first. I affirmed that I have a lobster and shortly thereafter some visitors brought me 5 lobsters!
Well that worked x 5 and increased my faith to then start affirming for the ‘Big Affirmation,’ my protection while in prison, healing and quick release. I was even teaching Affirmations to fellow prisoners and some of them are very interested in learning about them and also reading your book. I think you are working on getting your book translated into Spanish and I know  people in the jail that after reading your book and learning about Affirmations are excited to teach Affirmations to other prisoners, etc.
With heartfelt thanks and with Respect and Love, Peter Kimber, former Mexican Prisoner
.  .  .  We have been selling Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness by author Anne Marie Evers  for nearly five years. It is our best-selling book and has been for over two years. This wonderful book has become very popular by word of mouth; it helps that she makers frequent appearances on television and radio, both locally and internationally. In addition we also carry other of her products including The Cards of Life–all good sellers our shop. I wholeheartedly recommend that every store carry these helpful books and products. Donna King, Owner
.  .  .  The book ‘Affirmations’ by Anne Marie Evers (Your Passport to Happiness) is one of our most popular books. Anne Marie Evers, our local internationally known North Shore Author, teaches in her book interesting, easy, effective method of doing Affirmations. As my book store is interested in uplifting and helping our customers, some of which are members of AA. ALNON, SARA and other groups, I am most pleased to feature Anne Marie’s book.
It shows our customers and readers exactly how to attain self-love, teaches exercises of forgiveness and how to live happier, more productive and fulfilled lives through the proper use of Affirmations. A large section of her book is devoted to how to rid one’s self of unwanted habits i.e. Smoking; Drinking; Gambling, Drug Addiction and much more.
.  .  .  Anne Marie Evers’ book on ‘Affirmations’ is definitely the ‘best book’ on Affirmations that I have ever read. It is very well organized and has easily understood step-by-step procedures, sample ‘Affirmations’ and effective exercises in forgiving, releasing, loving and much more so the reader knows exactly what to do to bring about positive changes in their lives. It is ‘my best-selling book’ and many of my associates as well as myself have followed the book’s procedures, Affirmations and suggestions and have experienced outstanding results.
Anne Marie Evers is a self-publisher, who says one of her most rewarding forms of advertising is ‘word of mouth.’ The popularity of this ‘book is evidenced by the fact that my customers keep coming back to purchase additional copies for their friends and relatives. Recently one of my customers purchased a ‘book’ and called back the same day asking me to put away additional copies for her friends. One of my favourite parts of Anne Marie’s book is her own ‘Affirmation’ which she repeats numerous times throughout the ‘book’ –AFFIRMATIONS WHEN PROPERLY DONE ALWAYS WORK!
.  .  .  Want to know just about everything there is to now about Affirmations and how to use them effectively? Here’s the key. In a simple, chatty, easy-to-understand way, the author Anne Marie Evers teaches about what Affirmations are and the steps to take to make them work for you. She tailors a program for just about everything imaginable, relationships, travel, retirement, weight control drug addiction, empty nest  syndrome, nicotine habits, rejection, sports, temper, money, worry, fear, forgiveness, health, and much more.
I don’t think she missed anything. Lots of stories are given and testimonials from people who have tried her methods with great success. Whatever you are trying to manifest in your life, there will be some ideas in this book to help out. To purchase the book go to www.annemarieevers.com
.  .  .  Author Anne Marie Evers has taken a different approach to market her self-published work, the Internet. Her self help book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is featured on the Internet. “I have and am selling books all over the world she said, it has been wonderful . Affirmations few out of personal counseling practice after clients and friends advised her to put her techniques on paper. Evers is featured on many radio shows both in Vancouver, Bellingham and other areas. She also builds her readership through ‘Ask Anne Marie column  featured in a local weekly newspaper.  Author’s advice is to go after your dream!
BERKANA BOOKS  — Expect a Miracle!
