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Affirmations that are proven to work by thousands of testimonials from readers.

Simple, easy-to-follow guide to self-empowerment.

Shows you exactly how to change your life to how you wish it to be!

This book has been inspiring and motivating people since it’s introduction more than twenty years ago. Whether re-reading it over again, or used as a reference to address and solve particular problems, or used as a guide to help face new challenges – it has improved the quality and happiness of life for countless people. It remains Dr. Evers best selling book to date!

Using anecdotes, simple exercises and specific Master and Short Form Affirmations, Dr. Evers shows you how to generate money; attract your ideal love partner; create vibrant health and much more. Move beyond negative habits, unhealthy relationships and personal limitations to the fulfilment of your highest potential.

Dr. Evers is a member of the Canadian Guidance and Counselling Association. She has worked in the personal growth field for many years, teaching and conducting seminars, workshops and hosting numerous radio shows.

What some Readers are saying about the book—-Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness

Read what Adrian 7th Grade student from North Vancouver, BC Canada has to say–

Dear Dr. Evers         This book rocks!

. . . .  I am so lucky my mom gave me a copy of your book on Affirmations to read because I know most people my age don’t know much about Affirmations. I know you teach how to use the power of positive thoughts. Before I met you or read your book, I used to keep my negative feelings inside me. But now I know how to get rid of them–I do my Affirmations daily and I love and respect others and myself. You know, I think they should have this Affirmations book in all the schools and libraries. I also want to thank you Dr. Evers for helping me and showing me the way to change my life to live more positively. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Adrian

Dear Dr. Evers

. . . .  I am totally amazed at how ONE book can be so powerful and helpful. I want to update you on my Affirmation Program. I just received a huge raise at work at a time when no one else did! Your book has been a tremendous help for me. My life has become better, happier,  richer and more fulfilled. It is my guiding light. Thank you for writing this book! Richard, Vancouver, BC Canada

Hi Dr. Evers

Your book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is fabulous. Everything in the book can be applied to your life and when you do, you start seeing  positive changes happening right way. It is a book that you can turn to whenever life has got you down or you need a pick up. Great Work!  Aren D. Vancouver, WA

Dear Dr. Evers

I would like to thank you for your book Affirmations. What has continued to impress me about your work is your honest and straightforward approach to advising others. Rather than beating around the bush with floral philosophies, you cut to the point and provide people with simple, clear and effective method for people to take control of their minds and their lives. Too often authors easily describe ways a reader should behave and think inspiring them with eloquent and floral text only to have the reader stranded without the tools with which to achieve change. What I respect and appreciate of your book (and your work) is that you preach not of the destinations we could aspire to, but rather shed light on the truth of our current locations while giving us the means and tools to find our way out to better destinations. You place the power in the hand the reader, and for that I thank you, thank you, thank you. Barb S, Student of the Universe

Words from Jay Thomson, Seattle, WA

I’m so glad that your book on Affirmations ‘found me’ at a time that I needed it most. I have  written Affirmations for years with some success without a method. I had even started to write my own book on Affirmations as well as books on Golf Instructions for the Beginning Golfer, as well as seminars. Your book has given me the inspiration and tools to do al that and much more. As an African-American Teaching Professional in Seattle, I’ve used the excuse for limited opportunities–no more. I attended a workshop with Lee Pulos in San Diego a few years ago on Visualisation. I now have al the tools I need to help myself and others as well. Thank you so much young lady, Sincerely Jay Thompson

From Vivienne H, Whitehorse Y.T.

I never ask anyone for money. After reading your book on Affirmations I did the Affirmation you talk about saying, “I am a powerful money magnet!” Would you believe that two weeks later a relative mails me a cheque for 5,000.00 out the blue! Am I a Affirmation Believer! You can bet on it!

