Testimonials & Success Stories

Testimonials and Success Stories

This is a Very Compelling Book Guiding You through Life!

This is a very compelling book guiding you through life. Affirmations are a powerful tool to keep your life on track and headed in a positive direction. This was a great reminder of how to incorporate positive thinking into daily living. Though I read through it, I will keep referring to it as a reference often. Thank you so much! Happy Reader

Definitely a ‘Must’ for Everyone’s Wish List

As a mother, wife and business woman I would like to let you know that I believe this is a very valuable book and should be added to everyone’s book shelf. I discovered this book a number of years ago and have kept it close by for  frequent reference; I see that more information has been added to this latest edition. The Author pinpoints the needs and problems most people come up against in daily living and goes on to advise how to attain or solve them. Her problem solving solutions certainly have and are working for me, personally and also for my children who now own their own copies   . .. We would not want to be without our copies of ‘Affirmations your Passport to Happiness.” Once you purchase this book you will be amazed how frequently you will refer to it. Therefore, I am delighted to see it advertised. And congratulations for sharing it with your public … although so simple they really DO work and as the Author says, “Affirmations when properly done always work!”  and how true that statement is. Anonymous

 Very Timely, Wonderful Information

This book Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is full of proven, simple exercises for improving self-esteem and putting fun and joy back into our lives, as well as anything we may request or need help with. I am a very busy  3rd Grade Teacher. I appreciate the Sample Master and Short Form Affirmations, I have them written and placed on my viewer in my car where I can read them on the way to school and back. I have purchased many copies and given them to my friends. They all love these books! This type of information has a very positive effect on all who read it. It also causes a positive ripple effect as readers put it into use and tell others. I feel that reading and using the information in this book is taking a step which ripples out and affects numerous others in a positive and uplifting manner. My Advice –Purchase your copy of this book today and watch the positive events and ripples begin happening in your life! M. Nistad, Washington State, USA

Most Helpful for Me!

I purchased Affirmations your passport to happiness three months ago.So far all that I have affirmed for has come true. I have contacted the Author Anne Marie Evers and expressed my gratitude. I would love to be a guest ton her  Internet show posted on her website. I recommend this book to everyone. Helped Reader

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Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 8th edition

Whether you know a lot about affirmations or are a newcomer to the field, this book is worth reading. Dr Evers knows her subject. She speaks from experience and testimonials. This is important because if you are a newcomer like me, reading how others have developed the capacity is important. In addition, she is not afraid to bring God into her teaching.
The writing style is clear and to the point. No extravagant, extreme examples; rather they are real and workable. The book teaches how to use affirmations in your daily life. As she says affirmations always work! You just have to follow the steps and believe in what you are doing. I am working with one myself after reading this book. Get ahold of a copy quickly! Eleanor Wint author of Marcus Teaches Us Marcus Teaches Us and retired professor of social work.

Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 8th edition

Whether you know a lot about affirmations or are a newcomer to the field, this book is worth reading. Dr Evers knows her subject. She speaks from experience and testimonials. This is important because if you are a newcomer like me, reading how others have developed the capacity is important. In addition, she is not afraid to bring God into her teaching.
The writing style is clear and to the point. No extravagant, extreme examples; rather they are real and workable. The book teaches how to use affirmations in your daily life. As she says affirmations always work! You just have to follow the steps and believe in what you are doing. I am working with one myself after reading this book. Get ahold of a copy quickly! Eleanor Wint author of Marcus Teaches Us Marcus Teaches Us and retired professor of social work.

Hello Ms Evers –  Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 8th edition

I was looking for a book that would help me understand the power of affirmations and help me implement them into my life. This book did both. I recommend this book for anybody who is looking for the same. The book is easy to read and makes it easy to start integrating affirmations into your life. It’s a great book, and I know you’ll love it! Happy Reader!

Hi Dr. Evers   . . . .  I am very well and I still practise every day being grateful as  you teach. I am trying to teach others about the benefits of  being positive and now much it has changed my life by reading and creating my own affirmations from the samples given in your Affirmation book. I am loving my body the way it is instead of trying to change it and through this I have discovered that I love and respect myself more. I realize I needed to let go in order to receive. My husband and I are happier and we talk about things that upset us and show emotions when they happen. Now I am grateful for the simplest of things, watching a child eat an ice-cream cone, watching a young couple in love, smiling at someone and they smile back and spreading joy and happiness wherever I go. I always remember when saying affirmations like you suggest to use the safety clause , ‘the good of all parties concerned,’ so everyone benefits from being positive.          Melinda C.

G.W. Karate School   – Dear Dr. Evers 

I don’t really now you other than through your books, writings and Radio/internet shows but I feel a connection with you for some reason. You have helped and still are helping many people, including me. Since reading your book and doing affirmations, I have increased my business and am much more successful! Your book is in my office and I like to give it to clients and friends to read. May God keep blessing you as you bless others. Thank You, thank you, thank you.

Dear Dr. Evers

Thank you for being such a positive influence on my life! I love your daily Affirmations that come into my inbox every day. I wish you continued success and the best of everything.  Donald from Washington State.

The Power of Affirmation is so Strong!                                          

To Dear Dr. Anne Marie Evers: I  cannot express enough thanks for the joy and happiness you have brought into my life. You have given me the vision st see all the abundance of life’s realities in each and everyone of us, we ourselves, have the power to manifest the abundance of love and wealth that life has to offer. Through the giving your knowledge of affirmations, the spirit of hope and faith fill my being. The knowledge you have shared, gives me the power to create anything I once could only dreamed of having. The Power is so strong I know I must be careful how I use it, only for the good of man may it be used. Through my affirmations I have achieved self-love and respect. I have lost weight and feel healthy. The prefect job for me, made its path clear to me. The goals I set for myself are now limitless through the power of Affirmations. You have helped me to once again to love myself and to enjoy living. Carolyn Walsh

Thank you, thank you, thank you 2012                                         

Hi Dr. Evers                                                                                      Just a quick note to say hello and to let your know that your book is fantastic and when affirmations are done right, they really really do work! I have purchased several copies of your book for my friends family as I want them to experience the positive things like it has done for me. An example of one affirmation I did was when my husband and I were selling our house. I listed it according ot the real estate agent a llittle on the high side but I felt strongly that we would get within the price range. Along with the affirmation selling the house, I wanted to sell quick . You guessed it! The house sold to the second couple to look at the house. Dr.Evers I’m a very strong believer in what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Having a positive attitude will help you to be well on your way to obtaining your goal Wishing you and all of your readers much success. Love S. Hartly

Just Received! Re: Free Daily Affirmations  2012

Dear Dr. Evers                                                                               Thank you so much! I regularly read your Free Daily Affirmations that I receive in my inbox daily. I thank you so much and I love to read them and I read your emails first and then the other emails. I wanted to convey this to you and I once again thank you for this good work. This has given me more confidence and faith in my results. Thank You so much dear. I love you! Sybil G.

Re: book – Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness  – 2012

This book is such a great learning tool on how to make your life more abundant in every which way. I was asking the Universe for a FREE car and I practised affirming that it was on its way. On Thanksgiving Day I received an email from my aunt asking me if I would like a car that she had in storage. I was thrilled how al ll this manifested so quickly. Do I believe in miracles? Yes I do! I strongly recommend investing in Dr. Evers’ book to learn about Affirmations. They really DO Work!    J.R. Silence                       

October, 2012                                                                                  Dear Dr. Evers                                                                                       I am so happy to have found you, your books and information on the Internet and this e-book. It is really helping me to lighten up on myself. And also it helped me to see and realize that I am human and not expected to know everything about every situation especially in chld- rearing. I am reading it and studying it and will let you know the results. Already I am feeling so much better about me being in the role of parent. Grateful in Niagara Falls, Canada

November 2012    Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is one of the better books I’ve ever read on the power of our thoughts to bring us the life we want. This one lays out very specific steps one can do to incorporate affirmations into our lives. Affirmations are not only the things we want to manifest in our life, they are simply positive thoughts. And considering how many people have trouble stopping the influx of negative thoughts into their minds, learning to properly use Affirmations helps you to learn to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. That alone is worth its weight in gold as far as our well-being goes. Thank you from An Interested Life Learner

In 2012 Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness and More 8th Edition                                                                                                             By Cijaye DePradine – September 21, 2012

Dr. Anne Marie Evers  I was reading through some of your affirmations again today (as I like to do every so often to stay truly inspired) and I had to share one that you sent because I figured everyone should read it. I hope you don’t mind that I do so; here it goes.

 MASTER AFFIRMATION                                                                                                  “I, (your name) regularly ask myself— “How are my thoughts, words, and deeds affecting my family and the people around me?” I change my negative to positive now. I know that success is waiting for me just to call it in. I now accept and live in success, health, love, joy, prosperity and happiness which are all part of my birthright. I am now happy and fulfilled to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

SHORT FORM AFFIMATION                                                                                                “I now attract health, joy, love and happiness into my life right here and right now!”

