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HAPPINESS – An Inside Job!

You may say, “I’ve spent my life searching for happiness and I am still searching. When will I find it?  Where will I find it?” My answer is, “But you already have it — It is within YOU!” The last place in the world you may think to look for it. Yes, having abundant money, a rewarding, successful and prosperous career and that special love person in your life does ADD to your happiness, but as I always say, “Real, true happiness comes from deep within you.”
Happiness is NOT a destination. It is a journey with stops of interest along the way. Make your journey exciting, happy and enjoy every minute and part of it. When you plan to go on a holiday, part of the excitement and fun is in the preparation, planning and excitement of getting ready, planning where to stay, what places to visit, etc. And of course, what are you going to take with you?
I’ve got a secret for you – Take Yourself with YOU! And enjoy your own true happiness! Wherever we go—there we are!
As my mother used to tell us, “You have a choice when you get up in the morning to be either happy or unhappy. Make the choice to be happy.” Also I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘Fake it until you make it.’ Well I don’t say to fake it, I say put on a happy face, smile and think of a happy time in your life, ‘Act As If’ you are happy  and soon you will find that you really do feel happier.
One of my clients Doreen, a lady of 88 years of age said to me, “You know Dr. Evers I have been searching ALL of my life for the answer to being happy. I have gone to out-of-body retreats, seminars, workshops, read self-help books, listened to positive tapes, been involved in encounter groups and even followed a guru. I searched and searched until I became totally exhausted. Then about six months ago I heard this little voice in my head saying, “But Doreen you have the answer to your quest. It is within YOU!  Go within and really study YOU!” And as you say, Dr. Evers, when you go within and uncover and discover the real you — and in finding the real YOU, you have discovered the secret of true, lasting, unconditional happiness! It really and truly is an Inside Job!
She continued with tears streaming down her cheeks, “I have searched all these years only to find I already have what I was looking for. Will you please share my story with others in your books, tapes, radio/Internet shows and writings so that your readers and listeners will discover and enjoy true happiness – the kind that comes from within, the kind that says you are happy with YOU, with what you are doing, who you are doing it with, your blessings, such as wonderful spouse, children, home, car and other possessions NOW and not to wait until they are my age!”
I totally agree with Doreen and it bears repeating over and over–I would add that yes, meeting that new love partner, having a new home, car, wonderful new clothes, overseas vacation, extra money, etc. DOES create happiness for a time. Although it really is permanent, real, true, solid happiness comes from within each and every one of us.
Get up in the morning and say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you for another new and wonderful day. I know I will never have one exactly the same as today. I live in an attitude of gratitude saying, “Thank you for the blessings I have received; the ones I am receiving and the ones I am about to receive!”
Read you Master Affirmations every morning and evening, stepping ahead in your mind several days, weeks, months, etc. bringing in your 5 physical senses. SEE what you are affirming as already happened; HEAR people congratulating you on your success; FEEL how absolutely great you feel and notice how peaceful you are; SMELL your favorite fragrance and/or flower scent; and for TASTE either take a drink of fresh, sparkling water or visualize biting into a juicy apple to complete the 5 physical senses.
Then put your Master Affirmation away away and go on about your day, knowing that your Affirmations are manifesting as affirmed!
                                  Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work! 


Just Released – 7 Day Process to Opening your Money Consciousness   By Dr. Anne Marie Evers


To start the Creative Process to open your Money Consciousness, you need to start with the soil preparation of your subconscious mind so that the Creative Process moves quickly and smoothly without encountering any negative blockages that may be hindering and/or keeping you from enjoying that wealth, and prosperity that you so richly deserve. Should you feel that you have any negativity about you becoming and being wealthy, now is the time to deal with it and release it. Also release any feelings of low self-esteem, not deserving, being angry at self for not saving money or spending too much, unsuccessful money investments, etc.

True forgiveness heals even the deepest of wounds. Forgiveness is very powerful. When you forgive your energy changes the physical structure of your cells and DNA. When you are embroiled in guilt shame or depression, you close down the energy systems of your body and all types of negative problems can erupt.

For optimum results, perform this exercise every morning and evening.


Do ‘The Extended Toothbrush Forgiveness Exercise’

I call it this because everyone brushes their teeth at least twice daily and this way they will remember to do the Forgiveness Exercise.