.  .  .  Imagine having a tool for obtaining whatever you wanted in life. Anne Marie Evers has produced just that, with her book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness. Based on Universal laws and Ever’s Personal Contract Affirmation Method, this book enables and inspires individuals to take control of their lives and realize their full  potential. There are Affirmations  . . . and there are Affirmations. If they never worked for you before, this book will tell you why and how you how to do positive, precisely-worded affirmations guaranteed to generate results.
Affirmations is filled with practical exercises, inspiring anecdotes, case histories and easy-to-follow instructions on how to change your life — whether you are looking for a new job, having problems in your relationship, trying to overcome a phobia or coping with low self-esteem issues, this book will show you how to obtain the results you desire. Evers explains the importance of forgiveness in the fulfilment of one’s dreams and shows readers how to release old resentment and work with their subconscious minds in order to guarantee success. If you feel you are falling short of your full potential or you have lost control over your life this book Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness will put you powerfully back on track!
.  .  .  This is the first time I have ever written a letter to anyone connected to any book or reading I have come across over the years of my journey for spiritual growth. I assure  you the list of material I have worked through numbers in the hundreds. When I was in my thirties I knew I had to find a new way of life in order to maximize the quality of the time I have on this earth, and to ensure that my life choices would not shorten that time.
The work I have done has been extensive. The growth I have experienced has to be phenomenal. The progress I have made in the past seven years has quadrupled the distance I have travelled compared to the previous thirty years. Now, I am at a point where connection with my Higher Power and strengthening that connection is a every day occurrence. While I have a lifetime of work ahead of me, my everyday challenges are secondary to the joy and peace I have discovered.
I want to tell you that the real catalyst for growth over the past several months has been my connection to you. It was through my first reading with you and the subsequent purchase of your Affirmation book that has really cemented my foundation for a wonderful life. You, and my re-affirmation of my belief in God have been the catalyst I needed to take my life to that level of peace, balance, security and calmness that I have never experienced before. Your book I refer to is entitled Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness. Over the years most of the books I have read have referred to the powerful strength of Affirmations.
I have used Affirmations as a tool to raise my level of self- esteem, reduce my level of fear, build confidence in myself and my children and to quit smoking after 27 years, but never have I found a book so magical as yours. Both my career and home life have been extremely challenging in the past months. There have been numerous occasions where I have felt totally overwhelmed and I was continually struggling to find a solution.
There were numerous occasions that I felt there was no solution and that I had no control over the situation and maybe I would not be able to rise about the chaos. One day when I feel like I really could not take anymore, I remembered your book which was sitting in amongst all of my other resource books that I have sitting beside my bed. I picked up your book remembering my Mother’s words, When I really needed something that need was provided. For the first time it was clear to me that my Higher Power wanted me to see something in your book. I picked the book up and just arbitrarily opened it up There right in front of me was The Angel Letter Method for dealing with difficult people in your life.
After reading the Angel Letter Method and the recommended process of making this Angel Letter work, I decided I had nothing to lose. It was Sunday morning and the kids were all busy doing some something and I thought let’s give it a go and see what happens. I wrote The Angel Letter out 15 times on individual pieces of paper as recommended. I read them all fifteen times as recommended. I folded one of the Angel Letters so that the words faced outward. (I thought this would help the words to connect with the Universe rather than have them facing inward and bouncing off of each other).
I placed this Angel Letter in my wallet. The remaining 14 I took to the fireplace. I asked the children to leave the family room as I need some space. I then proceed to burn them in the fireplace. As I did I thought about my Angel connecting with the other Angel and that I was now leaving my situation up to the Universe. Funnily enough I had a heck of time getting the papers to burn. I believe it was because there was so much negative energy that I had to be very determined that this is what I wanted to do and that I was accepting that whatever the outcome, that it would be to the best of all parties concerned.  believe it would be to the best of ALL parties concerned.