For more daily affirmations or affirmation books that work (for me) like NOTHING else have ever worked before (apart from the stuff I get from FTR Nation) please visit www.annemarieevers.com  No, I was not asked to do this, nor do I get any commissions or favors for doing so. I just believe so strongly in Anne Marie’s work and just how powerful her affirmations are (because they have helped me tremendously) that I had to make sure I shared some of it.

“Anne Marie is a completely genuine and warm hearted person. She truly cares about her clients and the work she does. I love the way she creates awareness on the subject of affirmations, and how dedicated to people she is. She is talented and creative, and I have several of her books and love them all! I worked with Anne Marie on her Children’s Affirm and Learn Enhancement Program which was taught in a Grade 3 class in Washington State. I found Anne Marie to be receptive, honest, hard working, kind and informative. I am honored to have her in my life and work.”


Just Received August 14, 2012

Hello Anne Marie                                                                                                                  

I have to share this with you, I wrote this affirmation in May, at that point there was no possibility for the current owner of my house to get a loan from the bank to pay me off.
Since then they found someone to lend them money and I will pick up the money at the lawyer tomorrow August 15th. I must confess that I only did this affirmation at the most four time and then forgot about it and we went away for five weeks. That is so amazing but not surprising because all of my affirmations have come through in the past. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. My dear friend I wish you well!  Richard from the Fraser Valley

“Anne Marie Ever’s has been a tremendous guiding light in my life.  Her book has helped me create 2 SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE LIFE ALTERING events that surround relationships and money.  I have absolutely no doubt that Anne Marie is magical!”         February 2, 2006  Cijaye DePradine

This Book is Definitely a Keeper!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .

. . . . Well, well, well, Dr. Anne Marie Evers has done it again. Her 8th edition of Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is more complete than ever. Having met Dr. Evers I know first hand that almost all of her own Affirmations have come to fruition. Though not necessarily in the time frame she expected. Dr. Evers is a very warm hearted person, dedicated and anxious to help those people willing to take her advice seriously to make the process work. I would call this an amazing `Reference Book,’ as her step-by-step process is easy to understand even by young children.                                                                                 Having done the groundwork for the Reader she even provides a large list of personal Master & Short Form Affirmations together with Affirmations Tools and more for almost every life situation. If you are expecting a quick fix this is not the book for you, as participation by the Reader is a must and is the key to achieving success – This book is definitely a keeper!                O.M.V. Lavers


. . .  I purchased Dr. Ever’s Affirmation book years ago and have referred people to it. I find it’s a ‘go to’ book, if your’re looking for a thought for the day, or something uplifting All you need do is hold her book in your hands and open it at a page. As if by magic the perfect message is there. I highly recommend this book to people who are looking to change how they think; get more joy in their life; or acquire something like a partner, home or whatever. Anne Marie Evers is an expert in her field. This is a Highly Recommended Book!  Joyanna Anthony

. . . . . . . My Recipe for Health and Happiness,   April 30, 2012 by Grace Darlene –         

This book Your passport To Happiness” is written by Anne Marie Evers and she is also a riveting speaker on affirmations and sure fire ways to change your life.I have heard her speak in many different cities and her message is always the same: full of love and hope for all. I’ve had some very sad times in my life before I started doing affirmations. Once I purchased her book and read of the power of affirmations that are properly done, my life became better. I used her book as a manual to guide my life. I now have a wonderful husband and we have a new life and home. We ballroom dance and enjoy our lives like never before. I am happy and fulfilled. I always pass her book to my friends, many times purchasing her book as gifts for birthdays and Christmas.Do your family and yourself a favour and purchase this book “Affirmations Your Passport To Happiness”!!!! You will be forever grateful!!!

September, 2009
 . . .  One of the better books I’ve read on the power of our thoughts to bring us the life we want. This one lays out very specific steps one can do to incorporate affirmations into our lives. Affirmations are not only the things we want to manifest in our life, they are simply positive thoughts. And considering how many people have trouble stopping the influx of negative thoughts into their minds, learning to properly use affirmations helps you to learn to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. That alone is worth its weight in gold as far as our well-being goes.Cindy MacFarlane
. . .  Recommend this book for just everyone! Loved it! After reading this book, I truly believe that affirmation can change your life. V.G..
. . .  Brilliant guide book to create your life by! A.P.

. . .  Simply the Best,   April 22, 2012 by Ricden     

Affirmations your passport to happiness has been my guiding light for many years, every affirmation that I have properly done have worked, Affirmations your passport to happiness is an easy book to read and understand for everyone I strongly recommended it. Affirmations when properly done always work! It will change your life.

. . .  This Affirmation Book ‘Proven Key to Success’ in Every Area of Life      
Dr. Evers, the information in your Affirmation Books, Writings, Radio/Internet Shows, Articles, etc. is the proven key to success in every area of life. We normally think about what we talk about and it is easier to control our speech than our thoughts. That is one of the reasons that they book is so invaluable. This book in your hands is the lever that can and will move your world. R. E.

. . . Inspiration on every page!        April 14, 2012 by carole matthews                

Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 8th edition

Anne Marie Evers . . .  just want to take a moment to encourage people to buy this amazing book Affirmations…Your Passport to Happiness! Listeners to my radio shows praise the book each time I have you on as my regular guest! Positive feedback is always inspiring to we who share our gifts with others and your book and websites are a bright light to many people! Keep up the good work Anne Marie, you are a true blessing to all who come in contact with you, whether on our shows or your inviting Angel Chapel and your tireless meetings with people! God Bless! Carole Matthews Intuitive Medium and Radio host

. . .   Wow! Where do I start..this is the most fantastic book of Affirmations. It’s easy to read and very uplifting. I have used Anne marie’s techniques for many years and believe me they work! Even my teenage daughters love her books. We all love the ‘magic magnetic’ circle and I have to say that everything that I put on my board appears in my lap! This includes my diamond ring, luxury cruises and many many other family vacations! When my daughters were younger I had a box of affirmation cards that I had made with the help of Annemarie’s book ‘Passport to Happiness’ and I tell you they brought a lot of harmony in my life! All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!  Karen S.

. . .   I love the 8th edition of Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness!
I love the 8th edition of the Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness. This book gave me great tools and techniques to put my affirmations into action. I learned that affirmations always work when they are properly done. I have seen amazing results in my life after applying Dr Ever’s easy to follow steps. I highly recommend this book to attract the things you truly desire in your life. Dr. Love, Mission BC
.   .   .  Many years ago I picked up the original passport to happiness at a used book store.I was intrigued with the content, and began to do some of the affirmations that I needed at that time in my life. Plus I wanted to see if they actually worked and to my surprise….THEY DID! Two years later I met the author Anne-Marie, and was delighted! Not only did she have a vivacious and contagious spirit, but she was passionate in helping others attain their goals… She personally made the time to help create an affirmation board to generate money in a quest to build a free-standing hospice…..With Anne-Marie’s help it went from a” dream” to reality….”             Crossroads Hospice” is now operating as a ten bed beautiful free-standing much needed hospice in the Coquitlam area. What I can tell everyone who is reading this??? I can tell you that happiness is an INSIDE job… and Anne-Marie has made it possible for everyone to attain that with this comprehensive, easy to follow guide (Affirmations your Passport to Happiness)…..
This book helps put you in control of your life.. It is nutrition for your mind….There are many, many books on the market, but not many are in the 8th addition. This newest edition has even more pearls of wisdom than the last edition.. I  am proud to gift my friends with this book, because I know it covers every issue any of us have had, and it works.. plain and simple….Thank you, thank you, thank you.. Anne-Marie……you are truly a gift.. a lighthouse to guide the way for others…..xox    Deborra G.