Dear Dr. Evers

I just wanted to say, “Hello’. Hope you are doing well. I also want to thank you for all the intuitive guidance  and help you have given my mother. If she hasn’t said it, I will say it for her. She is truly humbled by your grace and presence. Your words and insights are truly a blessing. Your Affirmation Book is a real gem! I have started to read it and love the messages from the heart, practical advice and encouragement.  Since my first visit to Vancouver in April of this year, I’ve kept the book with me everywhere I’ve been. Thanks again and Best Wishes with all your endeavors. Kindest Regards — Maurico, Toronto

Reviewed by International New Thought Alliance – Phoenix, AZ

Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness by Anne Marie Evers. In this book the author defines Affirmations and explains how they can be used. She brings out the power of thought and its influence on your reality, also discusses the importance of understanding your own thought process in order to create  effective Affirmations. She shows you how to become aware of the wondrous power that is within, waiting to be accessed and acted upon She tells of the power of  forgiveness and how to use it to prepare the soil of your subconscious mind to plant the seed of your Affirmation. Available from

Vince M. Vancouver, Canada

When I read your book and about  your experience with Affirmations and how you describe the principles/examples it’s like looking into a mirror and seeing a wonderful reflection I, too have been absorbed/dedicated in the work of empowering others, helping, service and sharing the wonderful power of the subconscious mind as well as working with Affirmations. . Keep shining!  !! Best to you!

Dear Anne Marie Evers

I just wanted to say that you so much for sharing what you learned and experienced with Affirmations with the rest of the world. I, for one, have gratefully benefited from your teachings, writings and books and I am eternally grateful fo the positive changes it has made in my life. In my darkest times, I have turned to doing Affirmations (and my faith in God) to get me through and it has worked wonders. So Anne Marie, Thank you,  thank you, thank you.  God bless you, you wonderful lady. Hugs   Marilyn G, a happy reader

Lois Learned How to Handle Negative Worry

After reading and studying your book on Affirmations, I would like to report as follows. I used to worry all the time and I even worried because I had nothing to worry about. I would speculate on the negative odds of what COULD happen and it was beginning to make me physically ill. Now I use the method you teach in your book of putting into words what I am worrying about, dating it and placing it safely in a drawer and leave it for period of time (2-3 months) and then taking it out and reading it. It shows me with wonderful clarity what my worry percentages are. And approximately 90% of what I worried about never did happen and the 10% that did happen were not in the least bit affected one way or another by my worry. This little Affirmation Tool has literally saved my mental health! The Former Worry Wart thank you Lois. I would like to challenge all you Worriers out there to do this simple, yet powerful exercise.

Dear Dr. Anne Marie

. . . . .  Had to email you to let you know that my Affirmation which I started in January came true! My husband, David and I just moved into our new condo in July (just 6 months later). We truly want to thank you for showing us the way. Warm Regards, Cecilia and David, Powell River, BC Canada

Dear Mrs. Evers

When I visited Vancouver last summer I bought your book on Affirmations and just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading it. It has helped me a lot to bring back a positive attitude in my life. I am so grateful and feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  Louisa A. Costa Rica

Theresa writes from California

I received your book and read it immediately and wanted to finish it on one sitting. One page immediately took me to the next page and the next and I did not want to stop. I am more than half-way through and it is amazing! My daughter reads the Cards of Life whenever she sees me reading your book, She reminds me and her father and herself to always be happy and positive as she wants her dreams to come true. I have to tell you that by reading the first pages alone influenced my life already. On my first night reading your book, I already received so much positive energy that I started to feel very enthusiastic about my work helping the poor. In two nights, I was able to finish one some intense paper work with so much enthusiasm. You are full of light and hope. People around me noticed the change and I feel the change in me as I try to stop myself from dwelling in the past. I realized that there are still a lot of people in my past that I needed to let go. I hope you won’t mind if I will keep writing you as I read through your book I cannot thank you enough for sending me this Miracle Book. Lots of love and many blessings to you and your family.