Within 3 days the unsolicited solution came. I was prepared to allow things to go as they may and give control of the situation to the Universe. Since that day I have not looked back. I used the same Affirmation for my career challenge. While this time I was  dealing with Corporations, individuals and incredibly powerful circumstances, I let go of the need to try to control outcomes and allowed the Universe to provide the solutions. The solutions took a little longer to unfold. Three months, but I saw changes occurring immediately. It has been incredible, absolutely incredible, I no longer feel the anxiety or the level of stress that I have been consumed by for so long.
Your book provides a step-by-step approach of making things happen. It is like a recipe book. If one needed an increase in finances, there are Affirmations for money; if one needs to lose weight there are Affirmations for weight control; I f one needs to forgive, there are Affirmations for forgiveness. I emphasis the word NEEDS because I truly believe that in order for an Affirmation to work, one truly has to have a need. The Higher Power cannot be fooled. The Universe will not supply through Affirmations to fulfill  greed.
Affirmations are to connect needs with solutions to the best of all parities concerned. I have now selected two other Affirmations that I am currently working on to provide peace and balance in a couple of other areas. I have to admit that I am not doing these seven times in the morning and seven times at night but I do constantly say them as I think of them and notice the difference regardless. I often think to myself WO W!!  If I was really doing the process with due diligence the results would be astronomical! Thank you for connecting with me. Thank  you for writing your awesome Recipe Book for a wonderful life. T\hank you for ALL you have done for me. I can’t even put into words how much you and your book has guided and helped me and for this I will be forever grateful!  Debbie R. E. a TRUE BELIEVER!
Do Affirmations work! You Bet They DO!  Just ask Cindy
.  .  .  Several weeks ago I received a letter that my small business was going to be audited. I panicked when I got this letter and went on line to see comments from other people and some reports were that I could have them at my office for 3 days doing investigation, it cost them a lot of money etc. etc. But then I remembered about Affirmations. I decided to make a Master Affirmation  as follows “The audit on my business is easy, fast to my benefit and also to the good of all people concerned.” Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Then I wrote on the bottom of it my acceptance statement, “I fully accept this Affirmation,” and dated and signed it. Guess what IT WORKED! The audit was quick only a couple of hours and the person left giving me a nice credit and told me everything was in order. I have to say that when I started to do my Affirmations I started to feel more calm and the panic vanished. I was completely sure that everything was going to be fine with this situation. AFFIRMATONS WORK I want to thank you very much. The presence of you in my life is a miracle and I always teach my family, friends and relatives in my country  Peru about living with Affirmations and it is helping them a lot too. I love you very much. Cindy .P.C
.  .  .  I read about your Affirmations of Wealth in your Affirmations book. I customized the Affirmation to suit my individual situation, signed and dated it. Two days later when I was doing on-line banking I discovered a substantial deposit had been made in my account. This was a result of a tax review that I had requested and  filed for, but I did not expect this money for another few months or ever! Wow Coincidence?? No, I think not! I am now using the Increased Business Master Affirmations from your fabulous book. And you know what?? The sky is the limit. R.T.W.
.  .  .  This is the Master Affirmation that I used to manifest my wonderful car! Please share with others that when you do your Master Affirmation specifically and properly they manifest as affirmed! Like like mine.
                                           Master Affirmation for My Car
I, Judith B deserve and now have purchased a 1993 Ford Escort GT in excellent condition and fully loaded. It safe strong, reliable, attractive, safe and economical. It has A/C and many other options. I own and use it to the good of all concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Signed ___________________________    Dated ________________________
.  .  .  I was feeling a bit of the holiday blues tonight. It could have been something that my brother said about my weight that really hurt me when we were exchanging gifts. It really put a damper on the rest of the evening for me. So just before going to bed I thought I would surf the Internet and try and find something positive to read to make me feel better. I found your website and the Article you wrote on ’64 Tips for Having a Happy Christmas No Matter What.’ I have to say it made me feel better and before Christmas next year, I will certainly read tit again. I printed it off and have it in my Positive Loose Leaf Binder. Thank you Anne Marie for helping me. Josephina
.  .  .  I love sailing and did not want to depend on friends to do it. I really wanted to have my own boat and sail whenever I wanted to. I began doing Affirmations for a sailboat about four months ago the way it says in the book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness. Every morning I did m Affirmations faithfully. Then my partner decided that he too, wanted to sail and suggested we put our resources together and purchase one. Since I could not do it alone this was the perfect solution. We now own a brand new 26′ Sailboat and are realizing our dream of sailing every weekend and we are doing it together! Jeanne M.