 . . .   Another one! Well, I’m not surprised. Anne Marie has inspired me with her “aspirations” for a number of years. I own three of her past publications and I have now read her latest. Affirmations taken from “Your Passport to Happiness” have helped me in my work, my relationships with family and friends, sports, and my Higher Power. I lost my Dad in 2011, a man I deeply loved. We had wonderful times together and I was lucky – he was on this earth for 89 years. I also lost my black lab in 2011. She was a beautiful animal and brought great joy and companionship to my life. Again I was lucky – we had her for fourteen and a half years. What helped me through these tough times were Anne Marie’s Affirmations on death. Anne Marie’s affirmations helped me through my day. I was initially hesitant to get involved with affirmations but as I did and started using them my life changed for the better. “Affirmations, Your Passport to Happiness – 8th edition” is worth every penny. Be kind to yourself. Buy yourself a copy.  How blessed I have been to find Anne Marie Evers. M. Wright

. . .  I met Anne Marie Evers 17 years ago and i feel very blessed to know such a wonderful human being !! I feel that anyone that reads this book and applies the golden nuggets of info that Anne shares will be truly amazed indeed at how your dreams come true right in front of your eyes . It may take 3 weeks , 3 months but your beautiful life will unfold in a magical way . Amazing Book , Amazing lady !!!! Kathy Pesklewis

. . .  I have been doing Affirmations from Anne Marie’s first and 8th edition book. Your Passport to Happiness. All of her books share with the reader the perfect,successful way to write an affirmation for whatever you desire as well as forgiveness, thoughts, mind power, creative visualization and a whole lot more. I have kept a loose leaf binder of the tools from Anne Marie’s book that resulted in success. Such as meeting the perfect man for me,immigrating to the U.S, remodeling my kitchen and bathroom, overcoming my fear of sailing.and having a successful cancer operation and many more.

Anne Marie is a counsellor. She provides the tools in her book to use in your various problems and challenges. She gives advice from her heart and wisdom with unconditional love to all, not expecting anything in return. I highly recommend this great book to my friends and to any person wishing to improve his or her life. Deep heartfelt thanks. Caroline

. . . This book is a real gem. Whatever your path in life, whatever you are dealing with, Anne Marie has an affirmation that will help turn problems into solutions, doubt into certainty, sadness to happiness and despair into hope. I have personally known Anne Marie for many years. I have seen the marvellous work she has done with people from all walks of life, and the positive transformations she has helped them make. This is a book to keep handy and refer to in any challenging situation. It comes from a big heart, and that’s where most of life’s challenges can be answered. L. Evans

. . . Really did enjoy this book and many of the different techniques she teaches on the art of affirmations and finding which one works for you and your need. I would recommend this for she does have some things that I had not seen elsewhere. B. Schmidt
. . .   A very Special Book !
Anything produced by Anne Marie Evers is guaranteed to lift your heart and make you feel better – and this book is no exception. Filled with inspiring stories, timeless wisdom and lovingly-worded affirmations for all situations, it’s an emotional ‘first-aid kit’ that helps you to create magic in your relationships, finances, career or health. It’s practical, positive and simple to use. Highly recommended as an all-round happiness tonic. Olga S.
. . .  Affirm & Prosper
This book is simple to read, yet it is a powerhouse of support for the “can-do” creative mind. For the stalled, stuck, doubtful, defeated, or fence-sitting mind, it offers the simple reminder that we, as authors of our own consciousness, can always rewrite the inner script. For all, this book provides simple tools to tap the abundance that lies in wait for discovery. We create in each breath we take. We can create even more when we set deliberate intention. Covering every subject matter imaginable, this book helps the reader to sharpen the focus on their desired specifics. Congratulations Dr. Evers for this wonderful self help tool. Bright blessings on your work, Rose Marcus.
.  .  .  Enlightening Book!
I was bumbling along through life as most of us are, when a dear friend gave me a copy of Affirmations, Passport to Happiness. Quite simply it changed my life. It gave me clarity and meaning and showed me in detail how to have the life I want. The affirmations are simple and easy to do. When I lost my husband, the affirmations for grief and loss got me through my toughest times, and helped me let go. I now have a renewed purpose and faith in life. Affirmations done properly work. Lillie C.
. . .  Top Notch!
Anne Marie ‘s Books are by far one of the most helpful and easy books to get you through your day and life .. her intention to make affirmations easy and effortless is accomplished in her book.. I myself use them on a daily basis and have always had great success in achieving my desires .. This is one book that you want to have on your table for EVERYONE to read she has heart , love and tremendous integrity with what she does. Cameron Steele owner of Contact Talk Radio
. . . This Book Changed My Life!
Affirmations Your Passport To Happiness is one of those books that should be in everyone’s collection. It is a rare treasure for all ages. All you have to do is follow the simple steps and voila! You will be on your way to creating a wonderful life that you’ve always dreamed of. Dr. Evers is an author that speaks to the heart. Her writing is clear and precise and every word is like an impressionable footprint towards your greatest self. My life has changed since I’ve read this book and I highly recommend purchasing it for yourself and a friend. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving… “Affirmations done properly always work!” Affirmations Your Passport For Happiness will give you a lifetime journey of joy, peace and abundance! Thank you Dr. Evers for your infinite wisdom. Jody S.
. . .   10 STARS FOR A POWER BOOK    2011                                                           
How can a small book be so powerful? I got 1/2 way through and jumped into doing my affirmations and let me tell you what power! In weeks a few of my affirmations manifested. It is like all things — if you do it, even for 5 minutes it works. If not, you are missing out. I’ve read similar books and sometimes the affirmations were consuming. I admit I wrote long ones using this book, but you’ll  find yourself trimming as your subconscious mind will guide you. She teaches you a short form to do the Affirmations and man are they powerful! You will find yourself repeating them as you work and drive,  (great wealth, increased clients, net$X amount per month.) This book is true proof that our reality is nothing more than a reflection of our thoughts (our subconscious thoughts). Affirmations help to program our deepest thoughts. It is like hypnotherapy without the cost. Just put in the time and keep it a secret. Don’t blabber mouth what you are doing. Read Wayne Dyer, he talks about this. People will start to see your manifestation. You can inspire and teach others about affirmations but there is no need to brag about yours. Let the manifestation of your dreams do that for you.

No magic here–Affirmations are time-honored, time-tested, true as gold facts of life. If you are a Christian  you will find many affirmations in the bible They aren’t  called that. We sometimes call them prayers yet think about it–don’t they help to manifest our  desires by repeating and believing? I like to think of affirmations as my personal way to connect to God. So what if you don’t believe in a higher force (it would be great if you did, but if you don’t buy the book.)The author does not come across as preachy. She gives you practical tools to write out exactly what you want–goals dreams, etc. and then she gives you plenty of examples to write them.  GEE . . .  I could write a book about this small book. It is a treasure trove- a real gem. I am so pleased. The best (money) I’ve spent in a long time!  Now the affects of affirmations—confidence. After a few days of doing it, you will feel stronger. Even if that little negative voice says, (“Nope you are a loser!”) After awhile you will squash that voice with the right affirmation and you will find yourself making better, bolder decisions and truly living a life full of rewards. Do yourself a favor! Buy the book!

 . . .  SANDEE ELASH WRITES  —  2011                                                                      

How blessed i am to know this wonderful woman on a personal level, as she is married to one of my best friends in the whole world, Pastor Reg. Dr. Evers always has the ability to say just the right thing to make you feel better. She is  a passionate, loving counselor and is always guided by the word of God and thoughts of the Angels. Her Angel Chapel has led many wandering, lost souls to its doorway and she always finds the time to help others. Her wonderful book, her Affirmations, coaching services, Cards of Life and Radio Talk Shows are just a few examples of her multiple God given talents. I advise anyone  who may be struggling with a hurtful relationship, addiction, grief, a broken heart or just dealing with life’s daily challenges to please go to her websites for advice. read one of her inspiring books or just ask her to pray and affirm for others and your situation. She always listens and she will remind you that you ARE loved, no matter what. Thank you Anne Marie . You are a very special lady and a true friend. Sending Anne Marie and all of her supporters love and light with Godspeed. Sandee

 . . . BEST BOOK ON AFFIRMATIONS   2011                                                                  

This is the best book on affirmations I have ever read. Dr. Anne Marie goes into great and interesting detail about the 5 steps to creating a powerful affirmation. She talks about what causes blocks (mainly unforgiveness) and offers simple and practical exercises to deal with them. She offers blueprints for the ‘Master Affirmation’ which is a paragraph or so stating your intention and also the short form which you can repeat to yourself throughout the day. This book has really gotten me excited to do the exercises. They sound fun and interesting. I feel really hopeful and positive. These good feelings alone are worth the price of the book. I bought the e-book on her website and downloaded it on my reader. I can tell it’s going to be a real gem in my law of attraction toolbox. M.M.

. . . Your Book on Affirmations Impacted my Life Like NO Other!

I took your advice in your book of looking at myself in the mirror telling myself that I really DID deserve and now am healthy, wealthy and happy. It has now been over 21 days but the change I feel inside is incredible! I actually now feel that to be true. I came from a family where my Dad said I would never amount to anything and I believed that until you and your book came along. No wonder nothing had worked in my life. But now I am so excited about my future. I know I can and will attract that healthy, happy and relationship that has never come to pass and I just turned 43. I am a single parent of a teenage boy and he noticed that I am happier.Thank you, thank you, thank you is so not enough to tell you what you have done for me. I have read other books but none have impacted me like yours. You have changed my life and it is so nice to finally feel like I have a right to breathe the air, that I matter, that I am worthy, and that I deserve to be treated a lot better than what I have been in the past. You have  changed how I feel about myself and for that I will never forget you. Love Rosalind, Kamloops, BC  Canada

. . . You Wrote this Book just for ‘ME!’  W O W! ! I had no idea this is what is going on–It is as if this particular book on Affirmations was written just for me! I pray that I will be able to muster up enough courage to take the wisdom therein (what was written for my attention) and use it in my life happiness. Thank you for writing this book!  B. F.