Dear Anne Marie

. . .  .  A quick note to let you know that one of my Affirmations worked! I did an Affirmation for the perfect vehicle for me and three months later my co-worker offered me his wife’s car for an unbelievably low price. It is in great condition and I am so happy and want to share my happiness with you.  Al King, Scotland

Dear Anne Marie

Several month ago I was visiting a friend who always has number of books tucked into a basket in the bathroom. I saw a green book with the title ‘Affirmations,’ and having leafed through it once before decided I should pick it up and read while I had a moment. Before opening the book, I asked the Universe to show me what I needed to see. Well  I opened it to the page that described the exercise of Short -form Affirmations seventy-seven times for seven days–the abbreviation method. I went home late and started,not really knowing what a Short form Affirmation was but knowing instinctively it should be a positive statement. I then proceeded to do the Affirmations and made it to five days, started again and made it to six days. In the meantime I was searching for your book. I found it in a little book store and immediately purchased it. As I wrote my Aaffirmation (abbreviation)  77 times I was also saying it out loud. What power! I found that each time I said it I could feel myself getting excited and my energy would build to the point where I wanted to keep going. I have not made it a full seven days yet but I know even doing the affirmations as much as I did had a huge impact on me and brought about positive and welcomed change. Once I bought you book, I set aside the exercise to concentrate on using the Master Affirmations. I will go back to the other exercises again because of the incredible impact it had on me. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge and for writing this wonderful book! I am finally able to say, ‘Thank you.The very best wishes and warm regards – Pearl Excited Reader

Dear Anne Marie

 . . . .  I did a Master Affirmation ‘Male seeking Female,’ from your Affirmation book. The very next day I met the woman of my dreams. Just like you say in your book, ‘If the perfect woman for you is the one you are presently with, she will make a commitment. If she is not the right one for you, she will fade out of your life.” My ex-girlfriend easily and quickly faded out of my life. I also did a Master Affirmation for the perfect job for me. I got the job. I’ve worked twenty-five of the last thirty days. Thank you for your help. Peter, Portland,  USA

Dear Dr. Evers

. . . .   Living in an uncertain world, full of heartaches and disappointments (as a parent) it was a relief to be counseled by you and read your book on Affirmations, the power of Affirmations and how to deal with family problems. I had come to the end of my patience with my teenage daughter but through the regular use of your ‘Properly Done Affirmation Program,’–a light has been turned on for me. With the methods, Affirmations, etc. that you share and teach, I am already reaping the benefits. My daughter is now healthier, happier and more popular with her peers. She also finds her studies easier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mary Enerson, Ottawa, Canada

Message from Ruth Caroline, Bellingham, WA

The book, Affirmation Your Passport To Happiness by Anne Marie Evers is truly a wonderful book. I recommend this book to all people who want to attract wealth, love ,happiness, and good health into their lives. The Universe is abundant and you can ask for what you want. However, what you ask for is not always good for you. It is very important how you ask for it. In Evers book she has examples on how to ask for what you want. I am a Card Reader and have told every client about this terrific book. It gives me great pleasure when clients report back to me how successful their Affirmations were. Personally I have used Affirmations for meeting the man I married; for obtaining a house; a car; numerous trips etc. Most important for me was using Affirmations for healing after having a colon cancer operation. This book should be in every library- every person can benefit from properly done Affirmations! I’m Living Proof!

Dear Anne Marie

Your wonderful book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is really priceless! I love it and I have to say that Affirmations really work! You, Anne Marie gave to people a great gift of this book that never is getting older–it is still alive and fresh –this is the kind of gift that everyone would find something useful for one’s self. I wisht to have this unusual book as my own because the one I have got belongs to my sister. (she is living elsewhere). Thank you for writing this gorgeous book. Please let me know where I can get this treasure (your book) for myself.I wish you to be always happy and healthy. Warm greetings from me to you.  Helena Renton, WA

Dear Mrs. Evers

I cannot tell you how much reading your book, Affirmations has meant to me. It has completely opened my eyes to a brand new way of thinking about myself, my life and the world as a whole. So, I would like to say thank you for sharing your wisdom and your life with all the world. Your book is truly a precious and wonderful gift to the planet. Leah, Looking at life through clear glasses.