.  .  .  We wish to thank you, Anne Marie for your love and affection bestowed on us on our recent Cruise.  Also thank you for the precious gift of the book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness. We learned a lot from the book and by the association with you. We pray and hope for your happiness and many more successes in your noble pursuits. The book is well written and has great potential of making better human beings in this strife torn world. With best regards and love.  Laxman and Baboo  
.  .  .  I love your brand new Affirmation Toolbox Book! I did Affirmations—the Abbreviation Process and boy did it work! I am NOW a Believer! Much gratitude, Louisa
.  .  .  When I read about your experience with Affirmations and how you describe the principles/examples in your book, Affirmations Your Passport ot Happiness it’s like looking into a mirror and seeing a wonderful reflection. Keep Shinning! I, too have been absorbed/dedicated in the work of empowering others, helping, serving and sharing with them the wonderful power of the subconscious mind as well as working with affirmations. Vince M.
 .  .  .  Dear Anne Marie.   I love your book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness and even if I didn’t believe in the power of Affirmations, I know saying those nice, positive things to myself a few times a day cannot help but put me in a good mood! A happy reader
.  .  .  Thank you for your book which I just received. Your book on Affirmations is excellent and I can relate to its deepest and terrific insight into the human mnd. Even one sentence could leave me p;pondering for hours. You have also put in examples of many different affirmations which everyone should use. I lent my book to a friend a few months back, he Read it and gave it to his girlfriend. Then he bought me a new one recently and I must say my friend and is beau have highly praise it. Thank you again Brooke
.  .  .  Thank you, Anne Marie so much for sharing your wisdom and your gifts so generously with me. Even just being with you  is so inspiring. You have changed my life with your faith, trust, enthusiasm and teachings. And thank you for the gift of your wonderful book on Affirmations. You have spontaneously and freely offered me so many readings. Here is a little offering in return just as a token of my deep appreciation.
.  .  .  Hi beautiful Anne Marie. I just wanted to let you know how the Cup Emptying Course you teach in your Affirmation book is going. I have been doing the Cup Emptying Method (filling it with water) and visualizing all of my negative thoughts pouring into the cup from my eyes, ears and mouth. When that is complete for that day I take the cup to the sink and dump the water down the drain. When I first started doing it, the imaginary water came pouring out with great force. Now it seems to have just come out in small drips (that’s amazing isn’t it? )I am really enjoying this Exercise and will keep you posted as to the results. I look forward to it every dad. I haven’t even peeked ahead because I like the surprise of every day. Much love Laverne
.  .  .  “Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness” by Anne Marie Evers is a powerful book that changes lives by focusing on the affirming power of words and images for health, wealth and happiness.
By using simple exercises and specific affirmations, Evers shows readers how to generate money, attract the ideal partner, lose weight, find the perfect career, create vibrant health and overcome fears. She encourages readers to move past negative habits, unhealthy relationships and personal limitations to fulfill their highest potential. For myself, this book opened up a floodgate of possibilities that I had never been open to before.
In “Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness”, Evers describes how thoughts work and encourages others to examine their thoughts. Although thoughts can be stimulated by outside influences, Evers believes that it is the individual’s own mental and emotional reactions to these stimuli that create beliefs, concepts and, eventually, their reality.