Learning to Transform our Lives Thanks to the Creativity of Affirmations . . .  About the Book!

In a very simple way, Anne-Marie Evers describes the universal and invisible laws that govern the world in which we live. Suddenly, metaphysics is explained in convenient and mundane manners. Ms. Evers explains why some issues don’t work in our lives; how we apply, unconsciously, these invisible laws in our daily lives. Then, she brings us some Affirmations for all areas of life in order for us to compose together with the Universe, but this time done in a conscious manner. Thus, we transform our live thanks to the creativity of the Affirmations we constantly repeat and when we act accordingly to these Affirmations, the time process brings us all that we invoke in these Affirmation and this may happen in a very surprising way . .. … sometimes in a manner which we could not have even dreamed about it in our wildest dreams!  I. JACEB Brest, France

. . .    I am Saying ‘Thank you’ on Behalf of all the People you Have Helped that You do Not Know Even Exist!!!    Hello Dr. Evers

I just wanted to say thank you,  thank you, thank you for everything you do for the world! ! ! ! ! !  I am still so excited that I spoke to you!! You are my hero, my inspiration!! You are a great teacher! ! and please KNOW and REMEMBER THIS . . .  Just because some of your followers don’t let you know the great help of your Affirmations, books and writings and the miracles that happen . . . . it does not mean that your work is not worth Millions! . ..  Your work is so wonderful and is helping millions of people worldwide . . . people that you do not even know exist . . .  So . . . In the name of all these people, I tell you a great big THANK YOU!  God Bless. Much Love & gratitude. CL.C. New York  USA

. . .    I’m Flabbergasted!  INCREASED INCOME

I am writing this email to tell you that I am absolutely flabbergasted with Affirmations. I am now a true believer! Let me explain. I read your Affirmations book and as an experiment I decided to do an obvious one. I wanted more more money, you know to increase my income. I affirmed for a specific amount of money that I wish to receive per month. I really felt that I did have a believable foundation, even though it was quite a substantial amount. I did these Affirmations off and on and I must admit more off that on and I left it at that. I had not done my Affirmations for some time, but I must say last week when I reviewed my year, I stumbled over quite a revelation. I came within 4% of the amount I was affirming–actually 4% over. WOW. I was completely astonished and have passed the wonderful news of my Affirmation success to everyone I know!  Leonard W. Washington DC

. . .   I Became a Believer – Simone S.

I must tell you, as I am sure you have heard so, so many times before , that reading and following the exercises in your Affirmations book has completely changed my life and altered my beliefs. The power in Affirmations is almost unbelievable (unless you have witnessed an Affirmation manifesting in your very own life). I have been doing Affirmations for just about a year now, and I have to tell you, EVERY single one of them has come to be. Some have manifested more quickly than others, but they have  ALL come to be my reality! Everything I have asked for and believed in has come into my life. After the first one came to me, I was still reserved about my opinion  of its validity, but after the second and third manifested, I became truly enlightened and realized the power we hold within is far greater than we can ever conceive.

There is an enormous sense of peace that comes with the realization that I have the power to change my life in ways that I never thought or dreamed were possible before. I have finally found the sense of peace I have been searching for my whole life. I must Say my Thank You, to you as many others have I am sure. I thank you for finding one of the things your were meant to do in your life time — your time here on earth, share yourself with all of us who have read your Affirmations books. I thank you for having the courage and belief in what you knew to be true, when I am sure so many probably doubted. You will forever be in my life in such a special way for you have given a gift that no amount of money can buy… you have given the gift of knowledge… and no matter what –that is a gift than can never be taken by anyone. I hope this email finds you in good health and in good spirits and please know that you are in my Affirmations, my Prayers and my Thoughts. May peace, happiness and love always be with you. Leah I.


Thank you Dr. Evers for sending your book on Affirmations so promptly. I wrote out an Affirmation and got a result within a day even though it was not the result I expected! I was totally blown away by it and now several of my other Affirmations have manifest as affirmed. Thanks again– My future feels brighter! Barbara, Happy Camper


Since reading your Affirmation books, Affirmations have become an important part of my life. They have brought many positive changes to me, and I’ve been doing ‘Big Money to Me Now’ Method that you teach faithfully for the last few months. Money has started to come to me from unusual and unexpected sources. Also since doing the Affirmations, I have been able to let  go of past, negative issues and new doors have opened. (I ordered up my soul mate!. . . .) and he arrived just as I ordered! So thank you, thank you,thank you. .. and many Blessings to you and your readers. S. Singh, North Vancouver, BC

. . .   Most Comprehensive, complete Book I have ever read on the Subject of Affirmations

I just LOVE your book on Affirmations. Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is the most comprehensive and complete book I have ever read on the subject of Affirmations. You have completed a vast task and I believe it should be part of every child’s education (and in the libraries for adults as well). As I grow and mature, I am aware  more and more of the power of that unconscious field that creates all that we experience as our life. We do not comprehend and realize the power of thought and it is through the disciplines that you teach, Dr. Evers that thought can be focused and if the thoughts are benign, loving, forgiving and wish good for all including oneself, it will bring only joy, love and success in the outward experience. Jon George, New Westminster, BC Canada

. . .   Affirmations Encourage Son to Help Mom Financially

Thank you so much Anne Marie for taking the time to answer my questions and help me with wording my Affirmations. On another note, I want to let you know that I have experienced  the first manifestation of my Affirmations. My son, Dan who is 19 years old  stopped going to school and started to work, but he spends all of his money with his friends and no matter what I say he will not listen and help me pay the rent. So when I got your Affirmations book I started to do an Affirmation for him to come to his senses and to be a responsible person. Out of the blue this morning as we were getting ready to go to work, he came up to me and hugged me and said, “Mom how much do you pay for the rent? I looked at him questioningly and he continued, “Because from now on I am helping you with the rent. I could not believe my ears. He also said, “I am changing into the responsible person you always wanted me to be.I will take care of you. I give thanks to God and now I want to give you all my gratitude for writing this totally wonderful book. Affirmations do work and your book is really MY PASSPORT TO HAPPINESS! Again thank you, thank you, thank you. Maureen, Administrative Assistant

. . .   Affirmations and Socks Helped Skip find $300.00

I would like to say that I was reading your book for the third time in three years last month. I have been experiencing some financial difficulties as of lately and I was looking  for some inspiration. I found in your book something you said about ‘lulling yourself to sleep at night saying, “Great Wealth, Great Wealth, Great Wealth. as you fall asleep. I did this for three nights and on the third morning I woke up and my feet were a little cold so I went to my sock drawer to put on some socks. There I found $300.00 at the bottom of the drawer that I simply do not remember for the life of me when I stashed that money. I was jumping with joy telling myself that I knew this worked— all I have to do is work it. I am so thankful that I have your Affirmations book to remind me that the Universe is always there to give us what we ask for. As you say, ‘All we have do do is Order it Up (Ask) and it shall be given. P.S. I know that $300 may not be great wealth to some people, but to me at that time, it WAS great wealth! Thanking you from the bottom of my heart. Skip Larson from Minnesota, USA

. . .   You Really Have Touched on a Prosperity Formula!

Thank you so much Anne Marie. In the last 3 weeks since I have been doing the Money Affirmations that you teach in your books and my practice has doubled! You really have touched on a Prosperity  Formula here! Once Dan and I get ourselves cozily settled in our new home we would like to have you visit and do some seminars. Much caring, Tammy, Toronto, Canada

. . .   Affirmations Find a Buyer for Motor Home

This is a Testimonial Dr. Evers. Once again Affirmations have worked for me. For two days I affirmed to find a buyer for our motor home. I placed an add on Craigslist and yesterday when we came back from camping someone had emailed me expressing a desire to view the motor home. He liked it so much that he bought it on the spot! Simply Amazing1 Richard Denault, Maple Ridge, Canada

. . .   Affirmations A Magical Book  to Creating a Wonderful Life

This is the first time I have ever written a letter to an author. It was my purchase of your Affirmations book that really cemented my foundation for a wonderful life. I have read other books on Affirmations over the years, but I have never found a book as magical as yours. Deanna-Anne, Montreal, Canada

 . . .   Article in New Times Newspaper, Seattle, WA Gets Attention of Mohammed, United Arab Emirates

I enjoyed reading your article in the New Times Newspaper, Seattle, WA about the power of Affirmations. My friend mails me copies of this newspaper because it features many positive, uplifting articles such as yours. As I am a very positive person,  I have used Affirmations all my life. I now realise after reading your article that I was not using them to their fullest potential. I also know that to be more effective Affirmations must be structured, specific and focused. I also love your suggestion to harness and use the power of the five physical senses to realize our goals. I enjoy your articles, e-books, books and writings. Keep up thegood work!


