Re-Registration and Security

Please register on this site BEFORE making purchases and posting in comments. Changes to address and shipping information can be changed afterwards in your user profile.

With the migration to WordPress we are implementing new security measures. Recaptcha and e-mail address masking are an effort to prevent our users’ e-mail addresses from being picked up by spam-bots and reduce the volume of fake registrations attempting to hack our site.

This requires an extra step in the registration process to verify users on Anne Marie’s web site(s). We apologize for this inconvenience; but the nature of phishing and hacking necessitates building in security to protect the on-line store and the identities of members who post comments and replies.

Registration, e-mail validation, identity masking and several other features within Anne Marie’s web sites are being set up in an effort to reduce fake registrations which are used to ‘sniff out’ the e-mail addresses located on this site and spam the pages, posts, comments, and blog.

Once basic registration is complete, you can update details for purchases made within the store. We apologize to previous customers that may have to re-register. If you have any problems registering or updating your information, please contact

Click here to go to the registration page.

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