When you think of yourself as a victim of circumstance, you are narrowing your focus. You could miss out on blessings all around you,” she writes in her book. “Never allow negative thoughts of others to keep you from fulfilling your desire. Let others who choose to be negative live their lives as they wish. You cannot change others, but you can change how you view them and thus change your feelings about them. Often that person will sense the change in you and undergo change as well,”
As an example of how powerful the mind is, Evers mentions the placebo effect. She writes about an American study where one hundred people with an illness received a sugar pill. They were told that the pill contained a powerful new medicine that would cure them. As a result of taking the sugar pill, one-third of the patients got better! The only reason behind their miraculous recovery was that those people believed they were going to get better.
“The subconscious mind sent biochemical messages to their bodies that told the healing process to go full speed ahead, and it did. They were brought back to 100% health. Trigger by their doctor’s suggestion that they were receiving a new cure, they unknowingly tapped into their subconscious minds to unleash the potent healing ability of their own bodies,” she wrote.
Alberta born Evers has worked in the personal growth field for many years, teaching others about the power of affirmations, creative visualization, reflexology, meditation and yoga. Today, she receives letters and testimonials from readers all over the world that have been touched by her book.
As a freelance columnist and writer who lectures and conducts workshops in related subjects, Evers is quickly spreading the word about the life-changing power of affirmations.  J.S.
.  .  .  “Whenever Anne Marie appears as a guest on my show, I get numerous phone calls and letters from viewers saying how her teachings on affirmations have transformed their lives and given them the tools and confidence to go out and do something,” wrote David Ingram, host of The David Ingram Show on Channel 4, North Vancouver B.C.
.  .  .  After I read Evers’ book, I carried it around with me for weeks to show friends and family affirmations that might be of help. I created affirmations of my own and am looking forward to seeing what results. if you are ready for a positive change in your life, pick up this little green book and visit Evers’ web site at http://www.annemarieevers.com . Then prepare to lead a truly wonderful life.  W.S.
  I was Skeptical about Affirmations, but now I am a BELIEVER!
.  .  . I started doing Affirmations here in Mount Currie awhile ago. Your Book on Affirmations has help me achieve every goal and wish that I ordered up. I was very skeptical at first but thought I have nothing to lose and everything to gain so I went for it. The results are unbelievable! My friends and family are very impressed and rather shocked at how far I have gone in life using Affirmations. I am so very eager to share Affirmations with everybody who asks about it or who is interested. Warm Regards Rose Marie
                                             Review from Chris Mary E. Whistler
.  .  .  In a recent televised show Dr. Evers mentioned that her books were for sale on amazon so I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about this very special book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness. For want of a better word, I would like to call it, ‘My Tool Box Book’ which is easy reading for all ages.  At some period during our lives we all have problems (challenges) to solve whether it is asking for help obtaining money; good health; relationships; careers; good grades at school; more friends;  etc.
Over the past 8 years raising and teaching my children now in their early twenties, I put into practice the powerful information in Dr.Evers first Affirmation book, which I believe was published somewhere in the late l980’s. Now I have her latest Revised Affirmations Book and It has a wealth of Affirmations; goals; methods; exercises; prayers, etc. in a specific and structured way as outlined in her book. When we carry out these instructions the results have always worked for us. I am always so amazed. In fact we seem to use it almost daily for the smooth running of our lives.
It has certainly saved us from the need of a counselor on several occasions. However, there is no cutting corners for Affirmations work in a specifically structured way, and as Evers reminds us, ‘Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work.’ They certainly have for us! If you are at a loss to know how to word your Affirmations you only have to refer to her uplifting and well-written books. I had the great pleasure of meeting and talking with Dr. Anne Marie Evers at one of her book signings at Barnes and Noble in Bellingham a while ago. Never have I met a person with such grace, enthusiasm, excitement and caring as her.
                                I Found What I had been Searching for–for Years!