It’s a proven fact that you can change your life by changing your thinking. Dr. Anne Marie Evers’ powerful Affirmations approach offers the potential for hugely satisfying and effective personal growth.  Rebecca Ephriam, Publisher, Shared Vision Magazine, Vancouver, Canada


Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness by Dr. Anne Marie Evers is a powerful book that changes lives by focusing on the affirming power of words and images of health. By using simple exercises and specific affirmations Evers shows readers how to generate money; attract the ideal partner; lose weight; find the perfect career; create vibrant health; overcome fear & more. She encourages readers to move past negative habits, unhealthy relationships and personal limitations to fulfill their highest potential. For myself this book opened up a floodgate of possibilities that I had never been open to before.

. . .   Good Work Doc!  2011

I have two words for you — YOU ROCK ! !  Hands down, your method is the way the information should be presented and taught. I feel so lucky and fortunate to have learned about you and your work. I owe you the big thanks as well as the rest of the planet !!  You are one of God’s messengers sent to teach us the way.  Can’t thank you enough from my heart. G.G.M.

. . . .  Dear Anne Marie

Thank you so much for sending me your Affirmations book so quickly. My brother who is experiencing health issues is reading his copy and receiving much help as well as I. Your writings are a blessing to the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kath, Edmonton

. . .   My (recently published) Book Thanks you Too!

Without your Affirmation offering and help, I would still be in the maze of confusion instead of having a completed project. The Affirmation that you sent me was the KEY to getting my book written and self-published.Thank you, Joe W.

. .The Cards of Life — a Fantastic Tool of Wisdom    Dear Dr. Evers

Your Cards of Life are fantastic! I have used your Cards of Life because I was searching for answers about my soul-mate and my work situation and to my amazement I received very precise and accurate answers. They actually encouraged me to keep my self-esteem up even when facing difficult challenges. I love your Cards of Life so much and they are my constant companion. Please . . . . if you need help and direction — be kind to yourself and purchase a deck of these Cards. You will absolutely LOVE them like I do!  Sylvia, North West Territories*

. . . .  Isabelle from France

In a very simple way, Anne Marie Evers describes the Universal and invisible laws that govern the world in which we live: suddenly, metaphysics is explained in convenient and mundane manners. Ms Evers explains why some issues don’t work in our lives; how we apply, unconsciously, these invisible laws in our daily lives. Then, she brings us some Affirmations for all areas of life in order for us to complete  together with the Universe, but  this time done in a conscious manner. Thus, we transform our life thanks to the creativity of the Affirmations we constantly repeat and when we act accordingly to these Affirmations, the time process brings us all that we invoke in these Affirmations and this may happen in a very surprising way.. sometimes in a manner we could not have even dreamed about in our wildest dreams!

. . .   Great Guide to an Old Practice!   2011

This is probably one of the best modern guides to using positive affirmations to create a desirable life currently in print. Affirmations aren’t a new technique, but Anne Marie’s original, easy-to-follow slant on them makes this a real stand-out in my opinion and I’ve read all the material I’ve found in print on the topic. I love her Angel writing technique, although I have seen a version or two in other books, hers however really is much easier to use. I’ve given copies to my bothers and others that I think could benefit. I combine it with material from Victor Boc and have had great results so far!

. . .   Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness–A Lifeline! Claudette, Former Mayor City of Gloucester

Your book on Affirmations without a doubt was a lifeline for me at a time when I struggled with a career transition, a fear of change and a yearning to get my life back on track.


In her book Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness Evers describes how thoughts work and encourages others to examine their thoughts. Although thoughts can be stimulated by outside influences Evers believes it is the individuals own mental and emotional reaction to these stimuli that create beliefs, concepts and eventually their reality. When you think of yourself as a victim of circumstances,  you are narrowing your focus and you could miss out on blessings all around you. She writes, “Never allow negative thoughts of others to keep you from filling your desires. Let others who choose to be negative live their lives as they wish.”

You cannot change others, but you can change how you view them and thus change your feelings about them. Often that person will sense the change in you and undergo a change as well. As an example of how powerful the mind is Evers mentions the placebo effect. She writes about an American Study where one hundred people with an illness received a sugar pill. They were told that the pill contained a powerful new medicine that would cure them. As a result of taking the sugar pill one-third of the patients got better. The only reason behind their miraculous recovery was that these people believed they would get better and they did! The subconscious mind sent biochemical messages to their bodies that told the healing process to go full speed head and it did. They were brought back to 100% healthy. Triggered by their doctor; suggestions that they were receiving a new cure, they unknowingly tapped into their subconscious mind and unleashed the potent healing ability of their own body, she writes.

Alberta born Evers  worked in the personal growth field for the past thirty years, teaching others about  the power of affirmations, creative visualization, reflexology, meditation, yoga and more. Today she receives letters, emails and testimonials from readers all over the world that have been touched by her books. As a free-lance columnist and writer who lectures and conducts workshops on related subjects Evers is quickly spreading the word about the life-changing power of affirmations.


“Whenever Anne Marie appears as a guest on my show I get numerous phone calls, letters and emails from viewers  saying how her teachings, on affirmations have transformed their lives and given them the tools and confidence to go out and do something!” David Ingram Show, Channel 4, North Vancouver, Canada.


After I read Evers book I carried it around with me for weeks to show friends and family affirmations that I thought might be of help. I created my own affirmations and am looking forward to see the results. If you are ready for a positive change in your life, pick up this little green book! J.J.


If you believe in affirmations this is the best book ever. Anne Marie’s Personal Contract Affirmation Method is in place for me already. Before the book I was getting bored and tired of writing out long affirmations 20X each morning and night. Instead I typed out a long version of Affirmation (she provides great examples or you can use your own) for different areas of my life. Then I read them three times in the morning and three times before bed, (takes 10 minutes total). Then using her method, you write a short form version three times (about another 5 minutes). This 15 minutes a day has given me the faith to believe that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to! The first half of the book explains how & why affirmations work using great anecdotes from her life  and people she has worked with.The second half gives great examples with long and short form affirmations that we can all use. It is a very extensive list but very easy to read and put into practice very soon after reading. The greatest thing about the book is the passion that Anne Marie Evers writes with. You Know she absolutely believes in Affirmations and just wants to share it with the world to help others. All I can say is, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” A customer.

. . .   MANIFESTED $1,000.00

After I heard Dr. Anne Marie Evers speak on the manifestation process, I sat down with my morning cup of tea and did as she instructed. I wrote down my Master Affirmation followed by the ‘Big Money to Me Now Exercise.’ I wrote at the top of the page the words ‘BIG MONEY TO ME NOW.’ I took the first letter of each word and jotted down this abbreviation (b$tmn) 77 times under the words ‘BIG MONEY TO ME NOW!’


Just nine days after meeting Dr. Anne Marie and beginning my affirmation process, I went to the IGA store with three Super 7 Lottery Tickets. I have been buying lottery tickets for 20 years and only won a maximum of $10.00 Two of the tickets said, “It’s a winner,” and the third one said, “Please check at the counter.” The first ticket gave me an extra play, the second ticket gave me $1.00 and when the lady checked the third ticket she said, “You’ve won $1,000.00. For the first t en seconds, I was shocked and then I smiled and said, “Thank you, thank you,  thank you Dr. Anne Marie and the Universal Bank.

Now I have started another affirmation that says, “VERY BIG MONEY IS NOW FLOWING INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It works! Just do it! Love and Blessings and big Thank you’s to Dr. Anne Marie!  Love & Blessings  Natasha.   2011

. . . .  AFFIRMATIONS by Anne Marie Evers

Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read! This book is amazing and extremely user friendly. I became captivated during the first chapter and was unable to put this wonderful book down until I had devoured every scintillating word! I have carried this book everywhere since purchasing it a couple of years ago.This book has helped myself and my daughter through some very challenging times. I am so grateful to you Anne Marie for sharing your wisdom with me. I have a professional background in Addictions Counselling and I have utilized many exercises in this book to assist clients with great success! Therefore, on behalf of myself, my family, my friends and my clients, THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU  Love Maya      2011

. . .   Excellent Positive Reading

This book is a great tool for positive thinking and learning. Anybody that would like to learn new techniques regarding how to go from negative to positive thinking should read this book. It is written in a clear manner and provides step-by-step exercises for the reader to use. Excellent book and an excellent author. D.B.   2011

. . .   This Book Could Change Your Life

Wow! This book is absolutely amazing. I recently ordered this book due to the glowing reviews and now feel I mist add my own. Although I am only 3/4 of the way through I can say this is one of the best books I have ever purchased. The author does a great job at explaining the power of affirmations and helps with sample affirmations to use a large number of purposes — weight loss, addictions, love, money, health, etc. This book has definitely changed my life in that I now understand how to put a thought out into the Universe and make it happen! It could change your life too! Thank you, thank you, thank you. L.S.  2011

. . .  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you’s are in order!

