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The following are taken from the Column, ‘Ask Dr. Evers’ – the Violet Ray Magazine

Dr. Evers Business Profile  –  This article talks a bit about Dr. Anne Marie Evers and her great love for people and her accomplishments.

08 MARCH –

The Power of Properly Done Affirmations
Want to learn more about Affirmations? This article talks about the power of properly done Affirmations; the 5 Building Blocks of the Affirmation Program and gives a Sample Master Affirmation for attracting that perfect, lasting, successful career for you.
08 March Ask Dr Evers


The 5-Step Manifestation Process
Is there anything you wish to manifest in your life? This article shares information on the 5 Step Manifestation Process and gives a Sample Master Affirmation to manifest money in your life starting right here and right now!
08 June Ask Dr Evers


The Power of Real Forgiveness
Do you have a forgiveness challenge? This article is written about the power of forgiveness and shares one of the proven, simple yet powerful Affirmation Tools – The Cup Emptying Forgiveness Exercise.
08 Aug Ask Dr Evers

Finding That Special Love Person to Share Your Life
Are you in search of that special, loving, romantic relationship/marriage? Have you tried most everything? This article shares some interesting information and also a step-by-step process to follow to manifest your desire. It provides you with a ‘Man/Woman Menu’ setting out 5 important steps.
08 Oct Ask Dr Evers

The Workings of Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind
This talks about using your conscious and subconscious mind to create money in your life, giving you a sample Master Affirmation to follow. Get the money consciousness now and always money circulating in your life!
08 Dec Ask Dr Evers

Hints, Ideas and Affirmation Tools to Enhance Your Health
Are you struggling with health issues? This Happy New Year article describes the ABC’s of Health, Permission Slip to be h\Healthy and the 1% solution for attaining radiant health and well-being. A great way to start any New Year!
09 Feb Ask Dr Evers

09 MAY
Being Laid-Off is N O T the End, Only a Brand New Beginning
Are you discouraged? After working hard for many years for a company and being a part of their team – you got laid off! There is life after being laid off. This article could prove very helpful to you. It shares some information about Career Searching and some important ideas and hints with you. It also talks about The Search; Your Resume; the Day Before the Interview; The Interview and taking positive creative action. Be original and interesting—stand out in the crowd!
09 May Ask Dr Evers


Affirmations are Powerful Tools for You to Use and ENJOY
Making Affirmations Work! Are you wondering how to make your Affirmations manifest for you in the quickest time? This article explains the Affirmation Process and gives personal examples of ones that have worked for her.
09 Aug Ask Dr Evers


Have You Ever Wondered Just What an Affirmation is? . . . . .
Everything you ever wanted to know about Affirmations – the 5 W’s – What; Where; Why; When; and Who as well as the How. Learn about the Personal Contract Affirmation Process and exactly how Master Affirmations are created. The proper use of properly done Affirmations can be your Life long handy Tool.
09 Nov Ask Dr Evers


Including the Law of Attraction in y\Your Affirmation Program
This article talks about the Law of Attraction, the importance of regular exercise and Affirmation Tools that help you drop that excess weight from the right places in your body starting right here and right now. The Law of Attraction is always turned on; in fact you cannot turn it off! Also included is a Sample Master Affirmation to use as your guide. Make sure these Sample Master Affirmations resonate with you.
10 Feb Ask Dr Evers

11 MAY

Your Mind is a Very Powerful Tool That is Under Your Control
Have you ever wondered how your mind works? This article talks about using the power of your thoughts, conscious and subconscious mind to create properly done Affirmations that manifest as affirmed. It is important for us to be aware of what we are thinking and the words we are speaking to ourselves and others. We create with every word we speak!
10 May Ask Dr Evers


It May Be Time to Start Improving Your Self-Esteem and Self-Worth!
Are you suffering from low self-esteem and lack of self-love? You may wish to read this article that uses properly done Master Affirmations to gain self-respect and self-approval. Also using your thoughts, mind and Affirmations to create and make your fondest desires manifest right before your eyes!
10 Aug Ask Dr Evers

Have You Always Had a Secret Desire to Look Younger?
Do you wish to look, feel and act years younger? You may find this article very interesting. It shares with the readers how to use thoughts, mind power and Affirmations to make your skin beautiful and youthful.
10 Nov Ask Dr Evers

10 MAY
This Powerful Affirmation Tool Has and is Helping Many Readers and Others to Pass Exams
This article shares with the readers how to use one of the most common Affirmation Tools. This is the Affirmation Tool—
When you wish to remember something (perhaps the answer to a test that you have studied for, do the following)
11 May Ask Dr Evers

11 Aug Ask Dr Evers

Sit quietly, close your eyes —
Clear Your Mind
Clear your mind of all thoughts running through it
In your mind’s eye see yourself searching the files of your mind and locating the one that has written on it Answers to Test #3.”
Retrieve (or Download)
Then see that information that you require to answer the questions on the test downloading into your memory bank. Now it is there for your use any time you need it. Feel very excited as you know that you have studied and know the answers to the questions asked. Then confidently finish writing your test and go on about your day. Live in an attitude of gratitude!