.  .  .  Affirmations work when done right. For years I have searched for the answers now…. in my life There is was all contained in that little green book on Affirmations by Dr. Anne Marie Evers. It is approximately 300 pages chuck full of ideas, methods, Affirmations, exercises and Affirmation Tools. Thanks to the writings of Dr. Evers and this book, I have been shown a way to bring positive thoughts to children in my classroom, family and myself. We are growing together as we plot, plan and act on our journey.
                  Dear Ms Evers  —-  Affirmations Takes Care of Noisy Neighbors
.  .  .  Just a note to let you know that one of my Affirmations just worked! and I am so excited. In March three youngsters moved into the apartment next door to me. They quickly became a nuisance with their very loud music and constant parties so I started an Affirmation to fix the problem. And of course as you teach, I added the clause, ‘to the good of all parties concerned,’ know that would include me as well. Just three later, I was passing the door of that apartment and saw a notice of eviction for non-payment of rent pasted on the door and within a week they were gone. Now a new family has moved in and only the noise that comes from them is the normal living life sounds! I was very impressed with the power of Affirmations and again Ms Evers I must thank you  for your wonderful Affirmations book, which is my ‘Life Guide!’ Some times I refer to it as. ‘My Recipe for Life Guide!’  Very sincerely Albert King, North Vancouver, BC. Canada
               Shah from Nairobi, Nairoba, Kenya Speaks on Affirmations for Health
.  .  .  Thank you for your wonderful daily Affirmations and for writing your book Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness. I read you book everyday and the information in it is so helpful and doing me so good. I am working with healing Affirmations to heal myself from fatigue which I had for so long. I did the Affirmations process saying my Short Form Affirmation, 100% Healthy me now.’ It is actually working for me. Everyday I feel healthier than the day before. Even my children have become very peaceful by my thoughts. Luv Shah
                           Eddie wins $50,000 using the Affirmation Process
.  .  .  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your website, writings and books on the power of Affirmations. I worked fervently on Prosperity Affirmations a couple of years ago and about 8 months later I won $50,000 on the California Lottery. I am once again doing Affirmations for other things because I, for one, KNOW THEY WORK!  Eddie Coriander, Los Angeles
                               Dear Mrs Evers    Your Affirmations Book is fantastic!
.  .  .  I just received a copy of your book, Affirmations Your  Passport to Happiness and I must say that I have read a good number of books on the subjects of Affirmations and Positive Thinking over the years, but none has been as upbeat and instructional as yours. Keep up the great work! Frances, a grateful reader
                                  Justin knows the importance of Thinking Positively
.  .  .  Thank you for your Affirmation help ,which you so freely gave me over the telephone. Now I know just how important it is to examine our thoughts as you teach. I also know my thoughts are stimulated by my own mental and emotional reaction to those stimuli that create beliefs, concepts and events in my reality. I just love and treasure your Affirmations Book. I ask myself, “How can one book be so powerful?” I feel this is a priceless gift that everyone should read. Your book is so complete and comprehensive.  On the same note–I also believe that human intelligence is similar to an iceberg that has only one-third of it appearing upon the surface and two-thirds that exists below. Much Appreciation Justin
Dear Anne Marie
.  .  .  First of all I want to thank you for writing the book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness. I have treasured it over the past year, not only because it is unique in its approach, but because it is inspiring and most effective. Belinda T.
From Natasha Aldred–Her Experience with Winning Money Using the Big Money to Me Now Method
.  .  .  I met with Anne Marie Evers recently and purchased her book on Prosperity and she gifted me her green book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness. I was very inspired by Anne Marie and her information and thought I am a great manifester of things, manifesting actual cash has always been a bit more a of a challenge for me. (Though I did manage to manifest $4,000 when I was ill for awhile). After meeting Anne Marie, I came home and every morning with my morning cup of tea, I did as she instructed. I  wrote down my Master Affirmation followed by the Big Money to Me Now Method.  I wrote the words BIG  and MONEY in caps as that works better for my subconscious mind. I did this 77 times and I remembered to say it out loud while I was doing it. I was in need of money to self- publish my book, pay for my website and feed me while I finished that work. On Saturday just nine days after meeting Anne Marie and beginning my Affirmations, I went to the IGA with three Super 7 Lottery Tickets. I have been buying lottery tickets for 20 years and only won a maximum of $10.00. Two of the tickets said, “It’s a winner” and the third said, “Please check at the counter.