Thank-you, Thank-you is all I can say to Anne Marie Evers. This book was incredible and really changed my life for the better. I am a young woman who had hopes of finding a NICE guy to spend my time with. I picked up this boo and followed Anne’s advice. Within just 3 weeks of following her advice, my search had ended. I ended up meeting a really great guy and of all things on a blind date! That was over 2 years ago and we are still together. If it were not for her book I don’t know if we would have ever met. This book is a wonderful read and I think that everyone who wants to have a happier and better life should read this book. T.K.    2011

 . . .  W O W!     All I can say is ‘WOW!’ Those Affirmations really do work! My doctor is very pleased with my success in getting rid of unwanted pounds. I listen to a CD in my own voice (as you suggested) both going to work and coming home from work. Very impressive! Cheers Richard, Computer Technician, Washington, DC USA


Passed my Real Estate Exam with flying colors. I did an Affirmation as follows:  “I, Donald deserve and now have passed my Real Estate Exam with good marks. I am happy to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Then I did as you teach and–signed and dated it. When I did that I had a feeling that I had really entered into a contract with my Creator!  What a great feeling and oh yes, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I passed that exam. Now I am sharing my new-found information with others who are interested to learn. Daniel, Now Real Estate Agent, Toronto, ON Canada


I have read Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness by Dr. Anne Marie several times. And each time I learn something new! Now I am learning about the Master Affirmation which Dr. Evers calls ‘Your Order’ to the Universe and how to make it very specific. I am most impressed with the process. Just think I only had to write out my Master Affirmation once. Dr. Evers says, ‘Like writing your Last Will and Testament you only do it once. She also says of course you can add to it, delete it and change it. As you change your affirmations also change.

Then the most exciting is the part where you read over your Master Affirmation and then step ahead in your mind a week or month or so and engage your five physical senses. Wow what concentrated power! When I did it for attracting that wonderful, loving relationship with the perfect man for me, I did the five senses process. I SAW him, in my mind’s eye. Here Dr. Evers say it is okay to only see the outline of him. Then I HEARD him saying, (in my mind), “Isabelle I love you.” For the FEELING part I felt his arms around me, and for SMELL I put a dab of men’s cologne on my Master Affirmation so I could  smell it.  and to complete the five senses, for TASTE I had some delicious strawberries so I bit into them. (When I do not have something that I can eat or drink, I simply visualize in my mind taking a bite of a juicy apple, etc. Can’t thank you enough!

What a process and it does not take long. I now do my Affirmation process on a regular basis. I am amazed by the quick results and now I have incorporated them in my daily life. Did I meet him? You bet I did and he is even more wonderful than I even dreamed. We are now happily engaged to be married. It is so exciting to realize the possibilities we all have within, but sometimes don’t know how to use. With the guidance of the author, who is a warm and loving woman and her wonderful book great and positive things have and are taking place in my life. Josephine M.


This book is an easy read and very accessible as a support tool. The author should be applauded for this straightforward and high-impact book. I highly recommend it to people of all ages.”Tamara, United Kingdom


This is the most comprehensive, complete book on Affirmations I have ever read. Thank you for writing this great book. Adrienne, The Netherlands

While relaxing in a store’s reading room, I picked up one of your books. It was exactly what I needed at that particular time in my life. I read the part about forgiveness and the tears began to flow, so I know I have work to do in that area. Please mail me a copy as soon as possible. Thanking you in advance. Lucinda Bigler, Alberta, Canada


Dear Anne Marie  Just a quick note to say hello and let you know your book is fantastic; when Affirmations are done right, they really, really work! I have purchased several copies of your books for my friends and family, as I want them to experience positive things like I have. I am a very strong believer in the phrase: “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Having a positive attitude helps you obtain your goals. Wishing you and all of your readers much success. Sue Henken, Detroit, MI, USA


We are working on re-building our marriage and doing it with the help of your Affirmation Program, love and support. With many thanks and loving thoughts. Ben, Manager, Hamilton, ON


I am so happy your teachings were available on the Internet with your books etc. to help me get through this most devastating period of my life. Always grateful. Marci, Trade Show Manager, Toronto, Canada


Since you taught me the exercise by emptying the cup of control and obsession, I feel l00% better. I feel more relaxed and calm about life in general. Sylvia, Winnipeg, Manitoba


After doing the Big Money to me method for two weeks, I found a very valuable coin that I did not know I had in my coin collection. It turned out to be worth $20,000! It saved my business from going bankrupt. I cannot thank you enough. Donald from Winnipeg.Canada


This book has been a tremendous help for me. My life has become better, richer and more fulfilling. It is my guiding light. Richard from Vancouver, B.C.


I am so excited, I did affirmations and the Magic Magnetic Circle you talk about and actually won $10,000 on a scratch ticket. It was such a Godsend as I am a single parent and had bills to pay. I do my magic, magnetic circle every day. This is such a simple, yet powerful exercise. I am so pleased you shared it with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Happy and excited. Johanna from Detroit, Michigan

. . .  We All Thank you!   

After reading your wonderful Affirmations Book and doing some of the exercises, and using your fantastic Affirmation tools,  I have increased my income considerably. I love life and living . Two of my best friends are using your Affirmations and methods with incredible results. We all thank you!  Norma E.

. . .  WON $2,000 AT BINGO!    Dear Anne Marie 

I just wanted to tell you that I wrote out Big Money to me now. I put it in my purse and took it to Bingo. That night I won $2,000. Thank you for this wonderful tool. I am telling everyone I meet about it! Yvonne from New York


When I read in one of your books that you took your failures and used them as great fertilizer for your successes, I started to think about my life and how I could do that. It was much easier than I thought. I now look for the silver lining, (blessing or lesson) in each challenge. I am so happy that you are on the planet at this time, teaching us these wonderful truths . . . .Also I looked at all my unsuccessful attempts of losing weight and decided to start all over again, being sensible, eating properly, doing my exercises and adding the powerful technique of doing daily Affirmations and saying ‘drop’ instead of lose as I certainly do not want to find that weight again. I have NOW dropped 27 pounds! I am so happy. With all my love. – Kathleen, Professional Singer, Phoenix, AZ

. . .   Hi Dr. Anne Marie Evers    

Just received !   I am an inmate in a prison in the U.S.  I came across your book on Affirmations at the Community Center Library.   Thank you so much for writing it. It has positively changed my life. I truly love your book. At times when you   spoke about forgiveness, it brought me to tears.  I am wondering where I can get a copy of it as I must return my borrowed book and honestly I do not want to part with it.  Thank you kindly for the lessons that I’ve learned through your awesome Affirmations Book. Name of prison and  inmate withheld.

. . .   Dear Dr. EversPassed my Exam! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with me your Affirmation Tools, and in particular The  Clear, Search and Retrieve one. I just passed my Insurance Exam with good marks. When I contacted you I was very worried as I had already failed the first exam. When I sat down and started to write my second exam I felt at ease and confident as I had really studied the material and I had my Affirmation Tool. It was interesting how when I finished writing, I looked around at the rest of the class and they were ALL still writing.

Then that ‘nasty ole negative’ fear came up and I thought, “I wonder if I have missed some answers.” So again I pulled an Affirmation Tool out of my bag –The ‘Cancel, cancel or delete, delete’ one. I said to my fear thoughts, “Cancel, cancel, fear go away!  You have passed this exam with good marks!” Then I got up and left the room. WOW these Affirmation Tools that you teach are very powerful. I also find them simple and easy to use. Keep up the good work. Now I am on to doing a Master Affirmation for that perfect position (career) for me.  A very happy Life -learner. Irma S. Vancouver, BC Canada

. .   Thoughts From Your Book   

I know how important it is to examine our thoughts as you teach. I know my thoughts are stimulated by my own mental and emotional reaction to those stimuli that create beliefs, concepts and events in my reality. How can such a little book be so powerful? Everyone should read this powerful book!  Jamie

. . .   Dear Dr. Evers  Love Listening to your Radio/Internet Shows   

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do. I listen to you every morning on my ipod. I have all your archived shows downloaded and every morning I head out for my walk and take you with me.  There are some mornings that I truly don’t feel like walking, but I make myself and by the time I get home I am in a fantastic mood and ready to face my day. Again Dr. Evers thank you so very much for being such a driving force in my world and in many others and well. Peace and Love   Leslee  – 2011

. . .    Random Act of Kindness Story from Norma Freeman   On all my radio shows (The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show) every Saturday from 12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard time I have a 15 minute section on my show that talks about Random Acts of Kindness so I would like to share the following story with you.