 The Process

When you get up in the morning and just before or after you brush your teeth, do the following: Look into the mirror and say, “Hey Self, you are a wonderful person. I, (your name) now forgive everyone and everything that has Ever hurt me. I now forgive myself. I love respect and approve of myself just the way I am.”

Note: When you say ‘Ever’ this goes right back to creation, when you were in your mother’s womb, so if too many unhappy, negative memories surface in your mind at the same time, just say with great authority, “One at a time Please!” and then deal with that one completely before going on to the next one.


We all have at our disposal the wonderful Creative Process within. This is a totally unique and wonderful process whereby you can and DO create and bring into your life your innermost wishes and desires. You need to become aware of this wonderful power and then use it to the good of all parties concerned.

There are many different ways of accomplishing your desires. Following is the ‘6 Step Process’ to manifest your dreams that I have found very successful personally and from testimonials from numerous of my readers. After you have completed your ‘Extended Toothbrush Exercise’ and feel you have forgiven all the negativity, the rich, fertile soil of your subconscious mind is now ready to proceed with the 7-Day Creative Process, please continue.


Step l   Decide Being Very Specific (This is Your Order to the Universe!)  Really think about it and decide what you really want in your life right here and right now. This Master Affirmation is only created once like your Last Will and testament. However, you can add, delete, change it. As you change–your Affirmations change.

Step  2  Ask – Being Very specificTake your desire, wish, etc out of the unknown (unreal) and place it into the known (real) by writing it down as your Master Affirmation. Please be very specific saying exactly what you desire. You know the WHAT, and God/Creator, Universal Mind, etc. knows the HOW!

Step 3  Raise Your Belief Energy  You can raise your believability factor by using the power of repetition–that is reading your Master Affirmation every morning and every evening, allowing the words and their meanings to sink deep into your subconscious mind where they take root, grow and manifest as affirmed.

 Step 4  Visualize Bringing in Your 5 SensesStep ahead, in your mind, and bring in your 5 physical senses:

SEE       what you are affirming as already hapened; HEAR     hear people congratulating you on your success; SMELL    your favorite fragrance;FEELhappy and fulfilled;TASTE    take a drink of sparkling water to complete your five  senses.

Step 5  ‘Act As If’’ You Already Have What You Are Affirming!  Be open to completely receive your completed Affirmation as affirmed and live in an attitude of gratitude,


Sometimes the Affirmation process works instantly and other time it takes time to find the ‘perfect’ time for you! Many of my Master Affirmations have manifested in the twinkle of an eye! Always be certain when doing  your Master Affirmation to add the safety clause, ‘to the good of all parties concerned,’ as this ensures that if what you are affirming is definitely not to the highest good of all, it may manifest in a different way, or sometimes not at all the way it is worded. Then you may need to re-examine your Affirmation and make any the appropriate changes


Thoughts are living things. When thoughts are held in the mind, they form a life of their own and attract other similar thoughts.Having thoughts actually creates new brain cells, causing a physical and chemical change in your mind. Through thought, your mind can be programmed at will—and re-programmed as frequently as required. As the most powerful and transformative tools at our disposal, thoughts must be used wisely if we are to create what we want out of life. Each thought seeks its own kind. Like always attracts like.

Think about success and you attract successful people, think about money and you attract money into your life. You are a great thought-magnet whether you know it or not. Mental currents are just as real as circuits of magnetism and circuits of electricity. Each kind of thought has its own rate, degree, and character of motion. You attract your own kind of thought wave to you and you repel your opposite.

AFFIRMATION TOOL – Thought Watching Exercise —Do ‘The Thought Watching Exercise’

This is a fun exercise where you take a little notebook and write three columns at top of page.     

     Same as Yesterday            Negative                 Positive

 For a day or so just watch your thoughts and record them in the notebook. Put a check mark under the appropriate column. At the end of the day you will discover exactly where your thoughts have taken up residency. Should you not like what you discover, you and you alone can change it. You created those thoughts in the first place and you have the power to uncreate them and replace them with powerful, positive and happy thoughts!

Also do this exercise of recording your thoughts for several days. When I did it, I thought to myself, “I am a very positive person,” but after I discovered that some old nasty, negative thoughts kept popping up, I was very surprised. Then I immediately took action to replace them with wonderful, new, positive, and happy thoughts.