The first ticket gave me an extra play and the second ticket gave me one $1.00 and when the lady checked the third ticker she said, “You’ve just won $1,000.00! For the first 10 seconds I was shocked and then I smiled and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you to Anne Marie and the Universal Bank. In my book, I promote the concept that we can all create our own future. I know this is just the beginning. Now with my Affirmations changed to VERY BIG MONEY it is now flowing into my bank account. It works! Just do it! Love and Many Blessing and big Thank you’s to Anne Marie. Natasha, happy Affirmations Manifester!
         Dear Editor Seattle Newtimes  – Evelyn’s Appreciation of Article of Affirmations
.  .  .  Thank you thank you, thank you for the article on the Power of Affirmations by author Anne Marie Evers. As I am a very positive person, I have used Affirmations all my life. I now realize that I was not using them to their fullest and highest potential. I also know now after reading her Article that to be effective Affirmations must be more structured, specific and focused. Ms Evers also teaches us to harness and use the power of our 5 physical senses to help us realize our goals. I enjoy your articles, Keep up the good work. Evelyn Peterson, a reader, USA
                 Manifesting from The Skeptic’s Dictionary Robert Todd Carroll
.  .  .  Manifesting is allegedly a way for the average person, without need of paranormal or Divine powers to do magic and perform miracles. All one needs is the will to exercise one’s magic on the Universe. Manifesting is the art of creating what you want at the time your want it says John Payne. The purpose of manifesting is to get what you want by actively making your dreams come true, rather than passively waiting for someone to fulfill your dreams. For example Anne Marie Evers recommends, Affirmations as the best way to manifest one’s desires. She has written a book titled, Affirmation Your Passport to Happiness and many others. Ms Evers writes– What is an Affirmation?  An Affirmation is a declaration of acceptance used to fill oneself with an abundance of freedom, prosperity and peace. An Affirmation is the vehicle of the manifestation of your desires. Affirmations are powerful, positive statements of belief recited consistently out loud and sent out into the Universe. The spoken word drives thought and images deep into both our conscious  and subconscious mind. Slowly, firmly concentrate on each word, phrase and the idea behind it. We all know that repetition is the Mother of Learning, According to Ms Evers the first step to getting what you want is to ‘Prepare the soil of your subconscious mind by forgiving everyone and everything that has EVER hurt  you then forgive yourself.
 Dear Anne Marie  Sheila &  Dave use Affirmations and the Mustard Seed to Purchase Their Dream Cabin & Property
.  .  .  You know it is so true; all you need is the faith of the size of a mustard seed. When I wrote you about my Affirmations to locate and purchase our dream cabin, it was blocked somewhat. We wanted a nicely slopped treed lot on a waterfront lake in the Caribou. Every trip we took we looked at cabins, which resulted in disappointment. I knew my affirmation was what we wanted but I allowed my negative thoughts and/or beliefs to shadow it. When I wrote to you for guidance and you responded with the story of the mustard seed, I took this situation with a more relaxed, and open mind and we knew that this really was going to happen.
On the long weekend we went camping to our favourite lake. Acting on a rumor that a lady was thinking of selling her place, we looked her up and inquired about her property. When we arrived at the place (the place had seen over and over in my visualization when I did my Affirmations Meditations), I had a very emotional experience. I knew that my Affirmation came true. We bought it at a price that was to the good of all. It is now ours! thank you, thank you, Thank you! Special Blessings from Sheila and Dave, True Believers in YOU, your books, writings and the power of Affirmations.