Dear Anne Marie Evers

I would like to thank you for the life changing experiences I’ve had a a result of reading your book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness. I must say that even though I did not follow all the exact prescribed steps in your wonderful  book, I did achieve great results from doing Affirmations which included writing them out, visualizing them and using pictures. I would like to share some of my successes:  (a) I asked for harmonious relationships. This is all I have NOW —quality and harmony. The destructive ones just fell away. This was actually very difficult because it involved much of my family. The destructive relationships did not transform into harmonious ones,  they simply disintegrated;(Perhaps I should make Affirmations around that?) (b) I lost 25 pounds; (c) I ran a half marathon; (d) I changed homes and moved into a house that fits most of my criteria; (e) I married the man of my dreams; (f) I am now expecting a child. I am continuing to do affirmations as set out in your book and I have recommend your book to many. Grateful thanks. Yours truly Tarnjit G.H. A person who has absolutely proven your Affirmations Methods to Work!

Dear Dr. Evers

. . . . .   I cannot express enough thanks for the joy and happiness you have brought into my life. You have given me the vision to see all the abundance of life’s realities for each and everyone of us. We, ourselves have the power to manifest the abundance of love and wealth that life has to offer. Through the giving of your knowledge of Affirmations, the spirit of hope and faith fill my being. The skills that you have taught me have given me the power to create anything I once only dreamed of having. The power is so strong, I know that I must be careful how I use it. I make it a habit to always add the safety clause, ‘To the good of all,’ to all my Master Affirmations. Through my Affirmations I have achieved self-love, approval and respect. You have changed my whole outlook on life. I NOW love living! Thank you Anne Marie  Cindy, Detroit, USA

Dear Dr. Anne Marie  Affirmation assist in recovery

. . . .   Yes, yes, yes, Affirmations really do work! They worked for us. Many, many thanks for your support and healing Affirmations throughout Tim’s Horrendous surgery. He is recovering well—-no heart problems and no breathing problems. He is able to come up the back stairs without stopping or puffing. Thanks to God, Affirmations and YOU, our facilitator. Love and heartfelt thanks. Tim and Florence, New York City, USA 

Dear Anne Marie

. . . .   Your book, Affirmations Passport to Happiness is one of life’s wondrous gifts, like your, Anne Marie Evers are. It is astounding to realize just what is available to all of us—-the ability to positive affect the outcome of our lives simply from the resources that we all hold within ourselves. It is even more astounding to see our wishes and goals come to fruition, through the methods that you teach and so generously share with us. I think the most meaningful thing that has happened since chancing upon meeting with you and reading your book is the joy and confidence that all things are possible. Your book is meant to be read and re-read for a lifetime. Bless you Anne Marie and may  everyone have this wonderful opportunity to be in contact with you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Bessie, Grateful World Citizen

Dear Dr. Evers

. . . .  I did an Affirmation right from your book about attracting the right man into my life—and guess what he walked right out of my Affirmation and I mean literally. I bumped into him in a coffee shop, spilling his coffee all over him, the table and the floor. I was totally embarrassed and started to apologize profusely. But he just smiled and said, “No need to apologize this happens to all of us at one time or another.” Now we  meet at the same coffee shop several times a week and talk about our wonderful life together. Affirmations work and I mean that literally – They Work!  Ellen, Retired and happy. P.S. At our wedding we all drank tons of coffee and no one spilled even one drop!