The processes of the human mind constitute one of the greatest mysteries of the Universe, yet most of us take our minds for granted. We think, act and live rarely stopping to think about how the mind works or how we control it, about your body, your material worth, God, sin, life, death, etc. You have taken on some of these beliefs from others and created some yourself, accepting them as the truth. Removing old, negative beliefs and replacing them with positive ones is an essential part of creating what you want in life.

Your subconscious mind is like a highly sophisticated computer. When you were born, it began to record every feeling, action, thought, or word in your world. You accepted some information from your parents, teachers, peers, and others—all of whom had their own weaknesses and negative patterns.The subconscious mind can also be compared to a bank where you make daily thought deposits. These thought deposits grow and become your memory, which represents the basic raw material for new thoughts and ideas.

AFFIRMATION TOOL –Bank of the Universe

Visualize in your mind The Bank of the Universe. Be very specific taking in every detail—the type of building, color, the structure of it, where it is located, etc. See yourself joining in with the happy people going inside. Withdraw the desired amount from your bank account. Then see more money being deposited into your account to more than cover the amount you withdrew. Spend your money wisely and remember to use the safety clause ‘to the good of all parties concerned.’

 DAY 5 – AFFIRMATIONS  –  What Are Affirmations?

An Affirmation is similar to a prayer, wish, or goal—only it is more structured, focused, and specific. It is also an order for change, a decree, or statement. Affirmations are based on positive thinking, belief, and faith. To affirm is to make firm. Simply put, the basis of all Affirmations is positive thinking. The proper use of the Affirmation Process allows you to take control of your life.

When people tell me they have never done an Affirmation, I ask them if they ever had a birthday cake with candles, blown out the candles and made a wish. If they say they have, then I tell them they have done an Affirmation! It is a simple as that! Any Affirmation declared with conviction and belief manifests that which it affirms. When you do an Affirmation, you transfer a portion of your life force to that Affirmation and create a magnetic flow of energy. When you affirm, you express the desired experience by way of positive statements. What you genuinely want is already in the area of your subconscious mind or the want would not be there. A strong desire for something starts it flowing toward you. When used properly, Affirmations are powerful psychological tools for growth. Some people refer to the Affirmation process as “treasure mapping” or “creating a wish list.” Affirmations can also be referred to as magic wands or trigger tools.



               (Here place a sketch or picture of money or what money represents to you)\

“I, (your name) deserve and now withdraw from my account at the Bank of the Universe all the money I wish to pay all my bills, go on vacations, have a healthy savings account, purchase what I desire, help others and more. I am happy, prosperous and healthy to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you thank you.”

I fully accept

Sign_______________     Date________

 Short Form Affirmation Several key words taken from your Master Affirmation

“Healthy and Prosperous- Me Now!”

When creating your Master Affirmation use bright, cheerful colors.

Use pink for Love; Green for Career, Money, Change; Blue for Healing; Yellow for Spiritual Awakening.

Color wakes up and excites the subconscious mind and makes your Affirmations manifest more quickly. Also put pictures on your Master Affirmations and make them so interesting that you just can’t wait to do the reading process and stepping ahead in your mind bringing in your 5 physical senses!


Creative Visualization is a very important part of the Affirmation Program. It involves using your imagination to create the manifestation of your desire. We all possess this natural power, whether we are aware of it or not. It is a subjective experience that uses imagery and imagination. The image can be a real event or a totally imaginary one. Both create the same changes in the body. This language is imagination and creative visualization.

Creative visualization is structured and directed. The images your mind receives from your mental world are just as real as an event actually taking place. When you practice creative visualization and imaging, you are actually transporting yourself into the future. You put yourself into a situation that has not yet taken place. Since your mind does not know the difference between a real event and an imagined event, it accepts your visualization as truth and stores it for stores it for all time!

The instant you visualize in vivid color the end result of your Affirmation, the energy and power of your visualization take the form of a tiny speck in your consciousness. It is your choice whether to leave it where it is, as it is, or to give it life to grow. Faith is the power and life force that fertilizes it. To change your world, change the way you picture it and the results follow. You tap directly into the power of the subconscious mind when you visualize, image, and affirm—replacing negative mental images with positive ones. Visualization adds power to everything. It is used by many successful people to create what they want.