            Affirmations Manifested Dining Room Set and Dingy For Lorraine, USA
.  .  .  I just had to write to you Anne Marie and tell you the  most exciting news that has happened to me from doing my affirmations. In August we bought our house due to doing Affirmations. When we were buying a fridge we found a dining room set we liked. I put a picture and an affirmation of it in my Affirmations Wish Book that you encouraged me to create. I really loved that set. I had been to the store three times and checked another store for manufacturers, as I wanted to find out if another store sold this particular set.  It was one of a kind and came from Florida so no one  else had the set that I had a dream about it the night before. I told the owner about my dream. He said, “I can make your dream come true!” At this point we were not in the market to buy a dining room set. He asked me to make an offer and I made him a ridiculous offer, but it was all that we could afford to spend. He was renovating his store and because he had bought the set from another store that was going out of business he was able to sell it to us below wholesale price.
I was ecstatic The next day this beautiful original dining room set was in my home just as I had affirmed and visualized. Another affirmation that I did was that my husband needed an inflatable dingy and I put it into my Affirmation Wish book and then I did my affirmations. I watched the newspapers every day. Rarely does one see an ad for this type of item on a bulletin board, but here it was. It was perfect, and right size, which is hard to find and the right brand name. My husband was so happy. We felt for Valentine’s Day we each got what we wanted. I tell all my friends about my beautiful dining room set and how affirmations really do work. The knowledge of the Affirmation Process is a great gift that keeps on giving. Thank you for sharing this incredible knowledge.
               Dear Anne Marie — Cup Emptying Exercise Works for this Reader
.  .  .  Just had to write to you to let you know how I was getting on after trying your method of tipping out a cup of water every morning for a week. As you know I had been seeing a married man for ten years and although I have known for some time that the relationship could not carry on in the same way, I was having a terrible time making any kind of break as I loved him. I tipped out a cup of water for a week and let go of my emotional bond to him. The first day I got butterflies in my stomach and did not want to do t it but I persisted. 
By the end of the week, it had worked! I saw him in a different light. Gone were the rose coloured spectacles and that bond. We are still good friends, so he is in life still but on different ground. Since I made the break my energy has changed and I have received more attention from men than I have in the past ten years. It is great! Thank you so much, you came into my life for a purpose and I hope you will stay in it. Finally I just wanted to add that I was really scared of letting go as I really did feel that he was the one and only love of my life. In one short month I have found out that I was so wrong. There is so much out there that I was missing because of my relationship with him. Once again, many thanks, Anne Marie. Enjoy Life  . . . Name Withheld.



  1. lyndilu
    May 4, 2012 @ 11:47 pm

    I love “Your Affirmations Toolbox” which I purchased 2 weeks ago. You have that when you do the “Abbreviation Short Form Affirmation x 77 Times” you have wonderful results. Would I write the affirmations once or write them for 21 days? Thank you.

    • admin
      June 30, 2012 @ 1:28 am

      Hello Lyngora
      I am delighted that you love my Affirmation Toolbox book. As for your question, I do the Abbreviation Short Form Affirmations 77 times daily (for at least a minimum of 21 days) or until they manifest for me. When you jot down your abbreviation 77 times you can scribble it as long as you are saying your Abbreviation Short Form Affirmation out loud! I get a small notebook and write the Master Affirmation at the top of the page. I do this so my subconscious mind sees and takes in those words and then I scribble the abbreviation under it. I usually make 4 columns, numbering the 1st column 1-20. So when that column is filled up, I go on to the next one, and so on. I know when I have completed 4 columns of 20 I have in actuality done 80 Affirmatons. This takes care of the one or two that I may have missed or I have one or two more than the required amount. This really is a powerful method of affirming your wishes.

      Also I now have a brand new book, Affirmation Beauty Book out. It is available on http://www.amazon.com in both physical form and e-book.
      Please let me know how Affirmations are working for you and share your miracles with me. With many Affirmation Blessings, Dr. Anne Marie Evers

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