Radio Affirmation Success

I purchased a copy of your book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness and started doing an Affirmation as set out in your book to become a guest on a radio show. Before I had even finished writing out my Master Affirmation, YOU called me asking me to be a guest on your Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show! I thought to myself, “Wow this Affirmation Process is mighty and it really works!  (even before I had completed writing it)  Carl Helvie, Author, Guest and thankful reader

Best Modern Guide to Using Positive Affirmations

. . . .   This is by far is one of the best modern guides to using positive Affirmations to create a desirable life— currently in print. The Affirmation Process not a new technique but your book gives an original, easy-to-follow slant on them which makes this a real ‘stand-out’ book in my opinion and I’ve  read all the material I’ve found in print on the topic. I love your Angel Letter Writing Technique, although I have seen different versions in other books, yours however is really much easier to use. I have given copies of this wonderful book to my brothers and others that I think could benefit from its information. This book is a little gem. When the reader follows your advice he or she will not only identify their goals, but more importantly establish a clear path to reach them. David, Happy Reader.

Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness BOOK is a Keeper!

. . . . I just finished reading your book on Affirmations. This one is a keeper: practical and I found positively affecting, just in the reading of it. The book itself employs the method of reinforcement by the repetition of examples you give. I can clearly see hundreds of people in more confident direction of their lives to the benefit of society at large Thank you,  thank you,  thank you! Jacek from Poland.

The Affirmation Process Delivers a Car!

. . .   Dr. Evers book Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is such a great learning tool on how to make your life more abundant in every which way. I was asking the Universe for a Free Car and I practised affirming that it was on its way. On Thanksgiving Day I received an email from my aunt asking me if I would like a car that she had in storage. I was thrilled how this all manifested so quickly. Do I believe in miracles? Yes I do! I strongly recommend investing in Dr. Evers book to learn about Affirmations. They really do Work! Jody Silence, Author of Prayerful Awakening

Patience Pays Off!

. . . .   Yes, I too, believe in success. When I met you, Dr. Anne Marie I was quite discouraged. Nothing was going right. You encouraged me to keep on doing my Affirmations daily even when I could not see any tangible results–so I did. Would you believe that in six months I moved my business into a brand, new building at a lower rent and one week later a condo became available to me with no down payment, It does work, that is if you work it!  Jeannie, Store Owner

Magic Magnetic Circle Procedure from Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness Heals!

. . . .   When I lost my husband, Peter, I thought I would never heal. Then two weeks ago I made conscious decision to start the day right, at least right for me. I did the Magic Magnetic Circle Process that \you teach in your books, articles and columns—every single morning. I started being kind and loving with myself. I read and re-read the section on death in your book.  Now my heart is healing daily. Sometimes I even feel a pang of guilt for feeling happy, but I quickly say, “Cancel, cancel. It is okay for me to be happy and I am happy.” Much gratitude to you for sharing with mankind. Shirley now happier mom!

Dearest Dr. Anne Marie

I am very proud to know you. You book is the most life-altering gift I have ever received and quite serendipitous. It is personal, informative and completely helpful. It teaches the reader exactly how to do Affirmations properly. I have experienced a lot in my life — things that people would never imagine. That I think is how everyone’s life goes. What you see is not always what you get. I did not quite know how to deal with all the knowledge and experience life had set into my lap The timing was right. I was so ready to learn all the teachings and your book guided me. This year has been full of lessons and rewards that  I have been able to affirm for and accept. Your words helped me express my new outlook on life. Without your lessons that you taught me I have been able to help so many others Thank you so much for being an author and writing this amazing book and for being kind enough to give your knowledge to the rest of the world. My kindest most affectionate blessings, Zahra, Vancouver, Canada

Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness Book Travels

You have written a truly miracle-producing book. I watched repeatedly how this book finds it way into well-primed hands and hearts—at a time when it is most needed or at a time when it is welcomed as friend. In either case it shines a special light that beams with the gift of inspirational prosperity, love and healing. Through recommending Affirmations to my own clients through my own personal practice, many many people have and are being guided, inspired and helped. Keep up the good work! Bethany, Healing Institute




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