Thinking in pictures is one of the basic activities of the human mind. Centuries ago, cave dwellers used creative visualization. They painted pictures of the animals they wished to hunt on the cave walls. They even practiced throwing actual spears at the drawings; some of those marks can still be seen on the cave walls. Creative imagery (visualization) is the first language of the subconscious mind. Affirmations (words) are the second language.

When you desire positive changes to occur in your life, use mental images to create the experiences you desire. It is important to speak to your subconscious mind in a language it understands. To Effective coaches also teach team members the art of creative visualization, but this process is not restricted to athletes. People from all walks of life use it every day with fantastic results. Creative visualization empowers and directs your mind to work for you, rather than against you.


Make your Creative Visualization pictures colorful and exciting.  And I repeat, “Specific, vivid, mental pictures give your subconscious mind something upon which to focus.” The instant you visualize in vivid color the end result of your Affirmation, the energy and power of your visualization takes the form of a tiny speck in your consciousness. It is your choice to leave it where it is, as it is, or to give it power to grow. Faith is the power and life force that fertilizes it. Faith and expectancy fuel the imagination of the subconscious mind and make your Affirmations manifest more quickly.

The Process

Should you wish to give it faith to manifest, see that tiny speck burst into a large bubble and then a larger bubble.  See the larger bubble burst into the beginnings of your completed Affirmation taking place right before your eyes!


This is your ‘Being grateful day!” Say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you for the blessings that I have received; the ones I am receiving and the ones I am about to receive.


Write down the names of 5 people in your life that you are truly grateful for

Write down 5 things that you are thankful for.

Then read what you have written, 6hink about each person and each event you have recorded. Then close your eyes and in an attitude of gratitude say, “Thank you, thank you Thank you!” And of yes, please remember to become aware of actually living in an attitude of gratitude and watch the floodgates of heaven open for even more blessings for you.

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!


You have learned about soil preparation of your subconscious mind (by forgiving); Affirmations; The Creation Process; Thoughts; Mind Power and Creative Visualization and now it is time to put the knowledge you have learned into effect, In other words it is now time to time to ‘blow breath’ into your Affirmations by taking the appropriate action.

Different Methods (Timeframes) of Doing this 7 Day Exercise—Choose the one that is just right for you!

Some people prefer to do this 7 Day Process for Opening Your Money Consciousness Exercise for one week exactly as outlined. Others do it for two sets making a total of 14 days. While still others do it for 3 weeks consecutively (making a total of 21 days, which many believe is the time it takes to make a habit.)

One lady decided to do the program as follows: She did Day 1 (Forgiveness) for 7 consecutive days, then Day 2 – for 7 consecutive days and continued on for each of the 7 Days.

Note:  This 7-Day Program took her 49 days and she excitedly exclaims, “The results were miraculous and I would recommend this process for anyone who is sincere in their desire to provide conditions to open their money consciousness (or ask for or ‘order up’) and then reap the glorious results.” It is totally up to you whatever time process you decide. As for me I love doing the 21 day cycle and then when needed I do the whole 7-Day Process again for a different desire or Affirmation!  Please keep each of your Master Affirmations written on a separate page and then each one placed into it’s own plastic insert sheet—One Master Affirmation at a time!).

Your Short Form Affirmation  

This is where you select several key words from your Master Affirmation and jot them    down several times during the day or say them out loud as many times as you wish. This process keeps your Master Affirmation on the front burner of your life and your Affirmations manifest more quickly.

This A VERY simple, yet very powerful Process is proven to work, fun and very powerful!

With love and Many Affirmation Blessings

Dr. Anne Marie Evers

annemarieevers@shaw.ca;   www.annemarieevers.com 

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!


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Dr. Anne Marie Evers is an Ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity. She is District President of the International New Thought Alliance (INTA), for British Columbia, Canada and Co-Chair of Kid’s Kamp for INTA World Congress, Phoenix, AZ. Anne Marie Evers – the Affirmations Doctor – has spent much of her life living to empower others through the teaching of Affirmations. Her books, e-book, columns, Cards of Life, Children’s Programs, Writings and more inspire, guide and help thousands of people with positive and proven results.