. . .Dear Dr. Evers

I would like to share an experience with the world that occurred to me in San Jose del Cabo, Baja Sur last winter. I am weary of the way the Media distorts news from Mexico, the focus is always on the crime aspect and the warm kindness of the majority of the people who live there is never covered. I am a Canadian Snowbird and spend the winter months in Mexico. I love my life there. I have a herniated disc in my back and experience a lot of back pain at times. Because of my condition, I do my shopping when I am feeling my best. One night about 8:00 p.m. I drove down to Cabo San Lucas, about 20 miles from San Jose to buy my groceries at Walmart. I had just arrived in San Jose and I was still carrying my passport, all my ID and credit cards plus about $1,600 in US cash, pesos and travelers cheques. You can imagine my panic when I discovered I had left my handbag in the shopping cart in the darkness of the parking lot and drove home without it. I could hardly think straight.

How was I going to survive for six months with no access to my bank accounts? I have two cell phones, they are inexpensive in Mexico and you can just buy minutes for them. One was in my handbag and one was a home. I thought to myself .. I should try and call my handbag and whoever has it just might respond. I called and a wonderful gentleman answered .. he knew it must be me. He promised me he was going to give absolutely everything back the next day if I could come to his place of business in San Jose.

How wonderful! When I met him I was very impressed. He said he had a flashing moment when he thought he could just keep all the money, but asked his girlfriend what she thought. She told him–No give it all back to the lady, it will be good for Mexico’s image and imagine how you would feel if you were the one that lost it all. I truly was so grateful. I went out and put together a wonderful reward of goodies valued at about $200 to show my gratitude. I try to share my story with as many people as I can because I know a lot of people get a distorted impression of Mexico when in actual fact the majority of the people who live there are very thoughtful and caring, living right and possess high morals. Thank you for reading my story. Norma

. . .   By Opening her Subconscious Mind she discovered a Whole New World in the book Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness. Dr. Dr. Evers 

I am a 56 year-old woman, divorced a couple of years ago after many years of marriage. In August I started going to a hypnotherapist in a neighboring city to learn how to do self-hypnosis for weight control and many other things.I was in a book store in our town and was looking for a book on self-hypnosis when your bright green book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness caught my eye. I picked up up and opened it up exactly to the section on weight control. I read that section and then set the book down.

The next day I went back to the book store and purchased it. I haven’t been the same person since then. I cannot put it down. And I have stopped watching TV so I have time at night to read (this is a major shift for me). I marked the pages throughout the book so I can go back and study it more closely. I have created my Affirmation Wish Book and Fulfilled Affirmation Loose-leaf book. I have also started the process of creation — writing, reading and saying my Affirmations. The floodgates have opened and I’ve been on a perpetual high for almost two weeks. My boss says she is going to give me depressants to calm me down. In fact I stopped (my doctor actually suggested it) taking my anti-depressants three weeks ago. This is amazing because I have taken them for 12 years now. I just cannot stop being happy. My co-workers say my positive attitude is contagious. I never knew it could be so exhausting to be so incredibly happy all the time. Not to mention that I have already reduced my weight by 15 lbs. (never want to find it again.)

Anne Marie I want to thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I have purchased additional copies to give to my dearest friends as gifts of love so they can change their lives as well if they so choose. Also I thank my hypnotherapist for giving me the tools to open my subconscious mind to change, which opened my eyes to find your wonderful book.  Again I say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

. . .   Dear Dr. Evers  Thank you for your wise guidance  

I wish to express how grateful I am for the gift of these lessons that you teach and for your comforting and encouraging posts.. . .. . (on Facebook) for they touch me deep in the center where thoughts and emotions are swirling, realizations and analysis are in constant surge and provide explanation as to why I am where I am inwardly. This guidance is of the greatest conform as well as the greatest assistance for I feel so often that I have something urgent to accomplish within myself, but I was not able to understand the purpose.  Love and appreciation Shirley  – 2011


When I met Anne Marie Evers several years ago, I was terrified of flying and I needed to go on a trip with my husband. When we talked about my fear, Anne Marie suggested that I do an Affirmation. She wrote out an Affirmation for helping me overcome my fear of flying. I used it and it worked. I kept it in my wallet. I also found out information about airplanes, safety measures and flying. Since that time I have flown on many flights and always carry in my wallet that Affirmation that Anne Marie wrote for me that day years ago. It has accompanied me on all my flights. I have to share a story with you about one of my latest trips on a plane. It was a very small plane with about 20 or so passengers. When flying we hit an air pocket where we all of a sudden dropped (it seemed like at least 50 feet).

Everyone started screaming and the flight attendant who was serving hot coffee landed on the floor in the aisle at the front of the plane. Several of us passengers got up and grabbed the serving cart to keep it from flying around and/or hitting her. The flight attendant looked up and what really got me was the terror I saw in her eyes as she started to pick herself up. It was almost as if she was frozen watching and waiting for the serving cart to hit her. Also the screaming and fear of the other passengers was what got to me, not the actual flying. When getting off that little airplane the pilot said to me, “I guess you will never fly again?” I said, “Oh it wasn’t too bad. We all survived!

Now if I can survive and live to tell the story that is going a long way on my Flying journey. Do Affirmations and positive thinking work? I am here to say they do! Thank you Anne Marie for sharing this very important information that helped me immensely. Nikki, Reformed Terrified Flyer, Vancouver, BC

. . .   AFFIRMATIONS DO WORK!  Dearest Dr. Evers                                         

My ‘Phantom’  Van Dream Materialized in an Unbelievable Way!  

I feel that I must write to you because what happened to me after purchasing your Affirmations book and doing the Long and Short Form Affirmations has still left me in a state of shock. My story is as follows: I was retiring and really wanted a Van (automobile) but after checking the price on new ones I knew I could never afford it. I continued to continually think about one. I read every Car-Driver Book, checked Automobile lots–still I could not find what I wanted — then I came across your book on Affirmations. I bought it and read it. I had a chuckle to myself, ‘This will never work, but what the heck it won’t hurt to do it!” So for about six months I regularly did my Affirmations and visualized again my ‘Phantom Van.’ Now here is the mystery. I started to dream about two times a week that I had to go to a shopping mall on Friday at 1:00 p.m. I knew which shopping mall but had no reason as to why I was to go there. I asked my friends if they had ever had a dream asking them to go somewhere for no apparent reason. Everyone said, “No, don’t think so.” My dream continued and then the last dream I knew I had to go on the following Friday. This dream’s instructions were so strong that  I knew i could not forget it. It was a subconscious order, to be  actioned.

Well on Friday I went to to that particular mall (the one I always saw in my dream) and there was only one parking spot which I took, shut the engine off and sat there for a minute or so feeling like a fool because I didn’t know why I was there. I looked to my left and there two spaces over was this big Van with a ‘For Sale Sign,’ and the owner was sitting in the driver’s seat because his wife was in the mall shopping. So I got out and went over and spoke to the driver and he asked me to look it over. It was exactly what I wanted and had visualized and the price was exactly what I had to spend. Everything was right on. Then it hit me — my dream sent me here!! Even more shocking is this: (a) The owner of the van lived next door to me; (b)They lived in #214 in their block and I live in #214 in my block. We could literally look into each other’s apartments; (c) The van was parked practically under my window but I could not see it because there is a deep barrier of hedges and trees between us; (d) We are all Ex Air-force people; and (e) We all felt that we had known each other for years.

The owner said, “If you want it, please make a decision now because we have just listed the Van for Sale in the paper and it will be out at 5:00 p.m. tonight. I know it will sell.” Now remember my dream sent me there at 1:00 p.m. I bought it immediately. After only knowing them less than 24 hours we exchanged gifts and we even drove them to get their new car. This was the most compatible,happy transaction I have ever experienced. Doing my own ‘Wishful Thinking’ (now I realize it was doing my Affirmations), I realized that I had the power, but had not been specific enough.

Your book taught me–(a) To add the words ‘not to exceed’ the price that I wanted to pay; (b) The most important of all were the words ‘I deserve’; (c) The power of the written word; (d) Channeling out vibes both written and positive thoughts really work! My Van transaction was really to the good of all parties concerned (what you, Anne Marie call the ‘safety clause’), because they needed cash for their new vehicle.à

The whole incident made a believer out of me and Affirmations do work when they are specific and to the good of all parties concerned. I now do Affirmations for everything. Dreams can come true! What can I say but, “Unbelievable and Marvellous?” Thanks Anne Marie for helping me make my dream a reality!  Sincerely, Dawn Saunders, Abbotsford, Canada.