Career Highlights of Reverend Doctor Anne Marie Evers

* International Motivational Speaker
* Best Selling Author
* Radio TV/Internet Host
* Radio Talk Show Host from Coast to Coast and Worldwide on the Web for past 4 years
* Workshop Facilitator
* Cards of Life Reader
* CEO of Affirmations International Publishing Company
* Columnist – Contact Talk Radio Weekly Publication, The Violet Ray Magazine and others
* Freelance Writer
* Author of 3 Affirmation Books & many e-books, Book ‘Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness-8th Edition NOW available on www.amazon.com

* Co-  Author-Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer & others –Wake Up & Live the You Love Life in Spirit
* Author/Creator of The Cards of Life www.cardsoflife.com
* Creator of 3 Children’s Programs
* Author of 6 Affirmation Booklets
* Co-author of the Don’t Die With your Dreams Inside CD – with Greg Norman


Many people over the years have asked me, “Anne Marie, how did you ever get started on the path of doing and teaching Affirmations?” I tell them it grew out of a very negative situation. My first husband Al was an alcoholic. I decided I had only three choices: drink with him; take the kids and leave him, or find other interests.

I quickly decided that drinking with him was not an option as I was not interested in drinking and my children already had one alcoholic parent and certainly did not deserve or need another one, so that option was ruled out.

Option two was to take the kids and leave. After spending some time checking, I discovered that not one member of my family was in a position to take care of us, and in those days, it was very difficult to find a place that would take in a mother and two children. So I decided to go for the third option: finding other interests. I took up meditation, yoga, reflexology, astral traveling, creative visualization, writing, and much, much more. My quest and thirst for knowledge led me to some positive thinking books and Affirmations. I was so intrigued; I started doing Affirmations, half wondering if they would really work. I was amazed at what happened in my life. My Affirmations started coming true.

No, my husband did not stop drinking, but I did change the way I viewed him; he sensed this change and some things did improve in our home. I have used Affirmations in every part of my life and could not imagine my life without them! Out of a negative situation, I learned about Affirmation Power and how to use it. I now feel it is my place in life to help those who wish to learn how to use this extraordinary power. Little did I know back then that this would lead to me becoming an Affirmation Coach and ‘The Affirmation Doctor.’

Now I thank Al for being one of my very important teachers. I believe we are all students and teachers and that we all learn from each other. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. When the teacher is ready, the student appears.


I have worked in the personal growth field for many years, teaching and conducting workshops and seminars in the following areas:

* The Power of Affirmations
* How Thoughts affect us
* Using Mind Power to Create Miracles
* Creative Visualization
* Goal-Setting
* Positive Thinking
* Self-Esteem
* How to Attract Perfect, Lasting Careers, Relationships, Abundant Wealth, Optimum Health and much more.

About Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Ordained Minister                                                                                                                                            Member of the Canadian Guidance Counseling Association Counselor Training Institute
Senior Radio Talk Show Host  — for the past 7 consecutive years
Certificates in Child Psychology 212, Therapeutic Touch, and Personal Development
Clients include families, businesses, First Peoples, and community organizations.
Affirmation Coach – groups and individuals

January 2005 Dr. Anne Marie Evers is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy by Moffett University for her lifetime achievements and dedication to uplifting, educatiing and empowering people. Dr. Evers’ significant contributions to the world of self-realization, psychology and personal development epitomize the human spirit of service and speak to the oneness and potential for good available to all people.

Other Achievements

Columnist of Many Publications – Contact Talk Radio Newsletter, The Violet Ray Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine and others.                                                                                                            Senior Editor of Affirmations Newsletter                                                                                                       Created 3 Children’s Affirmation Program


Long before I was ordained or received my Doctorate in Divinity, I had been a regular guest on several talk shows over the years, and on one of the shows the Host said, “We’ll be right back with The Affirmations Doctor” live over the radio and from then on, I became known as The Affirmations Doctor. Since that time I have spent years completing my Doctorate in Divinity and received my Doctor of Divinity in July of 2005.

Personal Message from Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Welcome to the ‘Wonderful World of Affirmations Where Dreams Really CAN and DO come true! Reach your peak potential by creating properly done Affirmations that really, really work! Affirmations are similar to prayers, wishes or goals only they are more structured and specific. To affirm is to make firm. Simply put: the basis of all Affirmations is positive thinking.

Happy Affirming Everyone!


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