. . .    Dear Dr. Anne Thank you for your Clear, Search & Retrieve Affirmation ToolI

Thank you so much, and words are never enough. I followed exactly as you stated in your email. I took my pre-test with 100 questions and I only missed 12. The instructor graded the test and stated that I passed with 88%. Now I waiting to find out the date to take the Final to become certified and I will apply the same Affirmation and Affirmation Tool, “Clear, Search and Retrieve.” I just cannot say than you enough, Thank you, thank you thank you. Ellen   2011

. . .   Dear Affirmation Dr.  Forgiving Gave Me Strength to Go On!  

When my marriage failed, I was unhappy and despondent. Then I found your website and read about the Power of Affirmations. I sat down and forgave my ex and I also forgave myself for  my part in it. It gave me strength to go on. I am now affirming for a lasting, loving relationship that turns into marriage with  the perfect person for me and I know it is happening! I can just  feel the energy and excitement building!   To you–my Affirmations Doctor–1,000 times thank you. Sandy. housewife and mom, Seattle, WA –2011

. . .   Dear Dr. Evers  Affirmation Help Manifest That Perfect, Lasting Career

Just wanted to let you know that TODAY November 1st , 2010 is the 10th anniversary of my Career/Position that you helped me do an Affirmation for. I really believed and worked on that Affirmation you helped me create and it worked! Oh yes, I have to admit that it took several months to manifest! It happened exactly as we affirmed and I have been at that company now for the past 10 years!  And when I looked at the Affirmation we created earlier and saw where you suggested that I add the word, ‘lasting,’ to my Affirmation, which  it did! I am so happy and I love my job.

My employers are fantastic and I receive regular raises and bonuses. Today I felt grateful to you, Dr.Evers and I want to share my story with the world– that yes, Affirmations Do work, that is when you do them the right way! In your words, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and my grateful and deep appreciation!  Garth M. Burnaby, B.C. Canada

P.S. When I looked at my signature on that  earlier Master Affirmation it brought up quite a bit of emotion for me as at that time I was very desperate and worried. To think that this simple Affirming process completely changed my life for the better is sometimes mind boggling to me and one which I will never forget.

. . .   Real Estate Agent Used the power of Affirmations and Visualization 

Dear Dr. Evers

Just wanted to let you know that I just ‘double ended,’ my rancher and have an accepted offer on my apartment that I have for sale. Thank you for teaching me the 5-steps of Manifestation. I still have trouble believing it as it was just the night before that I created my Master Affirmation and did my Creative Visualizing. And the next day it happened! I just cannot thank you enough for your wonderful insight and help. Now I am starting to work on my relationship affirmation!  Millions of thanks – Monika, Realtor, Vancouver, BC Canada

. . .  How  ‘Working Out’  Manifested BOTH of Her Dreams/Affirmations  

Aimee had undergone a hurtful, unhappy divorce two years ago. Her Aunt, who was a strong believer in positive thinking and making things happen encouraged her to do affirmations/goals. She promised to try them and she did. She wrote two affirmations; one for the perfect man for her and another one for the perfect, lasting successful career. She joined a fitness class at a gym and started working out regularly.

There she met a young man named Donald who was always polite enough to walk her to her car after the workout. He usually parked his old truck beside her car.One day she saw Donald getting into a Mercedes. She called to him saying, “Hey there Donald are you trying to break into someone’s car?” He laughed and said, “Something like that.”They got to know each other better and started dating. You can image her surprise when he came to take her out to dinner driving that same Mercedes that she had seen him getting into. Turns out that he was very wealthy, (which was a bonus) and they got married.

Now her second Affirmation was about to manifest–remember the Career Affirmation-well he hired her to work for his company and pays her a fantastic monthly salary. So her two Affirmations came true as ONE tied in a beautiful Pink Ribbon of Love. The Magic of Affirmations can surprise you and at times you can get two for the price of one!

. . .  How Affirmations Filled  Our Gas Tank  

Muriel and I were heading to Bellingham WA on a secondary road, one snowy evening when we heard a “Chug, chug,” and then the car stopped. “Oh dear,” said Muriel, “I am out of gas.” “Out of gas.” I exclaimed. It was 4:30 p.m. and it was cold and snowing. We were stranded on one of the worst parts of the road; just around the bend and we had no room to pull off the road properly. I got out and tried to walk in the snow to a farmhouse-the lights were on but no one was home.I tried to flag down some passing motorists but they thought I was just being friendly and waved back at me.

I got back into the car and I was beginning to get really scared. The trucks that flew by rocked the car. So there we sat. Then we did an Affirmation that the perfect person(s) would stop and help us. We did not have a cell phone and could not see any other houses. It was getting darker and darker and colder and colder. As I kept looking in the rear view mirror, I winced every time I saw a large tuck approaching us. Would he or she see us in time?

So we kept on affirming–Quite desperately now. Then a couple in a truck stopped. The man came out and asked what was wrong and we told him that we were out of gas. He said, “Just sit tight as we will be right back with some gas.” His lady companion did not appear to be happy about this arrangement. As we sat in that cold car, freezing, doubt began to creep in. Would he really come back? Did he just say that? Will we ever get out of here?

Sure enough twenty minutes later, he came back with a can of gasoline. When I asked him how much we owed him he said, “Absolutely nothing, just do the same for another person some day.” We both said thank you, thank you, thank you to him and the Universe for the manifestation of our Affirmation and we learned the danger of not taking time to put gas in your vehicle. Just as we put gas in our vehicles, we put positive thoughts, (spiritual food) into our bodies daily. Now we both do our Affirmation whether we are out of gas or not!  Truly a believer in the Power of Affirmations, Chicago, USA

. . .  AFFIRMATIONS  CREATE A PAVED DRIVEWAY — They even received $1.00 from the City for permission to pave their driveway!  

I’ve always believed in positive Affirmations, having learned loving bible verses at my father’s knee. But never in my wildest dreams would I have believed the quick miraculous results I achieved by reading and using the information in your Affirmations book. I wrote an Affirmation within a couple of days of reading part of your book. I really wanted to see how your method worked. Within one week it became a reality. It was a simple one really, just a paved driveway because when I came home I would see this horrible driveway which of course made the rest of our home look somewhat shabby. So every day I was easily able to visualize it, but we did not have the money to re-do the driveway. Imagine my surprise when  I got a call from the City to meet with one of their engineers.

It seems that they were planning to upgrade the road, put in sidewalks, increasing the drop into our property therefore they would have to pave our driveway to make our property accessible. And at their expense. Plus they gave us the sum of $1.00 for the permission to do so. I believe that somewhere in your book you should be telling people to expect miracles and to be patient in the process. Many Thank from a happy couple. Louise and Spencer

. . .    Dear Anne Marie Thank you for the Present That Keeps on GIVING! I chose Affirmations, Your Passport to Happiness as a Christmas present for myself, not realizing at the time just how much of a favour I had done myself. This is more than just a book for pleasure reading, it is a method (way of life) to help you achieve your heart’s desires and to immediately help you recognize your life priorities.I experienced fabulous results within forty-eight hours of following Anne Marie’s program and now realize that most of the things I want in life are achievable, many things I previously thought were quite impossible to achieve.Affirmations take the anxiety and confusion out of life, and replace them with focus, confidence, serenity and the abundance you desire. Matthew, North Vancouver, BC Canada

. . .  A Mother’s Plea for her Son She received help from the Angels – The Angel Letter Method In Marnie’s Own Words    

I wanted to help my adult son, Peter find the perfect wife for him. He was becoming depressed and very touchy when the subject of him getting married came up. He said things like, “Poor me, I will always be alone—no woman wants me. I am not good looking enough, I am losing my hair, no woman will ever want me, and other derogatory statements about himself and his ability to have a lasting, loving relationship/marriage.

I must admit that I cut out personal ads, searched the Internet trying to help him in his search. I placed ads in Personal Columns in newspapers and even went along on a first meeting with one of the dates. This that proved disastrous. I  was desperate. Then an idea stuck me. After reading your book on Affirmations I wrote to the Angel of my unknown daughter-in-law. I sent her love and thanked her for appearing in my son’s life now. I also encouraged my son to do an Affirmation himself and to be open and willing to meet new people.One day when he was parking his car in the underground parking lot in his building, he noticed a girl getting out of her car. They started talking and it turned out that she lived in the apartment directly above his. They dated and now have been married for two years. Am I a happy Mother?? A resounding ‘YES!’ Mother and Master Creator!

Note from Dr. Evers  — While I don’t recommend doing just as Marnie did, Mothers, you may wish to write an Angel Letter (described in my Affirmation books) to assist your son or daughter in meeting that special love partner that is perfect for them!